• Organize the perfect unicorn party!


    So you have a child who loves the idea of having their very own unicorn party, but are not sure if it’s been done before? Well fear not! It has and we can give you some tips to make your little one’s dream come true. The first thing is that in order for this plan […]

  • Must try freakshake recipes


    Are you as crazy about freakshakes as we are? OMG, we neeeed these! You couldn’t get around the Freakshakes this summer! These super deluxe pimped up Milkshakes are for lovers and actually very easy to make! What are your favorite toppings for Freakshakes? MAKE YOUR OWN FREAKSHAKES Everyone has probably drunk a milkshake and in […]

  • Unicorn cakes, ice cream and desserts


    Aren’t these unicorn cakes, unicorn ice creams and unicorn desserts just a treat! For the eye, but also for your tummy! We’ll show you all of our favorite recipes to make these incredible treats for a unicorn themed party, for example! Unicorn ice cream (source) (source) Unicorn desserts (source) Unicorn freakshakes You’ll find even more […]