Top beard styles for men (2022)

Men’s beard styles 2022

Do you want to grow a beard? Or are you considering another style of beard? There are a lot of things to consider when you’re thinking about keeping beards; growing it is one thing, second, have the right products to maintain it well, and finally the style of beard you want to keep.

The style of beard to keep will speak volumes about your personality and it can also help enhance and flatter some of your best features.

Beard styles guide.

For good advice on which beard style to adopt, consult your barber even if it is a personal decision.

It is great to know what you want to achieve eventually; be it a short and cropped beard or a long and flowing beard. If you want some changes or it’s the first time growing a beard, a professional will help you look for what style is best for the shape of your face.

This article lists some of the best beard styles to consider regardless of the amount of facial hair you have and the length you want to keep it.

Full beard

When it is done right, a long beard can be perfect for your look; however, be careful if you are to consider this style. Patience is vital in the gradual process of perfecting a longer beard; besides, take care of how you groom since you need to make sure that the way you style your hair is appropriate.


Your barber has to do your haircut just right; look for more youthful and modern styles to keep off an aged look; to prevent or to stop dryness and irritation, beard oil is a must-have and it will also make it easier to manage your beard hair.

Viking beard

Most people know the Vikings for two reasons mainly their beards and their outstanding fighting skills in battles. Opt for a Viking beard when looking for a no-nonsense and masculine look; the style is more appropriate for those with long and thick facial hair.

A Viking beard needs regular trimming and shampooing so that you keep the warrior look; a helpful tip to boost this look is rocking your beard with a messy man bun and with long locks.

Classic beard

A recommended style for those who want to keep their facial hair is the classic beard which is neither too short nor too long and one with thick coverage.

This beard style won’t be appropriate for just anyone; look for a youthful haircut to match this beard style so that you can interpret this classic look in a modern way. Another way you can rock this style is by adopting a more vintage look that calls for a side part that has pomade for a stronghold.

Bushy beard

A bushy beard is amazing not only for enhancing your face shape but also for adding texture. A bushier beard never fails to exaggerate the jawline area; get beard oil for this look to soften up facial hair and prevent any dryness.

A bushy beard with depth and texture gives a more mature look and it needs to go together with an appropriately styled haircut.

Short hair plus beard

With a shorter hairstyle, you need a beard proportionate to the hair length. The most helpful way to make sure that your beard is as proportionate as your haircut is to experiment with various beard lengths, for instance, the shape of your face could handle a shorter haircut with a long beard but take care not to be very extreme with the length of your facial hair.

The stubble beard style mostly complements the shorter hairstyles and gives out a balanced look it only gets tricky when you want to grow your beard longer. Keep in mind that a longer beard matches longer hairstyles very well.

Slick back hair with beard

Bring back the 40s and the 50s with this beard look. Get a slicked back hair to blend retro vibes to your look; this modified haircut works well to make the beard more appropriate during dress up and formal occasions.

Try out different looks and include a product to slick back your hairstyle since different finishes bring out numerous aesthetics; a shiny and glossy finish is perfect for the 40s and 50s look but the matte finish is a modern look for your hairstyle.

Black men beard

For a dark-skinned man looking for a new look this season, look for a full beard to boost your appearance. Maintenance is crucial to keep you looking your best whether it is a long, thick beard or a short, and close-cut beard.


Kathy Hutchins /

Drake’s look is the ultimate example of a black man beard and you can incorporate a sleek mustache to help match the beard with the rest of the face. For daily care, always ensure that you have a few drops of beard oil handy to prevent irritation and for additional moisture.

Pompadour with beard

The pompadour is a more youthful hairstyle and it perfectly balances out heavier beards giving you a fresh and not too mature look. To complement a fuller beard, try out the blow-dried pompadour and when styling it, look for a sleeker finish to add volume when drying your wet hair.

A glossy pompadour is great for boosting the appeal of your beard leaving you with a more put-together look.

Beard and mustache styles

Your mustache is equally important to consider when you want to achieve an awesome beard. The hair above your lip always affects the way your beard will look unless you have a goatee or something similar. 

Make sure you coordinate your look so that in case your beard is neat and short, you have a mustache that is neatly trimmed to match it. Alternatively, it is vital to look at your beard and mustache and see how they connect or whether you will add any styling details like some curled ends on the mustache or not.

Messy hair and beard

Messy hair is a tricky one to pull off with a beard. Messy hair has got the potential of looking effortless and textured when coupled with a beard but take care not to look like a homeless person or one in need of a shower.

A helpful tip to pull off the two elements is to use a product with a hint of shine when styling your hair and making sure your beard is trimmed accordingly and kept neat.

Don’t just roll out of bed to give your hair an effortless look; remember that at times achieving messy hair takes more time than blow-drying your hair. Alternatively, stick to something simple if you find it difficult committing to a beard with a messy mane.

Man bun with beard

In case you want to toughen up a man bun, get a beard. A beard brings out the masculine elements while a bun brings in-depth so both can blend perfectly for a modern aesthetic.

And thick and full beard adds dimension by enhancing the height of the bun; besides, a stubble will also be an appealing option that will add texture to the additional length of your hair.

Jared Leto and Orlando Bloom are great examples of those who have achieved a balance with their stubble and length of their man bun.

Patchy beard

Not every beard looks the same. Some gents find it easier to grow a big bush on the chin while others will struggle with patched beards; have no worries when you are in the latter category there are numerous fantastic looking beard styles that feature uneven hair growth.

A great trick of nailing the look is to go for a very short beard and style it neatly or opt for a regular short length with a more stylish and rugged undone appearance.

Beard styles for teenagers

A beard can also be a fashionable look for most teenagers who want to grow facial hair. What teens need to do is look for an appropriate beard style suitable for a teenager; a stubble or a short beard look is always the best option for the under 20-year-olds.

Beard styles with minimal lengths are achievable for these young men; apart from looking great, they can give out an appearance that perfectly matches youthfulness and maturity.

Grey beard styles

Men with grey hair can look fantastic with a beard. For a stylish look with a great beard, remember that keeping it neat and polished will go a long way.

Good maintenance of your beard will allow you to keep a sophisticated look that is appropriate for your age therefore pick either a long beard or a short beard style for your look. Take care not to settle for bushy or stubble beards since they give out an unkempt look.

Indian beard style

Various Indian beard styles are diverse with suitable options for every face shape and style. Stubble and short beards specifically look fantastic on Indian gents and since Indian hair is always voluminous and thick, keep your beard neat and trimmed to allow for a complementary and balanced look.


A goatee is a mini-beard with all the features of a full-face beard only on a smaller scale. Cutting in a goatee is an easy part when you have a slight length to your facial hair all you need to do shave all the hair apart from the chin, the mustache, and lines that connect the two.

Keep these lines defined by shaving or regular trims and make sure to keep a bit of length to your chin hair which will help to visually add length to any face shape.

Bald with beard

A beard can help bring in definition and contrast whenever you have a shaved or a bald head be it by choice or not; besides it looks fabulous.

Most beards look great with a bald head but it is better to keep them crisp and trimmed for the creation of additional definition to your features. Settle for a mid-length or short beard while you daily shave to keep the lines crisp.

Square beard

A square beard is one with more hair length on the chin and the style has more length on the sides to give the face a wider look and an angular look to the jawline. It is best for guys with more oval and longer face shapes because it helps to create angles that they don’t have naturally.

To have length on the sides, grow whiskers to a certain length and then keep close to the chin while trimming to leave more length around the corners of the jaw.

Pointy beard

Any face shape will appear longer when you leave more length on your chin. To bring out a pointy beard, make sure to keep the angles crisp and not as rounded as an egg; do not square off your beard at the chin instead have it trimmed into a point.

Think of it this way, a diagonal line should move from the corner of each jaw to intersect right below your chin. This look is more aggressive than the gentle egg shape which makes any face appear leaner and longer.

First beard

As much as it is a style, the first beard has some vibes that come along with it – inconsistencies of growing out. For most guys who have never grown a beard before, it is quite a challenge to get past the first months of growing out whiskers because it’s uncomfortable, itchy, and quite scraggly; however, all this is part of the process.

When you are growing your beard, embrace all the inconsistencies before it grows long enough for styling; resist any urges to shave or trim up until you get sufficient length to see what you are working with.


  1. Full Beard
  2. Extended Goatee
  3. Circle Beard
  4. Mutton Chop and Sideburns Styles – grow your mustache and sideburns until they touch one another.
  5. Imperial Beard – it is more a mustache style that was popular during the second empire. Think of the early 1900’s boxers.
  6. Imperial Moustache with Beard Style – same as the imperial beard, but with a pointy sliver of hair under the bottom lip.
  7. Stubbed Beard Short Style – it is a trimmed beard that is kept very short, but it is well maintained.
  8. Medium Stubble Beard Style – is the same as the Stubbed Beard Short Style, but it is medium length.
  9. Long Stubble Beard Style – is the same as the Medium Stubble Beard Style but longer.
  10. Clean shaven – think of the Rock!

There are many different beard styles for men. Some are more distinctive than others. The above list is just some of our recommendations but read further to find out more about additional beard styles for men.

On one hand, pompadour-inspired styles are huge since they look great and are simple to style. As an example, typically the best beard styles are a complete all-natural method of handling facial hair. Surprisingly, you can play with beard hairstyles in numerous ways.

Beard styling tips

Don’t trim your beard when it’s wet!

The hair will be longer when it’s wet, and unless you’re an experienced beard trimmer you will most likely trim the beard too short. Beard hair is most frequently removed by shaving or by trimming it with beard trimmers. Backcombed wavy hair, along with a fully-grown beard is among the best way to manage your appearance.

Play around with your beard and style it

Men have beards of distinct shapes and sizes. Some men even dye a few of their beards to provide another look. It’s really fun to play around with the different styles! For far too long, men have thought that they had to avoid the grey in their beard and hair. They made every effort to get rid of it with different products in order to look younger. That is no longer the fad, it is encouraged to keep sprinkles of gray hair in beards because it looks distinguished and women find it sexy!

Beards for a professional look

Whilst for years a clean shave has become the appearance of the corporate world, beards are currently taking over. It is important to note that the beard should only be grown down to the neck. Short beards are thought to be due to different elements, for instance, facial shape, facial features, and skin type. There’s nothing like a superb beard to make a man stand out to his peers.

A beard is more than merely a cool facial accessory, it identifies men as distinctive and hip. It also conjures up images of a nomadic and ascetic lifestyle, which women find sexy in their men. The three-day beard appears very casual because of its normal look. Suited to men with a narrow chin It’s also known as the typical beard, a blend of a rounded goatee and a mustache.

Beards are from time to time the topic of art and competition. In a competition, the beard is permitted to grow to the jawline. Once it is long enough, it is separated into distinct braids to achieve its unique shape and style. In either scenario, the full beard provides a complete verge to trim and grow simultaneously. A complete beard is an ideal option for a timeless hipster look whether you have a medium or long hairstyle to complete the look. Yup, you first have to grow a complete beard before you can begin playing around with it.

Beards have a long and distinct history and if you choose one of the Top 10 Beard Styles for Men as recommended by this article, you cannot go wrong!



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