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  • Cute hairstyles with bangs: hair inspo

    For years now, the hairstyles with bangs have been back! The pony or blaze changes every few years, for example, in recent years some distinct hairstyles with bangs have surfaced: just think of the curtain bangs (Bardot bangs) that suddenly became popular again out of nowhere. Other types of bangs that we have seen a […]

  • Balayage hairstyles and hair colors

    Time for autumn hairstyles! This fall we see a lot of balayage hairstyles and a lot of hairstyles with highlights: usually, they give a very natural touch to your hairstyle. So: balayage hairstyles. But what is a balayage exactly? Can you distinguish balayage from ombre hair colors, √©caille hair colors (also called tortoiseshell hair colors), […]

  • bob-hairstyle-with-bangs-3

    Bob hairstyles with bangs

    I’ve written a lot about bob hairstyles lately: messy bob hairstyles, bob hairstyles with an ombre effect in them, long bob hairstyles (lob)… You could say that I am all for it! Especially now that I have a bob haircut myself, I’m always looking for some new hairstyle inspiration to share with you. You can […]

  • bob-hairstyle-ombre-brown-hair

    Bob hairstyles with ombre hair color

    The bob is back! Bob haircuts are everywhere now (also wavy bob haircuts and long bobs – lobs) but the hottest hair trend right now is really the bob with ombre hair color. Related: bob hairstyles with bangs So: time to gather a lot of hairstyle inspiration so you know exactly what to ask the […]

  • hairstyle-with-scarf

    Cute hairstyles with scarves: heat-proof hairstyles

    Feeling hot, hot, hot…. But what on earth do you do with your long hair as a summer hairstyle? I have a bob hairstyle myself and now that it’s going over 60 degrees Fahrenheit, I do find myself looking for hairstyles that make me feel a little cooler. Enter these fun hairstyles with scarves! Granted, […]

  • hairstyles-for-girls-1

    The cutest hairstyles for girls: must-try haircuts for 2022

    The cutest children’s hairstyles for girls: it’s time again to showcase fun hairstyles for girls! Whether you’re looking for a fun community hairstyle, or a festive hairstyle to wear at a wedding, these are wonderfully festive girls’ hairstyles! Children’s hairstyles for girls       Let’s start with this cute girl hairstyle: it’s a super […]

  • French braid: how to make a French braid?

    Being able to braid is very easy and is a nice braid hairstyle to be able to make on yourself or someone else. But how do you start such a braid or French braid? It is not so easy to do on yourself, so we would like to give you all kinds of tips to […]

  • thick-braid

    How to get a thicker braid?

    Thick braids are beautiful! I came across some on Pinterest after seeing a video on Youtube and it’s been in my head ever since. Only thing is, my hair is not long enough for a thick and luscious braid (well, it’s starting to grow anyway), but it’s definitely not thick enough. Maybe I should buy […]

  • Fishtail braid (step by step guide)

    How to make a herringbone braid on yourself? Would you like to learn how to make a herringbone braid? We are happy to give you all the tips to be able to braid a herringbone braid: on yourself or on someone else. It is still one of the most beautiful braids you can make. It […]

  • braided-hairstyles

    50x Braid hairstyles: must-try cute braided hairstyles

    Are you still looking for a fun braid hairstyle? Here we show you ten beautiful braided hairstyles with different types of braids: fishtail braids, small braids, plaits, … Braided hairstyles are incredibly useful when you have a bad hairday, it’s nice and easy to hide everything! But now: to the hairstyles! Not sure how to […]