4 reasons why you need curtain bangs (sixties hairstyle trend)

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2019)

Curtain Bangs? What is that? In our article about the popular hairstyles and haircuts, we talked about this particular hair trend: curtain bangs. First debuted in the sixties, this was a bombshell hairstyle. Think: Brigitte Bardot,… Later on in the 70’s, we even saw Farah Fawcett sport these bangs (with that typical seventies twist). Do you want to know how to style your new bangs? We have found 4 ways to style this amazing hairstyle trend:

Cute hair trends

1/ Curtain bangs and a pony tail

Curtain bangs are so incredibly cute combined with a pony tail! It gives a very youthful look to your overall style. Thank God these kind of bangs are super easy to style! No need for a hair curler or iron, you can just let your hair airdry. So, not an upkeep-intensive look at all! (source)

2/ Curtain bangs + updo


Pair your bangs with an updo for a very 60’s look! Make it a modern look by making a high top bun or a messy bun, to get a contemporary look. Especially when you pair your stunning new ‘do with a striped top, you’ll definately get a lovely sixties vibe. (source)


3/ combined with wavy hair


Do you want to get a contemporary look? Why not try to combine your freshly cut bangs with a wavy hairstyle? It makes your whole hairstyle look a lot more effortless chique and especially if you already have wavy hair to begin with. If you don’t, make some waves in your hair with a curling wand and use your fingers to loosen them up some more. This is a perfect hairstyle for second day hair.

(source) / wavy bobkapsels


4/ Paired with an ombre hair colour


Not only is the wavy hair trick amazing to get a more effortless look, you should also look into the hair colour! Here you can see these kind of bangs combined with an ombre hairstyle. They would also look great with a balayage hairstyle or some highlights to get a more vivid look.


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