Cute hairstyles with scarves: heat-proof hairstyles

Feeling hot, hot, hot…. But what on earth do you do with your long hair as a summer hairstyle? I have a bob hairstyle myself and now that it’s going over 60 degrees Fahrenheit, I do find myself looking for hairstyles that make me feel a little cooler.

Enter these fun hairstyles with scarves! Granted, it’s going to take some practice, but what fun it is to try and recreate these hairstyles!

These are especially appropriate for when the weather is a bit colder and not scolding hot, but definitely worth checking out! These hairstyles are also very nice as festival hairstyle!

Summer hairstyles



A scarf is perfect for summer hairstyles! And it also looks really cute in naturally curly hair! (Wayhome studio via shutterstock)



This gorgeous yellow scarf contrasts so beautifully with her dark brown hair color! (The Repente via shutterstock)



It is summer! So to complete your summer hairstyle, just opt for a super brightly colored scarf! (Claudia K via


Beautiful gypsy boho look with a scarf and statement jewelry! This will only complete your summer hairstyle with scarf! (coka for shutterstock)



A scarf in your hair calls for a vintage look, don’t you think? (Highkey via Shutterstock)

Deliciously fresh summer hairstyles

Handy tips for your festival hairstyles & indispensable tools

At a festival that lasts several days, you can’t just wash your hair. Then it’s handy if you have, for example, a few cans of dry shampoo with you.

Do you have a brown hair color? Then a dry shampoo especially for dry hair is for you: by using that, you won’t have any white haze in your hair after using the spray.


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