Cute hairstyles with bangs: hair inspo

For years now, the hairstyles with bangs have been back! The pony or blaze changes every few years, for example, in recent years some distinct hairstyles with bangs have surfaced: just think of the curtain bangs (Bardot bangs) that suddenly became popular again out of nowhere.

Other types of bangs that we have seen a lot of in recent years are: straight bangs, angled bangs, short bangs, wispy bangs,… and many more types of ponies. How do you know which pony suits your face?

And can you get any pony cut to match any hair type? Discover with us the cutest hairstyles with bangs and hair cuts with a blaze: you’re going to love these hairstyles with frou-frou! Whether you wear your hair in a middle parting, side parting or otherwise: bangs always look good!

Haircuts with bangs:

Half-length hairstyles with bangs


Medium length hairstyles (half-length hairstyles) often look really awesome with bangs added: just look at the examples above! You can give your medium-length hair that extra bit of cachet by adding bangs: it is also a very easy way to completely change the look of your hair.

Go for softly cut bangs instead of the straight cut we’ve seen in recent years. With this hairstyle inspiration you would run straight to the hairdresser to get your bangs cut again, right?

How to style bangs for medium length hair?

These bangs can still look a little wild! You can just let your hair dry nice and easy without having to style your bangs extensively with a dryer (hairdryer), curling iron etc,… Just let it do its own thing!


Curtain bangs (curtain bangs)

Curtain bangs are extremely trendy right now! Did you know that this type of bangs was popular thanks to Brigitte Bardot? Now all of a sudden this type of bangs is experiencing a revival and are being asked for very often: hairdressers are very busy.

Luckily, curtain bangs are also very easy to style: you can often even just let your bangs air dry, just make sure to comb them through, and don’t forget to wear them in a middle parting!

How do you style curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs are very easy to style, thank goodness! You can just let your hair air dry and make sure they are in a middle parting. Are your bangs hard to manage and not much to do?

Then it’s best to take a moment after showering or bathing and start using the hairdryer to ‘force’ your bangs to fall a certain way. You can finish your bangs with a little hairspray, but that will make your blaze and forehead greasy. So always be careful with styling products!

Right bangs

Aha, hairstyles with straight bangs! I myself have had hairstyles with straight bangs or slanted bangs for years, and they took quite a bit of work to get decent! I am unfortunately blessed with a few weather bumps, and one of them is right next to my bangs (I love those crests…): a.k.a: extra styling work to get my bangs straight.

By the way, straight bangs look really great when you wear glasses (discover more glasses hairstyles and haircuts for glasses wearers here), it gives you an extra edge!

How to style straight bangs?

To style straight bangs you need: wet hair, a little hair mousse, a hairdryer and hairspray. Also very handy: a round brush to use while drying your bangs. I always made sure my bangs were semi-dry. Then I applied a little bit of hair mousse, and started drying my hair with the hair dryer.

Meanwhile, I was using my round brush so that my bangs would dry nice and straight. Unfortunately, I had to repeat that routine every morning, so in the long run I opted for angled bangs that could be a little more casual.

The mini bangs

The mini pony! These bangs we saw around 2005 very often in the streets: a mini fringe of only 1 to 2 inches long. A pretty bizarre hair trend since it can’t be the world’s most flattering pony. Of course, you choose entirely if you would like to have this kind of fringe cut yourself, but know that it can take a while for your fringe to grow back.

This type of fringe is also very “labor intensive” because you will have to go back to the hairdresser regularly to get your fringe trimmed again. Pro tip: don’t do it yourself! Your bangs can be cut very easily, and it’s not very easy for your hairdresser to save them again.  These kind of bangs give a very ‘editorial look’.

How to style a mini fringe?

As I mentioned before: styling-wise this mini pony is okay. Normally you won’t have to do much styling work, although that also depends on your own hair type. You will, however, regularly find yourself in the hairdresser’s chair to have your bangs trimmed again.

The slanted bangs / slanted blaze

A kind of fringe that suits most face shapes (how do you determine your face shape?): the slanted fringe or slanted blaze. This frou-frou is very useful because you can style it very casually.

And that’s always nice on mornings when you’ve overslept … I had angled bangs for years and was incredibly happy with them until I stopped dyeing my hair and my hair structure changed a bit. My hair became wavier and gained back quite a bit of bangs, so I had to put in too much effort (I thought) to style my slanted bangs.

How do you style your slanted bangs?

I styled my slanted bangs in different ways, depending on how much time and desire I had to do my hair. And, let’s be honest, depending on how many times I had hit the snooze button again that morning.

    • with the hairdryer:
    • with an iron
    • With a curling iron


    • Air drying


The retro bangs (often a thick, straight fringe) are also very hip and are coming back.

How to style a retro fringe?

To achieve retro bangs you will need more than just a straightening iron. First, you need to dry your hair properly with a hairdryer, then you often need to style the bangs further. The best way to do this is with a wide brush, along with the hair dryer.

Are you like me not so handy with a hairdryer and brush, are fohn brushes really for you! These dry and spin at the same time, super convenient!

Wispy bangs

How do you style wispy bangs?
Do you like whispy bangs too? Messy bangs are still very hip. They are easy to combine with all kinds of hairstyles. If you have very thick hair, you do need to have your hair thinned out first.

A fringe for thin hair

Even if you have thin hair, bangs are often very nice. It is difficult to find the right fringe because your hair is thin, but a whispy fringe looks very nice anyway. Angled bangs or whispy straight bangs look good on your thinner hair type.

Short hairstyles with bangs

Do you have a short haircut? Then bangs are often an ideal addition to your hairstyle! Many short hairstyles often look even more beautiful thanks to bangs, so I would definitely consider it.

Fou du frou-frou: cute bangs

Styling tips for bangs

Want to learn to style your bangs properly? Then we have some handy tips for you:

Styling products and forehead-acne

Because you often style your bangs with all kinds of hairspray, hair mousse and more, you run a great risk of getting more acne or rashes on your forehead. I used to get this all the time when I had straight bangs, and it took me a while to figure out that it was a case of 1+1.

Do you also suffer from troubled skin on your forehead and do you regularly use styling products for your bangs? Then try a week or 2 without styling products and see what it does for your skin!

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