Lockdown proof Valentine’s Dates at Home

Lockdown proof Valentine’s Dates at Home – This year, you’re probably giving Valentine’s Day a different spin than other years. You’re celebrating with your loved one in a slightly different way because we’re in a lockdown.


Of course, you can also make it romantic, fun, and cozy at home with your loved one. That’s why, especially for you, we have gathered some fun Lockdown proof Valentine’s dates tips at home!

Lockdown proof Valentine dates

  1. Romantic take-away…. at home

Unfortunately, because of the Corona measures, you can’t go eat at your favorite restaurant.

Not to worry, you may be able to order food there and take away. There are many restaurants where you can pick up food or have food delivered to your home. This way you also support the local hospitality industry, double win!

To replicate the atmosphere of the restaurant at home, you should decorate the table beautifully. A vase with flowers and a few candles make the table extra attractive and romantic.

It is also nice to dress up for this occasion. Just pretend you’re going to a restaurant and dress up extra nice. That makes it extra special and festive.

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Dress up the table extra cute with these beautiful spiral candles!

2. Cooking together

Would you rather be in the kitchen yourself? Of course, you can. Make a nice dish for your lover. Perhaps a nice idea for this occasion is to prepare your favorite dish.

Of course, a delicious dessert is a must. A dessert that fits perfectly with Valentine’s Day is tiramisu. It is not difficult to make and can be prepared well in advance, which is very convenient.

Instead of cooking for your loved one, you can also cook together and get to work in the kitchen. Very romantic and you can also, very romantically, do the dishes together?

ps: slightly less recommended if you only have a small kitchen 😉 We here at MissMinimalista are not responsible for accidents! 


Enjoying a glass of champagne or bubbles together while cooking? This bottle is ideal!

3. Watch a romantic movie

Create a home cinema together and watch a romantic movie or one of your favorite movies.

Light some candles and have fun. Put a nice soft blanket on the couch where you and your loved one can snuggle up together.

With some nice snacks on the table and a drink within reach, it will be a very cozy and romantic get-together.

Use an at-home cinema system for the best sound!

But, what to watch?

4. Spa-at-home

It’s great fun to take an extensive bath with your lover or to spoil each other with a wonderful massage.

Make sure you have some wonderfully scented shower and bath foam. (Tip: don’t choose a brightly colored Lush bath bomb for this: a bath is not quite so romantic if you have to stand in the bath and scrub for 15 minutes afterward. Learned by experience, I must admit :p ).

If you are going to take a bath together, be sure to bring a nice glass of wine or champagne into the bathroom (or if you don’t drink alcohol: your favorite non-alcoholic drink).

This way you can – while enjoying a nice relaxing bath together – toast to your love. Little tip: light some more candles to get a very cozy atmosphere in the bathroom. Pick some very romantic scented candles and you’re good to go.

Of course, be safe and don’t burn candles too close to paper, clothes,…


Delicious scented candle to light in the bathroom

5. A winter barbecue

Barbecuing in the winter is not something you might immediately be excited about. Yet it is very nice to do. Make it super cosy by installing a fire basket (also nice and warm, even though these things smell too burnt me and cause head aches for this girl).

Provide a warm blanket and light some candles (but um, be careful, please).

Also, don’t forget the mulled wine or hot chocolate.

You can really do this just fine as a lockdown proof Valentine’s date. If there is also some snow outside, it’s totally enjoyable and gives a very romantic atmosphere. It may take some preparation but your loved one will be pleasantly surprised.


Delicious hot chocolate to make yourself

6. A fun game night

It’s nice to really spend some time together on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it’s a nice idea (since we’re in a lockdown right now due to the measures) to make it a fun game night.

Maybe you have a favorite game together or do different games throughout the day or evening.

From Twister to Monopoly or a card game to shuffleboard… there really is plenty of choice in fun games. Of course, you can also buy a new game for the occasion and play it with your loved one for the first time on Valentine’s Day.

Do you want to make it a bit more exciting? Then opt for an evening of strip: ‘insert-your-favorite-bord-game-here’ 😉

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Would you rather play a exciting partner game with your sweetheart? You’ll find it here!


7. Romance in the bedroom

Valentine’s Day is also the opportunity to pay a little extra attention to each other. You can also celebrate love extensively on this day and make it cozy and romantic in the bedroom.

Dim the light, put some tea lights everywhere in the bedroom. You can also sprinkle some rose petals on the bed. Then softly turn on some music as well. Make it all romantic and atmospheric in the bedroom.

That bed-in of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, that really wasn’t such a bad idea 😉 World peace starts at home, right?


Can’t get real flowers to brighten up your bedroom? These dried flowers are beautiful!

8. Listening to your favorite music together while singing and dancing together

Maybe you own a record player? Then it’s a great time to listen to LPs of your favorite band or artists together with your loved one or make a romantic list together on Spotify.

Perhaps you will spontaneously start singing or dancing or shuffling romantically.

Don’t have a record player? This is of course not an issue, there are many other ways to listen to music.

But the crackling sound that an LP gives and turning it over and over again gives a certain fine atmosphere. It fits well with being together romantically on this special Valentine’s Day.

9. Making your favorite cocktail or mixed drink

You can’t go to a café or restaurant now, to order your favorite mixed drink or cocktail at the bar and drink it.

But, what you can do, is make the same delicious cocktail at home with your loved one. Get to work with the shaker and who knows, you might create your own delicious love cocktail.


Idea for a nice bottle of champagne: this bottle with lipstick packaging! Ideal for making delicious mixes!

10. A romantic high tea or wine evening

Serving delicious little savory and sweet treats along with all kinds of different flavors of tea (our big favorite). Of course, you can also do this with wine instead of tea (and then make a nice cheese board with it, yummm).

Or, you can order a high tea somewhere and pick it up. But, you can also work with your loved one to make these treats yourself. How about making delicious chocolate bonbons or macarons for dessert together?


You can shop this delicious stack of tea here.


Drinking tea together romantically during your high tea from this mug, it doesn’t get much cuter, does it?

11. Writing a beautiful love letter

Valentine’s Day is the day you show that you love your loved one very much. It is also a nice idea to write each other a beautiful love letter.

On this special Valentine’s Day, you put all your feelings for your beloved on paper. Give the letter to your beloved and let him or her read the letter out loud.

Of course, (or at least, we hope so…) you tell each other often enough that you love each other.

But really, writing a love letter to each other makes it extra romantic and special. It is also a nice idea to save these special love letters to read again later.

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