Bob hairstyles with bangs

I’ve written a lot about bob hairstyles lately: messy bob hairstyles, bob hairstyles with an ombre effect in them, long bob hairstyles (lob)…

You could say that I am all for it! Especially now that I have a bob haircut myself, I’m always looking for some new hairstyle inspiration to share with you. You can even wear this hairstyle if you have a short hairstyle.

Today on the menu? Bob haircuts with bangs!

    1. Bob hairstyles with bangs

A fringe actually fits any bob haircut: it makes your bob suddenly a lot softer (and your face too). A very sharp bob can give you a very severe look.



Blonde bob haircut with straight bangs (and supercute black sweater) (sanneberg via



Keira Knightley has a beautiful sleek bob hairstyle (Dan Kosmayer via



Glee actress Dianna Agron here has an insanely beautiful blonde bob hairstyle with slanted bangs, it looks so pretty on her! (Tinseltown via

    1. New style bob hairstyles



Cameron Diaz here has a beautiful blonde bob with slanted bangs (blaze) (Featureflash Photo agency via



Super nice bob with bangs in an insane copper hair color! (Katya Yacenco via



The beautiful blonde bob with bangs of Taylor Swift (Joe Seer via




Taylor Swift has a super nice bob haircut with straight bangs (a curly bob) (Kathy Hutchins via



What a vamp! The red lipstick really completes this bob hairstyle with straight bangs! (Eugene Partyzan via

      1. Cute bob hairstyle with slanted bangs



Super cute bob hairstyle with angled bangs and an offshoulder t-shirt (Sofi Photo via shutterstock)



Very nice bob hairstyle with straight bangs, truly a statement hairstyle! (Mayer George via



Jennifer Lawrence has a lob haircut with bangs here (Featureflash Photo Agency via



Round blow-dried bob hairstyle with angled bangs and beautiful salmon pink sweater (Sofi Photo via



Taylor Swift (Jaguar PS via and her beautiful bob haircut with bangs



Gorgeous black bob with straight bangs and striped t-shirt (Eugene Partyzan via

A wavy bob in a beautiful brown hair color with straight bangs     A wavy bob with a light ombre in it and straight bangs   A wavy bob (brown hair color) with straight bangs   A dark red bob (rather a long bob, lob hairstyle) with angled bangs

I really get sixties vibes from this hairstyle! Alizée (the singer of ‘Moi, lolita’) with a brown short bob (that has been gently blow-dried in) and straight bangs   A beautiful dark brown lob et a straight bang (and boy, what a beautiful eye make-up with this hairstyle!!)   A dark brown bob with straight bangs (and some blow in the bob): perfect for Asian hair!

A black bob with straight bangs. How beautiful her eyes look like this!   A red long bob with straight bangs. Gorgeous!

Katy Perry has also often been spotted with a bob: here she has a black long bob with slanted bangs Emma Stone is clearly also a fan of bob hairstyles: a red bob with slanted bangs This is my dream hair color: a cool blonde, light brown hair color. In a bob hairstyle with straight bangs…. LOVE IT!

So glad this hair trend is back! Another jet-black hair color: this bob is one where the hair ends are styled inwards, and with spikey straight bangs   If bob haircuts with bangs are good for anything, it’s to highlight your eyes 😉 Here you see a short dark brown bob hairstyle with straight bangs. Taylor Swift: queen of the bob hairstyles with bangs! Since she has a somewhat elongated face with a high forehead, this is a great choice for her face shape. A blonde bob with soft bangs (see how these bangs aren’t cut so hard straight, but her natural beat comes through a bit?).


Another Taylor Swift with her lovely bob hairstyle: here she has a blonde hair color (rather sand or corn), a bob that she made wavy with a curling iron – well, her hair stylist – and straight bangs that are styled round.

A spicy red haircut: a red hair color (maybe even call it an orange hair color?) in a spicy bob and slanted bangs

A bright red lob (long bob) with straight bangs With this haircut I went to Toni Kalin a few months ago to have my hair cut: a lovely messy bob in a blonde hair color (with some highlights) and slanted bangs

Highlights in a bob haircut are also fine!     Yup, this bob hairstyle remains my big favorite…. can someone provide me with the details of Taylor’s hair stylist? 😉 Her hair color and hair cut are perfect!     Ladies, remember: hairstyles with bangs are perfect for drawing all the attention to your eyes! So be sure to pay a little extra attention to your eye makeup, you’ll see the difference! And to stay in the summer mood: a bob haircut with straight bangs and a lovely summer hat!

Which of these bob hairstyles do you like best? I think Taylor Swift looks so cute with her pony bob hairstyle! I wish I could easily wear a hairstyle like that myself, but every time I have a problem asking my hairdresser…. turns out to be difficult after all, being able to cut a good bob and with it a good pony/bles.


Bob hairstyles with ombre hair color

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