Nail polish trends for 2023: you need these in your life

Nail polish trends for 2023:

Nail polish trends for 2023: the cutest nail polish colors! Last year we saw the most exciting nail polish trends, ranging from fluorescent colors to the most copied trend of multi-colored nails.

However, the nail polish trends for 2023 show that multicolored or brightly colored nails will be replaced by mostly natural designs and colors!


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Trendy nail colors 2023

Nail polish trends 2023

The natural manicure is back and within this trend in 2023 different styles will exist: nude shades, light pastel pink, and even the lightest manicure with a simple transparent polish or with a color that is very close to your skin tone.

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In addition, we see a lot of nail art and brighter colors of nail polish being mixed in. Also, we’re getting a bit more lazy this year. Sure, we want amazing nails, but are less and less willing to put in the time and effort. Enter the nail salon, or if you’re on a budget: nail stamping (oh yes, this nail art trend is totally coming back), nail stickers and nail decals or nail wraps!

Nail art trends

Without a doubt, one of the more famous colors is the almost nude pastel pink shade that was very present in the manicures of some influencers.

This will be the biggest of all nail polish trends this year, especially because it is perfect to emphasize your tan even more thanks to the sun and heat.

Nail decals


Nail art decals are going to be even bigger this year! They are so easy to use and make your nails look like they were done by professionals. Ideal!

Stamping nail art

Who would have thought, but stamping nail polish is back, baby! The designs are thank God a little bit more intricate and less childish, but I’m very happy this trend is having it’s comeback moment.


Nail wraps

Another big nail polish trend and nail art trend: nail wraps! Basically, nail polish on a sticker sheet. You stick it on after applying a basecoat and file away all of the extras. After that, you apply a top coat and you’re done!

I have used nail wraps myself and I love them! They seem to stay so much better put than your average nail polish.


Pastel pink nail polish

Pastel pink nail polish is back and here to stay! We won’t only be wearing this nail polish trend in summer and spring, also in winter and fall!


Nail polish 2023 trends on Instagram

In the world of nail art, the new trends for the new year are already noticeable. The proof is your Instagram feed: influencers have replaced the bright colors they wore in the summer with manicures in natural shades.

Within this trend, there are several options. Besides the previously mentioned nude shades and pastel pink, you also have peach, earth tones, and even a little transparent nail polish.

  • peach
  • earth tones
  • transparent nail polish

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Classic: red nail polish

In the age of rainbows and unicorns, is there room for a more natural manicure? Nail art, gel nails, stickers, and fantasy have become the super established trend and they don’t seem willing to just give up on this season’s nail art.

The truth is that there are classics that always become trends. These classics can endure any fashions or trends, even when everyone seems to have forgotten about them.

And in that tireless ramp are natural nail trends that, surprisingly, have managed to carve out a niche for the coming season.

The Anti-manicure

The trend of ‘nude’ nails is gaining momentum again and fashion experts have already christened this concept with the name: the anti-manicure, which is not only discreet but also provides extra comfort as you don’t have to retouch and paint your nails.

For the office, a work event, a wedding, or a dinner with friends, the latest nail polish trends are ideal for all kinds of outfits and can be combined with all kinds of fashion trends.

All you need to wear it the right way is that your nails are well filed, even, and clean, accompanied by a natural shine or even in the purest ‘nude’ style: with as little nail polish as possible.

Nail polish colors for spring/summer 2023

Discover the most important trends in nail shapes and designs, as well as the trendy nail polish colors for spring/summer 2023. Naturally short or very long nail lengths stand out this year.

Yellow nail polish

We also saw classic round and square spikes on the catwalks. Speaking of which, the most popular trendy nail colors for the season were yellow, metallic, and red, as well as lots of glitters.

On the relaxed and subtle side of the nail polish 2022 trends, skin-colored nail polish and French manicures were a huge hit, among others!

  • fashion colors: yellow
  • metallic nail polish
  • Red nail polish
  • Blue nail polish
  • Glitter nail polish
  • Nude nail polish
  • French manicure


Nail shapes and length

Short natural nails: you will probably have noticed that you don’t have to have fabulously long nails to have fun with nail polish. Some nails were so short that they didn’t even have a white edge that was visible.

Long oval nails: the oval shapes add instant drama to your hand, but are a little more elegant than a scary sharp nail.

Naturally round nails: not surprisingly, most models this season kept their nails round and at normal length, with a little bit of white of your nail visible. Easy to maintain and looks very natural.



5. Fashionable nail designs: inspiration and nail art

Nude look: if you are the minimalist type, then this might be your favorite of all nail trends for 2022, keeping your nails just bare and natural, with just a light coat of clear polish for strength and shine (our favorite).

Pastel colors: the pastel nail trend is still going strong in 2022!


Nail jewels: spice up your nail art with cute and dainty nail jewels.


Simple nail art: a little drawing on your nails. There is something beautiful about adding something to an otherwise completely unpainted nail. For example, a line, a dot, or a flower on the nail, without completely painting or covering it with a clear lacquer.


Classic French manicure: a classic French manicure will never go out of style. It is like “makeup without makeup”, making the nails look a little softer and the tips a little whiter. Ideal to work with a nail pencil and buy a fine French manicure kit.


Colorful French manicure: colorful nail polish on your French tips is so much fun this season, the choice is between soft pastel colors to neon shades.

ombre-french-tips nail-art-colorful-french-tips

Pointillism: nail artists dot individual dots for a minimalist and elegant effect.

Bold combinations: you are not limited to wearing only one color of nail polish on your hand. Combine some nails with a solid, neutral color and others with slightly more daring designs.


Trendy nail colors summer 2023

As we said, peach, nude, and pink are the biggest trends this year. A natural peach color looks soft and delicate; it is almost nude, but with a touch of extra warmth that is so perfect if you have a warmer undertone in your skin.

Blue nail polish


Blue nail polish is totally making a comeback!

Do you have a cooler undertone in your skin? Then you better choose a cool pink shade.

Shades of yellow are also used a lot. They can be a very nice option to add a striking accent to your outfit.

Gray nail polish


Gray is a very elegant option. There are different shades of gray available: cold or warm.
White nail polish also occupies an important place within the current trends.
Red is another classic that can be used in different shades.

Purple remains a great choice as a nail polish trend color in 2023 as well: we see this color come back very often in different shades.

Shades of silver and gold are a glamorous option, ideal to wear at events or parties, as they are discreet and elegant, although at the same time they attract attention due to their metallic color.

Black and dark shades also find a place in this season. Nails that are colored black or dark gray are common. Black nails are ideal for decorating with special glitter because the contrast looks very glamorous.

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