Eyeshadow for beginners: easy eyeshadow looks & tips

How to apply eyeshadow? Eyeshadow for beginners

Perfect eyeshadow: 5 tips for applying eyeshadow

Want to learn how to create a perfect eyeshadow look? Eyeshadow will have no more secrets for you after reading this article: how to prepare your eyelids, which brushes to use, textures that require different application methods, how to blend colors, and how to accentuate your eyes,… you’ll learn everything in this article!


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What do you need to apply eyeshadow?

Everything starts with a good base! So, use a good eyeshadow base. I really love Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, but there are also other and cheaper alternatives out there.

Just go ahead and experiment!

What brushes to apply eyeshadow?

If you use your fingers to apply shadow, don’t worry, it’s definitely not wrong!

However, applying eyeshadow with a brush makes the result much more perfect, is often more practical and more convenient to blend.

If you use your fingers, wash your hands very thoroughly every time!


There are different types of eyeshadow brushes, but how do you know which ones are the best ones to use? I wrote a separate article about it, but am happy to give you a brief summary:

  • a brush to apply your eyeshadow very densely (ideal if you want lots of color and pigment) (brush 1)
  • a brush for blending or applying your eyeshadow more loosely (brush 2)
  • a pencil brush to apply eyeshadow to your lash line and as an eyeliner (brush 3)
  • a small brush to apply highlights and to use for detailed work (brush 4)

How to apply powder eyeshadow?


Step 1: applying an eyeshadow primer

First of all, start by applying a good eyeshadow primer.

There are several on the market and many of them are good. I recommend you start with the eyeshadow primer from Urban Decay or Revolution Pro, they are very amazing.

Apply some eyeshadow primer with your fingers (clean fingers, of course!) and spread it all over your moving eyelid, and blend it out to your brow bone as well if you want to apply eyeshadow there too.

Let the eyeshadow primer dry for a while.

Step 2: Apply base color

Alright, the basics are now in place. Time for the next step: apply a base eyeshadow color.

Apply this with a fluffy brush or an eyeshadow brush (brush 2 or brush 1 in the list above) until you are satisfied with the pigmentation on your eyelid.

Blend out the eyeshadow slightly towards your brow bone with a clean fluffy brush (brush 1).


Step 3: Apply eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye

Once the base color is done, start with the outer corner of the eye.

There, you choose a darker color or a more accentuating eyeshadow color. Blend this eyeshadow in nicely as well so you don’t see too obvious transitions from color to color.

You don’t want to see any harsh lines, except when that’s the look you’re going for.

Step 4: Apply eyeshadow in the crease

Next, you apply eyeshadow in the crease, this is often the same color as in the outer corner of the eye, but can also be another color. It just depends on what you like.

Blend this well as well and make sure not to make too obvious transitions.

Step 5: Applying eyeliner

The eyeshadow itself is all done, now it’s time to finish your eye look.

You can apply eyeliner or opt for tightlining, whatever you think looks best with your eye makeup.


Step 6: applying mascara

As the very last step, apply mascara. Choose the right mascara for your lashes and for your eye look and voila, you’re all set!

Step 7: Highlighter

If you want, you can also apply highlighter as an additional step on your brow bone or in the inner corner of your eye to make your eyes stand out even more.

How to apply cream eyeshadow?

Many women prefer cream eyeshadow because it is super practical, as you don’t necessarily need a brush to apply it.

Besides, cream eyeshadow also often looks very nice and looks like you put a lot of effort into your eye makeup when it’s just a very quick look! Hah!

However, the creamy texture also often has a good hold and can serve as an ideal base for powder eyeshadow, which is how I use it myself quite often.

When the cream eyeshadow is applied before the eyeshadow powder, it enhances the color of the product that comes over it and makes the eyeshadow color a bit more prominent.

Applying cream eyeshadow with your fingers

The easiest way to apply cream eyeshadow is with your fingertips because it’s easier to apply it to your eyelids that way.

This way you can also build it up well in several thin layers, which works much better for the eyeshadow to stay on better. So: several thin layers instead of one thick layer.

Apply cream eyeshadow with a brush

You could also use a fluffy brush (brush 2) to apply the cream eyeshadow.

Make sure to build up your color: opt for light layers instead of 1 heavy layer of cream shadow.

How to apply eyeshadow colors?


Photo by Taylor Heery on Unsplash

If you choose a combination of colors to create an ombre effect on your eyes, always use the lightest color on the inside of the lids, such as pink, beige, brown, light yellow white or gold eyeshadow, depending on your own skin tone.

They will brighten the inner corner of your eye, accentuate the area and give the impression of wider eyes.

The darkest eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye, such as brown, dark green, dark purple and black, gives depth and more volume to the lashes.

How much and what colors of eyeshadow should you use?

A good eyeshadow look can include three, four, five different colors – or even more.

Learn the right order and the best way to use and apply them to create a great makeup look.

Base color

The first shade to use should be one that is closest to your skin tone, as it will serve as a base for makeup.

In general, it belongs to the family of beige, brown, champagne or light pink and light yellow. Apply it over the entire eyelid.

Intermediate color

Not too light, not too dark. In most eye looks, this is usually a matte, darker shade.

Blend from the inner corner of the eye to the center of the eyelid. Blend everything out nicely.

Darker shade

Reserve the darker shade, such as brown, black or blue for the outer corner of the eye.

If you want to give the look even more depth or create a smokey eye look, choose a matte shade.


Complete your look with some highlighter, the lightest color of your chosen palette. Generally speaking, a pearl shade or silver or gold is often picked.

But you can also go for a matte finish – a great option if you want a more toned down effect – or include light shimmer particles.

Using a fluffy brush, apply a little to the brow arch and inner corner of the eyes.


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