Glazed donut nail art: thé must-try nail art trend

It’s a big trend on Tiktok, Instagram and Pinterest: glazed donut nails. Honestly, I also think it’s a top trend and am happy that this is one of the big nail polish trends 2023!

This nail trend was spotted on Hailey Bieber, but I am sure this trend will become much bigger and we will see it on even more celebs.


What is the glazed donut nails trend?

What does it really mean, the glazed donut nails? They are very shiny nails, often painted with a light duochromatic nail polish.

You first use a non-opaque nail polish and apply several coats of it. You finish your glazed donut nails with a duochrome topcoat, which creates the special effect.

donut nails

You work with a pearl effect or a chrome effect. It’s not the same as the mirror nails we already saw, but a little more towards the pearl side.

Lacquering glazed donut nails yourself

What do you need (regular nail polish)


  • a good basecoat (I use Gloss ‘n roll from essence)
  • a sheer nail polish (one that doesn’t have too much pigment) (I use Libby by Zoya)
  • a topcoat that makes your nails dry faster (I use Sèche Vite)
  • a duochrome topcoat (Sea Witch by Douglas)

First you apply the basecoat, I prefer to use 2 coats to make sure my nails don’t discolor.


Once the basecoat is dry, start with the sheer nail polish. I had to apply 5 coats of Zoya’s Libby.


Because it was so many layers, I also applied a layer of Sèche Vite in between.

Then I applied a coat of a duochrome nail polish (clear), “Sea Witch” by Douglas.

Finish with a coat of Sèche Vite to let it dry properly, especially if you had to work with many coats like me.

What you need (gel nail polish)


  • peel-off basecoat
  • sheer gel nail polish
  • lamp to harden
  • duochrome pigment or chrome pigment
  • an applicator to apply the pigment
  • topcoat
  • alcohol to wipe away the sticky layer of your topcoat
  • non-stick topcoat

Glazed donut nails inspiration and examples

This look is the look I have been trying to recreate: a lavender color (lilac nail polish) with a bluish duochrome shine.

These donut nails were made with a holographic nail polish. I am definitely going to try this sometime too, I love holographic nail polish and holographic nail art so much!



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