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  • unicorn-party

    Organize the perfect unicorn party!

    Theme parties, great. But they don’t always have to be the same. Could it be a little more magical? With lots of fantasy? Then go for a unicorn party! Because although they may not really exist, unicorns can make a children’s party unforgettable. And it can be quite simple: with a few tips and tricks […]

  • freakshakes

    Must try freakshake recipes

    Are you as crazy about freakshakes as we are? OMG, we neeeed these! You couldn’t get around the Freakshakes this summer! These super deluxe pimped up Milkshakes are for lovers and actually very easy to make! What are your favorite toppings for Freakshakes? MAKE YOUR OWN FREAKSHAKES Everyone has probably drunk a milkshake and in […]

  • unicorn-recipes

    Unicorn cakes, ice cream and desserts

    Aren’t these unicorn cakes, unicorn ice creams and unicorn desserts just a treat! For the eye, but also for your tummy! We’ll show you all of our favorite recipes to make these incredible treats for a unicorn themed party, for example! Unicorn ice cream (source) (source) Unicorn desserts (source) Unicorn freakshakes You’ll find even more […]

  • haircolour-suits-you

    Which hair colour suits you? Test + the best tips!

    What hair color suits me? How do you know which colour suits you when you want to dye your hair? We help you find out if you need to choose a cool hair colour or a warm hair colour (your undertone) and why certain hair colours don’t suit you at all. And, of course: the […]

  • perfect-fit-shoes

    Perfectly fitted shoes (10 tips!)

    You can determine the right fit of shoes with this overview! You see a shoe. Not just any shoe, but the shoe. It has the right colour, is made of beautiful material and fits perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe. In short: it is the perfect shoe for you. Just try on that new […]

  • shoes-narrow-feet

    How to shop shoes for narrow feet (women)

    Shoe shopping tips for narrow feet How to shop shoes for narrow feet? Maybe this story sounds familiar to you: you see a fantastic pair of shoes that you just have to have. Your new must-haves are ordered in no time and you can’t wait to try them on. In your head you’re already checking […]

  • keep-white-shoes-white

    How to keep white shoes looking white?

    How do you get white shoes looking white again? Do you also have a pair of white shoes in your collection? So, how white are they still? White sneakers and shoes are very trendy at the moment, but unfortunately they quickly turn grey, yellow or downright dirty. Sad, of course, but luckily not the end […]

  • drink-enough-water

    Are you dehydrated? 6 signs that you don’t drink enough water

    Do you actually drink enough water? I clearly don’t… the last few weeks I had constant headaches, my lips were always dry and cracked and my skin looked awful. I first noticed the bad winter weather, but especially when I noticed how badly my body reacted after a cup of coffee (it suddenly gave me […]