Brown Hair Color Ideas: Brunette Hair Trends for 2022 + tips & tricks

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2022)

Brunettes, it’s time to take a seat in the spotlight. From brown hair color ideas for black hair, dark brown hair colors and brunette hairstyles – we have got you covered. Brown is the new blonde, so if you haven’t tried going brunette yet then this post is just what you need!


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Brown hair colors: new trends 2022

Are you wondering what the trendy brown hair colors will be in 2022? for brunettes? Well, we have the answer.

Brown hair colors are here to stay and in 2022 they will be even more popular than ever before! A lot of celebrities have been rocking brown locks this year so it is time for you to follow suit.

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Which hair color suits you? 

What are the shades of brown hair color?

Brown hair colors come in every shade of chocolate imaginable. From light brown, to dark brunette and everything in between – there is a hue that you will absolutely love!

Want gorgeous highlights in your hair? Go to the salon!

If you want to add some light brown streaks, we recommend going the salon route and asking for balayage or a babylights technique.


The point is to give your hair dimension without changing it too much – brunettes do not have a lot of natural highlights so adding them in will make all the difference!


But please, pretty please, don’t go and try to DIY your balayage or your highlights. It really is much more complicated than you think and the results may not turn out as expected.

Not to say: you might really, really botch your hair color and that’s really not the hair trend we’re going for here.

Going brunette: think about it!

The journey towards becoming a brunette isn’t as simple as choosing a color from one box. There are many factors at play that help determine whether or not this brave new hairstyle will be worth it in the end.

First off, what kind of brunette lifestyle are you looking for? Some people only go brunette once they start showing their age – when grays and white are starting to appear.

Others go brunette to start a new chapter in their life – like when they’ve had enough of the blonde and want something more natural.

If you have brown hair with red undertones (as opposed to black) then going dark will be easier than if your hair is naturally light brown or dirty blond.

This also applies to Asian, Hispanic, Northern European and African-American women – who are less likely to experience extreme dye job complications as brunettes since they already come from darker roots.

There are many ways for brunettes to look glam without being too dramatic about it: highlights, balayage, ombre etc., but remember that these techniques can get pricey so make sure you know what you want before taking the effort to make your hair change colors.



How do I get the brown shade of my choice?

When choosing your perfect colour, try out different shades at home first by applying them directly onto clean dry locks – don’t forget about using an old towel or sheet as well since there’ll be more mess!

If you’re not sure where to start then look up some pictures online or ask your stylist what they recommend depending on skin tone and eye colour. (You can also go ahead and read our stylists article about what colors suit you the best).

What is a brown hair color?

Brown hair colors include shades that range from very light brown to dark chocolate. Brown hues can be ashy, neutral or warm, depending on your preferences!


What’s trending: ash brown

If you’re looking for a new trend that combines warmth with cool tones then look no further because ashy-brown hair color is your solution.

This hue offers a beautiful balance between warm and cool undertones which makes it perfect if you want something different from your typical golden or platinum blonde highlight shades.


Balayage brunette hairstyles: chic but effortless

If you’re looking for a more glamorous brunette hair color, then balayage is the way to go. The ashy-brown hue brightens up your locks and can be mixed with a variety of colors like caramel or ash blonde shades if you want something different from your typical brown highlights.


Warm brown: we love hazelnut brown hair colors

If you want to go warm but still prefer a brown hair color, then hazelnut brown is your best bet.

This beautiful hue offers light and dark highlights which make it the perfect choice for brunettes who are looking for something lighter and more natural from their black or deep brown locks.


Mushroom brunette: feel cozy with this shade

As its name suggests, mushroom brunette brings out all that’s good about fall! If you’re bored of blondes and want an iced-coffee inspired hairstyle, this is what you need.

The ashy tone also helps if you have darker skin tones because this makes sure there won’t be any green undertones in your hair like those pesky copper colors often bring along to your hair.


Cappucino brown hair color? Yes, please!

If you’re not a fan of your black hair and want something more subtle, then cappuccino brown is the color for you. It looks both stylish and elegant with its light caramel highlights that bring out all those feminine features in our face – don’t underestimate the power of this hue!


Bronde: smart choice for brunettes who are looking to spice up their locks

Looking for a hair color idea that will make heads turn? Bronde or blonde-brown might be just what you need.

This combo has been trending over the past few years because it’s so versatile and always manages to look fabulous on brunette skin tones, no matter how dark they may be. Spicing things up doesn’t have to mean changing everything at

Brunette Hair with Copper Brown Streaks.

So, you would really want to keep your brown.locks but just put some extra kick in there? May we suggest copper brown streaks and or highlights?

This is a really cool trend, and many celebrities have been seen wearing this style. It will give you just enough color without looking too drastic – the perfect amount of “pop”.

Brunette hair colors for brown skin tones

Which brown hair color will suit you if you have a more brown or tan skin tone?

– For brown skin, light brown hair color is suitable. If you have a lighter complexion then try medium brown and if your tan skin tone is dark or black bown than go for deep brunette shades.

– One thing to keep in mind when choosing the right shade of brunette hair color for you: those with deeper complexions will want a more glossy finish while people with lighter skins tones should opt for matte finishes that are less intense on their skin’s hue – who wants to look like they just stepped out of an oil slick? Nobody!

– Deep chocolate colors can also be flattering as long as it has some red undertones; this will give rich depth without compromising its warmth. And don’t forget about balayages!

Going from blonde to brown:

Keep this in mind for the next time you’re thinking of making a hair color change. The brunette is not all one shade – it’s many different shades and tones that can be combined to create any look desired: from light brown with blonde streaks to dark, deep brunettes (with red undertones). It doesn’t matter what your hair looks like now, there are so many options for going brunette!

Brown hair colors for pale skin

Can you sport a brown hair color if you have very pale skin? Absolutely! Colors like caramel are perfect for women with a light complexion. They will warm up your skin tone and give definition to features you may not have even known were there before.

Do you have a cool undertone in your skin? Opt for a cappucino hair color instead! This will offset your skin tone and give you a warm, golden glow.

Brown hair colors for fair skin

If you’re struggling to choose the right brown hair color, consult this guide! There are so many shades of brunette out there that it can be difficult to know which ones would suit your needs best.

To help make sense of all these options, I’ve broken them down into four categories: deep dark browns (with red undertones), lighter browns (for those in search of something more natural-looking), cool brunettes (which produce an icy effect on skin) or warmer brunettes (a great choice

What color highlights look good with brown hair?

Do you want to know what color of highlights you can combine with your hair? Or do you want to know how can make brown hair look more bright? Below, I’ve collected some ideas for brunettes that will help you understand the basics of highlights and what colors work best with your hair.

  • Warm Chocolate Hair + Blonde Highlights. …
  • Warm Brunette + Caramel Highlights. …
  • Warm Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair. …
  • Rich Brown Hair + Blonde and Caramel Highlights. …
  • Red-Brown Hair + Copper Highlights. …
  • Cool Brown Hair + Mushroom brown higlights
  • Cool Brown Hair + Sandy Blonde Highlights

Deep dark browns (with red undertones)

If you are looking for a deep color than goes well with warm skin tones, these shades might be perfect: mahogany brown, chocolate brown or chestnut brunette.

These options offer warmth but not too much brightness; they’re bold enough without being overwhelming on fair skin. And if you have green eyes like me, then this is exactly the type that suits them!

Deep brown hair colors for dark skin

If you’re looking to transition from another color, such as blonde or red, these are a few different shades that will look great on your new roots.

If you want something more subtle and natural-looking, consider some light golden highlights in order not to overwhelm your features. For those who prefer an edgier style – go bold by adding ombré streaks which offer interesting texture!


Who are some famous brunettes?

If you want to see what celebrities such as Rihanna or Christina Aguilera look like with brown hair then take a peek at their Instagram feeds for all sorts of inspiration.

What’s more, celebs like Katy Perry have been rocking multiple shades just recently so it’s time for us mere mortals to catch up on this trend too!

Some other famous brunettes you can use as your hair inspo? Some of the most well-known brunettes in showbiz are Charlize Theron, Penélope Cruz and Lea Michele. We’re also loving the brown locks of actress and model Adriana Lima.

Do you want brown hair?

If there was one color that can make every woman feel truly in her element, it’s brunette! And if your natural hair is currently blonde or red then we have some good news for you – going back to brunettes feels totally different from anything else so even a veteran could use this guide as an ultimate cheat sheet.

We’ve got all the inspiration and tips needed for someone who wants to go dark, deep, rich with their locks – perfect!

Is brown hair boring?

Nope! The brown hair color that’s right for you will be as exciting and different as the brunette who wears it.

There are so many natural shades of brown from light to dark, warm to cool – but not all brunettes suit every shade. We have your guide on how to find the perfect one for your skin tone and style persona with 13 bestselling tips!

How do I dye my own brown hair at home?

If you’re choosing to dye your hair at home, you should know these tips to get the best result:

– Choose a brown hair color that you find appealing.

– Read the instructions on the dye to ensure it doesn’t contain ammonia or certain other ingredients that will weaken your hair and cause breakage over time.

– Apply petroleum jelly or a very thick night cream around your ears, neck and any area where there may be skin contact with the chemicals from coloring so as not to get redness or irritation.

  • Should you wash your hair before coloring it? In short: no. The chemical in the dye can cause irritation, and natural oils on your scalp act as a protective barrier against these irritants. Do not wash your hair before applying color!

– Do not use metal utensils for mixing because they react negatively with acidic substances like vinegar which is used in some dyes; instead opt for plastic stirrers/spoons, wooden spoons, forks (anything but what’s made of metal).

– Rinse out all residue by using water only after rinsing away excess product before

How long does it take on average to dye my hair brunette?

On average time taken depends solely on how much length you have but generally speaking most of us need around two hours at home before our total hair makeover is completed.

Why we don’t really recommend box dyes

As we’ve mentioned before, brunette hair trends are here to stay so it’s worth investing in a high quality dye that will last longer and show through better.

A box color typically contains less pigment than salon colors which can leave you with lackluster (or even greenish) tresses for months on end.

How do I get my hair darker?

If you’re looking to transition from another color, such as blonde or red, these are a few different shades that will look great on your new roots. If you want something more subtle and natural-looking, consider light golden highlights in order not to overwhelm your features. For those who prefer an edgier style – go bold by adding ombré streaks which offer interesting texture!

How do I get my hair darker? This is where things can start getting tricky because there’s no universal rule about what deepens the shade of brunette hair color without affecting its quality too much. You need to be careful not to put too much color pigments into your hair, though. You’ll only get more and more buildup.

The last thing I want to mention about going from blonde or a lighter brown (or perhaps even grey or white hair) to brown is your roots.

You might be thinking, why would I care? Well if you are anything like me and don’t really like a high-maintenance hair color, you should really take the upkeep into consideration. It’s not a bad idea to get a root touch up every few months so that your hair color doesn’t show through.

Should you go darker or lighter with hair color as you age?

Light-colored hair can be flattering regardless of your natural color, such as light hair with streaks looking fresh or dark brown with highlights. But going too light as you’re ageing, will have a reverse effect on you like going too dark would.

Great haircuts for your new brown hair color

How to style your brown hair

What are the best ways to style my new brown tresses? Brunettes look great in updos, half up styles and loose curls.

You can even try out a sleek low ponytail if you’re feeling daring! The cut is important too so be sure not to neglect it when styling your locks – whether that means going for long layers or an angled bob with bangs, there’s always something trendy to suit any taste.

What’s trending: long bob haircuts

The most popular haircut on Instagram this year has been the long bobs hairstyles! This cut looks great whether it’s straightened out or styled down in waves.

Wear yours halfway down your back with subtle face framing layers or wear curls piled high on top of your head – both are super trendy right now! You may also choose to add some longer bangs to soften those choppy edges.


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