What type of bangs suit your face shape? (the best fringe)

The Best Bangs and fringes to Suit Your Face Shape

If you have ever considered getting bangs, they are one of the best hair features that can dramatically transfigure your face in a matter of minutes. With the style and layers that are rightly fit for your face, you can add more definition to your appearance.  If you style your bang and you own it, you can definitely rock any type of fringe no matter the shape of your face.



What’s your hair type?

Before you get bangs, some factors need to be considered, for example, the hair texture and the hair part. Blunt and heavy bangs looks extremely gorgeous on thick hair, but the result would not be the same if you have thin hair. For the latter, a side-swept bang with a soft touch would be the best option or if not for you, then be prepared to pull lots of hair forward to get the heavier look you desire.



What’s your face shape?

The shape of your face is also a great factor to consider. Ensure that you know what is the shape of the face and before you choose a bang that suits you, you can look for inspiration from different personalities and choose what is better for you. As a result, listed below are great tips and styling options to consider that will help you determine which bang works best for your face shape.



    1. Round face shapes

There are numerous bang styles to play with if you have a round face shape. With a round face, your goal is to make the bang visually longer. And that is why long side-swept bangs look more flattering on round faces. This is because the angle of the bang adds more length in your face and therefore results in a more oval shape.

Asymmetric long bangs

Asymmetric long bangs that narrow towards the end are also very stylish for round faces. You can further style the bang with wax into distinct tresses that have defined edges. To achieve a look that makes your face quite narrower, you can slightly curl the end of the bangs.

Straight bangs

Straight bangs can also be extremely flattering on a round face if you make sure to leave them no shorter than slightly below the eyebrows. If you have thick hair and you want to wear them straight, you would really look nice if you avoid extremely thick hair.



How to style your bangs

When styling your bangs keep in mind that with a round face, you have to avoid center parting. In addition, do not forget to make some volume on the crown for those with thin hair, layer front tresses and thin bangs really attractive.



    1. Oval face shapes

The oval face shape has always been considered the ideal shape. This is because the width and the length of the face are perfectly balanced and so can accommodate a variety of hairstyles. If you have this face structure, then you have more freedom with the hairstyles available. However, be careful not to choose a style that will make your face appear longer or wider.

Oval face shapes are ideal for short haircuts and you can have more fun by adding textures and layers in the bangs all through the cut. You can even go for wearing layers through the front of your hair and having bangs that end at about mid-forehead.



Choppy bangs

Full bangs with choppy ends are also ideal. This works if your hair is really full that does not give an impression of separation at the forehead. However, they also need not be full to the extent that the look heavy and overwhelming. To add a softer and fluffy texture to it, you can have a slight choppiness at the ends and have slightly rounded off corners.

Blunt bangs

Blunt, straight- across bangs can greatly be pulled off by an oval face. The perfect cut is achieved by skimming below your eyebrows and not going any fraction longer. You can add more touch to this look by having two longer pieces on the sides and also transition to longer lengths.



Curtain bangs / Bardot bangs

The curtain bangs also known as Bardot bangs if they are a little shorter not only suit oval faces but look equally flattering on a variety of other shapes. To make this style look even more appealing, you can have a center part. Another beautiful style that works on different face shapes is the side-swept bang. If you have a hairline that has no cowlicks or widow’s peak, then you this bang will be easier for you to manage since your hair will be more cooperative staying at one side.

    1. Long face shapes / Oblong face

Textured straight-across bangs are a definite try if you not only have a long face structure but also if you have a hair type that is wavy. Even though they are more textured than the simply straight bangs, they have the same effect of creating horizontal fullness. To prevent your face from being accentuated, avoid a thin and wispy cut.

Bardot bangs

Playing about while styling a Bardot bang is a beautiful decision. To create the illusion of a more oval shape, you can add more weight on the edges of your face by making the bangs longer and thicker at the sides and exposing a bit of your forehead by parting in the middle. You can also decide to go with a slightly off-center part.


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Long side-swept bangs

A long side-swept fringe looks very gorgeous and the look can be enhanced by blow-drying with a round brush to achieve an amazing volume. This creates a rounding effect since it covers most of the forehead. Be careful about the length of the bangs because where they stop is where you will get the most widening effect. You can choose to have the bangs ending mid-face instead of having them all the way down around the chin. If you have an even longer hairstyle, you can have your bangs reach just the top of the brows, as long as they cover most of the forehead.

    1. Square face shapes

A square face can be quite tricky for bangs. This is because the trademark feature of a square face is the angular jaw. As a result, the face is normally about the same width from the jaw to the forehead including the cheekbones. Choosing a bang that is too straight-across will only emphasize the angles of the jawline, which is something that bangs try to soften. However, there are numerous clever bang styles for this face shape.

Soft tousled bangs

Soft tousled bangs are definite styles to divert attention from the angles of the jaw. With this tousled and choppy style, there is no definitive path and the bangs don’t hang down either. As a result, you get movement and softness. Full but textured bangs are a gorgeous hairstyle opinion. Many ladies with square faces try to avoid full bangs but that is wrong! This style can be greatly pulled off with such a face structure. You only need to cut your hair nice and have them textured at the ends. Texturing is the key here since it breaks up the straight line creating less emphasis on your jaw.



Long side fringe

Long side bangs are a great choice for many square faces. They normally have a sweeping curve that they create across the forehead. You can choose to have them long or you may decide to have them an inch or two shorter. As a styling tip, during drying, you can play around with the round brush so as to create more movement and wave in the bangs. Another way to diffuse the angles of your jaw is having an outward little curl especially at the ends of a bob if you have one.

Side bangs

Flappy side bangs can either be worn short or long. At the crown, have the bangs cut from quite high up and get some long layers so as to enhance movement. If you have a long bob, this is a sure style to try out provided you have your bangs straight all directed to one side.

    1. Inverted triangle face shape

The bang on a face structure of this sort is an ideal style. This is because the bang is a perfect tool you can use to disguise a wide forehead and eventually draw more attention to your eyes.  Most people with this face structure do not have a widow’s peak and thus you bang will behave way better.

Bangs and fringes to avoid

One of the style to avoid with an inverted triangle face shape is a full straight-across blunt bang. This is because this style only makes your face appear much shorter and the lower half of the face appears narrower. The aim of hairstyles on this face structure is to develop an illusion of width at the bottom of the face and balance the wideness at the top. The way to do this is by having yourself a simple choppy center-parted bang. This breaks your hair up and the center part allows for some peeking of the forehead that creates a balancing effect on both the lower and upper parts of your face.



Curtain bangs

A curtain bang that can either be styled as center-part or just off-center is a gorgeous choice. Enhance this look by having your hair cascading either on side of your face and stop somewhere around your cheekbones. This is the point where the face is more narrow and having your hair at this level will allow for a masterful widening effect.

Short bangs

If you have a short haircut, a shorter bang is an opinion to consider. The best way to completely pull off this look is by creating lots of texture and having downward movement. Remember your bangs need to expose your eyebrows but do not need to be too high on your forehead. In addition to layers, you can also have a color job so as to attract interest and draw attention to your eyebrows.

  1. Pear shaped faces

Also known as triangle face, this face shape can be a real hair challenge. This is because it is not only the style that matters but the hair texture, for example, curly hair can really throw a wrench in your plans by creating added with at the spot you do not want. However, when you find the style that works for you, a pear face can be one of the most satisfying faces.

Rounded bangs

Heavy rounded bangs can bring out the gorgeous in you. You can make this look better by having the length just below the eyebrows and having them rounded. This greatly helps bring out your eyes. Depending on how narrow your face is, you can either achieve an oval or round shape with this look. You can also decide to go for the heavy straight bangs which basically create a strong horizontal line and add a lot more weight at the top of your face which as a result balances the lower half. If you love a bit rounder look, then this is a style to consider.

Curtain bangs

Simple curtain bangs would not bring out much on your face like the side-parted curtain bangs. However, you need to be cautious to make sure your bangs stop below the jaw since anything shorter than that will draw more attention to your jawline. Instead of parting your hair straight down the middle, you can part it off to a single side which results to a less triangular look. In addition, this style looks best when you wear your hair straight since curly hair only creates more width.

An architectural bang is also an elegant style to wear. Who said all bangs have to be on your face? With this style, you get to wear the bang off your face, even though it may not be an everyday look, this is a gorgeous look for the right occasion. However, the best way to wear this style without accentuating a narrow forehead is having a graphic and structured shape which should be wider than your jawline so that it balances everything off.




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