Bob hairstyles with ombre hair color

The bob is back! Bob haircuts are everywhere now (also wavy bob haircuts and long bobslobs) but the hottest hair trend right now is really the bob with ombre hair color.

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So: time to gather a lot of hairstyle inspiration so you know exactly what to ask the hairdresser! Do go to a hairdresser who knows how to dye an ombre, it’s not an easy hair dye technique and often there are hairdressers who, by dyeing a wrong ombre, ruin your whole hairstyle!

Bob hairstyles with ombre hair color



Dakota Johnson (you know, Miss Steele from the Fifty Shades of Grey movies) has a gorgeous bob here with ombre hair color (from a brown hair color to more blonde) (Andrea Raffin via



Dianna Agron underwent one of the biggest hairstyle metamorphoses: she cut her long blonde hair short and opted for a spicy bob hairstyle with ombre hair colors (via



Ombre hair color in a bob hairstyle is so beautiful! Actress Lucy Hale really looks so pretty with her bob hairstyle (Featureflash Photo Agency /



The beautiful Kaley Cuoco (the Big Bang Theory) had her long blonde locks cut and now wears a shorter blonde bob with ombre hair colors (S_Bukley via



Another beautiful hairstyle example: Ciara has a beautiful bob (a curly bob) in a beautiful ombre hair color ( S_Bukley via



Rachel Keller has her beautiful bob hairstyle with ombre hair color ( Kathy Hutchins via



Selena Gomez recently got a beautiful bob, and now has an ombre hair color in her bob hairstyle (Tinseltown via



Actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba also has a gorgeous bob with ombre hair color ( Featureflash Photo Agency via



Jessica Biel has a gorgeous bob hairstyle with ombre here (S_Bukley via



Jessica Alba has a shorter bob with ombre hair color ( Kathy Hutchins via



Jessica Alba  is also wearing an incredibly beautiful bob hairstyle here: she has a long bob with a typical bobline and ombre hair color (Kathy Hutchins via

How I love this trend: fun, those ombre hair colors in a bob haircut. Love, love it! If you have a brown hair color, you can also easily go for an ombre in your bob: here you see a beautiful sombre (sombre = soft ombre hair color)

If anyone has made this hair style famous it is surely miss Kylie Jenner! Thanks to he,r we are now walking around with a sombre bob hairstyle and an old pink lip color – aka Kylie Jenner Lips –  ) Thanks, Kylie!

I really love these bob hairstyles!!! Especially with the ombre effect in it, it gives a bob line so much more depth. Would you go to the hairdresser and get this haircut?


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