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What is a cookie?
Meanwhile, cookie acceptances are flying around our ears, but what exactly is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file sent by a website and placed on your computer by your browser. The information stored in the cookie can be sent back to our website the next time you visit. A cookie can make a website load faster, for example. Or to remember your user name. (more info)

Social media
On Missminimalista.com you will see some buttons to my social media channels, as well as a Facebook pixel is used on Missminimalista. If you want to know more about your privacy via Facebook or Instagram, I would like to refer you to the privacy statements of the respective sites;

(Google) Analytics and Google Tag manager

Google Analytics is a useful tool to know what you like to read and how you use the website. That is why I use this tool. No personal data is asked nor stored. Google Analytics places a cookie on every website that uses Google Analytics.

Affiliate cookies
Sometimes I work with affiliate programs: if you click on a link, I receive a small % of your purchase. This is not a lot of money, but can still help keep the website live. Would you rather not do this? Then don’t click on the link and you can also delete your cookies (see below). On Missminimalista I work with these cookies, you can find their privacy policy under the link.

Get rid of those cookies?
Would you rather disable or delete cookies? You can do this through your browser settings. Keep in mind that you will have to log in again everywhere.




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