Balayage hairstyles and hair colors

Time for autumn hairstyles! This fall we see a lot of balayage hairstyles and a lot of hairstyles with highlights: usually, they give a very natural touch to your hairstyle. So: balayage hairstyles.

But what is a balayage exactly? Can you distinguish balayage from ombre hair colors, écaille hair colors (also called tortoiseshell hair colors), and a hairstyle with lots of highlights?

I’m starting to find it quite difficult, you know. In autumn balayage is perfect because it allows you to play with darker and lighter colors without having to go for a completely new hair color.

Are you looking at these beautiful examples that I came across? A balayage is one of the ideal fall hair colors!

Balayage hairstyles


The gorgeous Lauren Conrad has such a beautiful balayage hairstyle! She also wore ombre hair colors before, but this balayage hair color really looks the best on her! (S_Bukley via


Also, actress Sarah Hyland is known for her beautiful balayage hair color and ombre bob haircut! (Kathy Hutchins via




Jessica Biel is another example of a beautiful balayage bob hairstyle! What do you guys think of her beautiful brown balayage hair color (S_Bukley via



Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale has such beautiful hair!  A textbook example of a beautiful brown balayage hair color! (Tinseltown via


Jennifer Lopez is also wearing her hair in an insanely beautiful blonde balayage here! I wish I had this blonde balayage hair color though…. (Featureflash Photo agency via

balayage-brown hair color

Jennifer Garner also has a beautiful balayage hair color in her brown hair (Jaguar PS via


The blonde balayage hairstyle of Whitney Port ( Kathy Hutchinson/


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a textbook example of a balayage hairstyle and hair color! (S_Bukley via

balayage hair color-3

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley  and her gorgeous blonde balayage hair color and hairstyle (Featureflash photo agency via

balayage hair color-brown-hair

When Rihanna still had long hair, she wore a beautiful balayage hair color in her brown hair! Here she has a balayage and some highlights in her hairstyle. (D Free via


Bronze hair color with highlights and a beautiful blonde balayage beautiful purple dress (Nina Buday via


Rosie HUntington Whiteley has a beautiful balayage bob hairstyle, what do you guys think of her hair color? (DFree  via

balayage hair colors-6

I can’t write an article about balayage hair colors without Jennifer Aniston mentioning it, right? (Jaguar PS via


Megan Fox has a beautiful brown balayage hair color (Jaguar PS via


At the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, I spotted this gorgeous balayage hairstyle by Sigrid Agren (Fashionstock via

balayage hairstyle-blond-hair

Ashley Bensons gorgeous blonde balayage hair color: what a beautiful hairstyle she has! (S_Bukley via


Emma Watson has a short haircut here and a nice balayage in it! (S_Bukley via

balayage-ombre hair color

The ombre balayage hair color of Sarah Hyland is incredibly beautiful! (Kathy Hutchins via

blonde-hair balayage

Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure has a beautiful light blonde balayage with brown outgrowth. (Go Fullner via


Sienna Miller and Bradley Cooper (Twocoms via

bronde-hair color-balayage-highlights

Gigi Hadid has a hairstyle that is the envy of many a woman! Her blonde hair has a beautiful balayage (Kathy Hutchins via


Liana Liberato has gorgeous hair with a beautiful balayage! (Featureflash Photo Agency via


Jessica Alba has an incredibly beautiful bob with balayage in brown hair (Featureflash photo agency via


Gigi Hadid has a gorgeous hairstyle here! Blonde hair with meches and a balayage, so pretty! (Kathy Hutchins via


Sarah Jessica Parker has a shorter hairstyle here with balayage (blonde balayage hair color) (Tinseltown via


Maria Menounos has a brown hair color with balayage mechen in it. (Featureflash photo agency via


Kayla Ewell shows off her beautiful brown hair color with balayage (Jaguar PS /

long-bob-lob-balayage hairstyle

Do you guys remember Camilla Luddington from Grey’s Anatomy? She has a gorgeous bob hairstyle with ombre hair color and balayage. (Kathy Hutchins via

ombre-hair-balayage hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez has a beautiful blonde balayage hair color here (Kathy Hutchins via


Beautiful blonde balayage in curls! Looks very nice with a nice checkered blouse! (Svyatoslava Vladzimirska via shutterstock)


Dark brown balayage in a beautiful dark brown hairstyle. Add a beautiful salmon pink lipstick, and your look is complete! ( via shutterstock)

balayage-ombre hair colors

Beautiful balayage hairstyle that creates an ombre hair color from dark blonde to light blonde, this looks so pretty with her green eyes! (Eviled via shutterstock)


Beautiful balayage hairstyle in a ponytail (sanneberg  via shutterstock)

A beautiful dark blonde balayage


Bronze hair color with balayage and focal eye shadow (Ann Haritonenko via


Blonde hairstyle with lowlights and highlights and balayage and dark eye makeup (Ann Haritonenko via


Gorgeous brown ombre hair color with balayage and blue dress (Dmitry Tsvetkov  via shutterstock)

lob hairstyle-balayage-meches-brown-hair

Bronze hair color with balayage and flashy blush  (Roman Rybaleov via

Extra hairstyle inspiration for balayage hairstyles:

balayage hairstyles-8 balayage curls blonde-balayages ombre-hair-color-highlights ombre-highlights balayage-highlights2 balayage-hairstyles-10 hairstyles chocolate-brown-highlights rose-gold-highlights long-blond-hair hairstyle-balayage-layers hairstyle-layers balayage-gray-hair red-highlights blonde-highlights-2   hair-contouring


Balayage hair styles: what to ask at the hairdresser?

Okay, you’ve decided that you’d like a balayage hairstyle with a balayage hair color… but how do you tell the hairdresser? There are still quite a few hairdressers who don’t really know what balayage actually entails and how to dye it properly. I myself have left a hairdresser’s a few times, almost 150 euros poorer with basically only some highlights in my hair, and definitely no balayage hairstyle.

So be sure to look for a hairdresser who specializes in balayage haircuts and for example the finger painting technique. Look on Facebook or Instagram if they share photos of their customers and look at the quality of their work.


balayage-blond-brown ombre hair color brown-balayage-hair-color balayage-hair-color-23 hair-balayage-highlights
balayage-hair-8   balayage-ombre-hair balayage-hair

Keeping your balayage hairstyle in tip-top shape

If you have a balayage in your hair dyed, you need to take extra care of your hair!

sand-blonde caramel-highlights

blonde-highlights blonde-balayage-2


Hairstyles with balayage hair colors for 2022

What do you guys think about these hairstyles with balayage hair colors? I think it really is an ideal hair color if you don’t want to go to the hairdresser too often, you can easily grow out a balayage.

Then you get a ‘lived-in’ balayage, perfect! I also had a balayage for a long time and the only maintenance I had was using a lot of silver shampoo and sometimes going to the hairdresser to put a purple toner in my hair.

That way I got the yellow-blond shine out of my hair and I had a cooler hair color again: really handy!


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