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  • graduation-nail-art-graduation-nails

    Graduation Nails and Inspiration for Graduation Day

    Graduation season is upon us, and that means it’s time to get ready for a celebration! Whether you are throwing the graduation party or attending one, here are some inspirational nails to wear. There are many different designs that can be created with this versatile theme – from patriotic stripes to elegant grad caps. Whether […]

  • herringbone-braid

    How do you make a herringbone braid? + quick tutorials

    Do you know how to make a herringbone braid? Would you like to learn how to make a herringbone braid? We are happy to give you all the tips you need to braid a herringbone braid: for yourself or with someone else. It is still one of the most beautiful braids you can make. It […]

  • blonde-hair-colors

    Blonde hair colors for 2021 (which blonde hair colour suits you?)

    With summer fast approaching, check out the list in this article for the most striking blonde hair colors perfect for blondes. Being a blonde, it’s vital for me as well to know which color to settle for. It’s quite interesting to note that there are a lot of honey blonde hair shades and dark blonde […]

  • unicorn-party

    Organize the perfect unicorn party!

    So you have a child who loves the idea of having their very own unicorn party, but are not sure if it’s been done before? Well fear not! It has and we can give you some tips to make your little one’s dream come true. The first thing is that in order for this plan […]

  • freakshakes

    Must try freakshake recipes

    Are you as crazy about freakshakes as we are? OMG, we neeeed these! You couldn’t get around the Freakshakes this summer! These super deluxe pimped up Milkshakes are for lovers and actually very easy to make! What are your favorite toppings for Freakshakes? MAKE YOUR OWN FREAKSHAKES Everyone has probably drunk a milkshake and in […]

  • unicorn-recipes

    Unicorn cakes, ice cream and desserts

    Aren’t these unicorn cakes, unicorn ice creams and unicorn desserts just a treat! For the eye, but also for your tummy! We’ll show you all of our favorite recipes to make these incredible treats for a unicorn themed party, for example! Unicorn ice cream (source) (source) Unicorn desserts (source) Unicorn freakshakes You’ll find even more […]

  • which-hair-color-suits-me

    Which hair colour suits you? Test + the best tips!

    Which hair color suits you best? Find out the hair color that suits you best + our best tips What hair color is best for me? How do you know the best hair color to settle for when you want to dye your hair? This article mentions some helpful tips that will help you pick […]