• Green eyeshadow looks for all eye colors


    Ever since I bought the Mikayla palette (the first version, I would actually like to get the newest one too), I really enjoy creating colorful eye looks. So I already made pink eye looks, orange eye looks and today I’m going to show you some of my favorite green eyeshadow looks! Green eyeshadow looks Matte […]

  • Eyeshadow for beginners: easy eyeshadow looks & tips


    How to apply eyeshadow? Eyeshadow for beginners Perfect eyeshadow: 5 tips for applying eyeshadow Want to learn how to create a perfect eyeshadow look? Eyeshadow will have no more secrets for you after reading this article: how to prepare your eyelids, which brushes to use, textures that require different application methods, how to blend colors, […]

  • Tightlining: how to tightline & step by step tutorial


    An essential technique for applying eyeliner: tightlining. But, what is it, and how to tightline your eyes? I explain it all to you in this article and give you my most useful tips! Because tightlining takes some practice before you learn how to do it easily!   how-tightliningPhoto by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash What is […]

  • Burnt orange nail polish and nail art (examples and designs)


    Orange nail polish is the nail polish of choice when we start thinking about autumn, and especially the burnt orange nail polish and dark orange nail polishes. Reminds you right away of a nice pumpkin spice latte, right? I am already creating my fall capsule wardrobe and rust-orange nail polish should definitely not be missing […]