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  • unicorn-party

    Organize the perfect unicorn party!

    Theme parties, great. But they don’t always have to be the same. Could it be a little more magical? With lots of fantasy? Then go for a unicorn party! Because although they may not really exist, unicorns can make a children’s party unforgettable. And it can be quite simple: with a few tips and tricks […]

  • smartphone-tips

    How to prolong your smartphone’s battery life

    How do your smartphone and battery last as long as possible? Smartphones are not cheap: how can you ensure that your expensive purchase lasts as long as possible? Until about six years ago I still had my old iPhone 3G. Admittedly, I couldn’t do much with it anymore and in the long run I couldn’t […]

  • netlfix

    The best series on Netflix right now

    I can’t even remember when we didn’t watch Netflix… these last months, a couple of amazing series have aired on Netflix. I’ll tell you what series you should definately watch!   The Bodyguard This is an amaaaazing show! Really, it grasps you. I have binge watched this show in about 2 days time and absolutely […]