How to get a thicker braid?

Thick braids are beautiful! I came across some on Pinterest after seeing a video on Youtube and it’s been in my head ever since.

Only thing is, my hair is not long enough for a thick and luscious braid (well, it’s starting to grow anyway), but it’s definitely not thick enough.

Maybe I should buy clip-in extensions to make a thicker braid!

Thick braids

Thick braids: inspiration



Thick braids are actually not that hard to make at all! Often you need some extensions to get a real thick braid (you can see that clearly in this picture I think) ( Miramiska via shutterstock)



A beautiful braid on the side, with nice amount of volume! (dimid_86 via shutterstock)

Fishtail braid (step by step guide)

French braid: how to make a French braid?