Fashion trends 2019/2020 (fall 2019/ winter 2020)

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2019)

Are you also curious about the fashion trends for autumn 2019 and winter 2020? For me, autumn is my favourite season in terms of clothing: I love wearing dresses with cute tights and boots, wrap myself in a lovely big scarf and finally wear my leather jacket again. Are you secretly looking forward to the autumn and winter seasons at the end of the summer? Me too! Discover the autumn fashion trends for 2019 and enjoy (perfect with a chai latte or a pumpkin spice latte… it’s the season)! A short summary: in terms of fashion trends, it’s autumn for everyone who loves warm colours, ‘rich’ accessories and all things cowboy. And much more + the evergreen trends that come back every year more or less the same in this period of the autumn: read along below!

Oh by the way: I got terribly annoyed by the fact that in many fashion magazines or reports I barely saw plus size models or women with a skin colour other than snow-white. What the… it’s 2019? So: then I’ll write my own article that’s inclusive!

So, are you completely cosy? Perfect! Let’s take a look at the fashion trends for autumn 2019 and winter 2020:

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Neo-bourgeois: tweed, diamonds, small scarves

A fashion trend that we are really going to see a lot: lots of tweed, diamonds, scarves, pied-de-poule,… and that fits in perfectly with the neo-bourgeois trend. Think: blazers with diamonds, a silk or satin scarf, tweed pants,… Or: a pantsuit completely in tweed! You can make this trend as wearable as you like. Rather not completely in neo-bourgeois style? You can also add nice accents: a checkered scarf, or maybe even a scrunchie in these prints. Wear your jacket over your shoulders, choose a crisp white blouse, and knee-high boots are also a perfect match for this fashion trend. Go all the way in a suit,…

High boots / long boots

In recent years it has become impossible to imagine the near-lies boots without them: suddenly we saw Stuart Weissman’s long boots again. You can combine them with skinny jeans, a dress, shorts or as I mentioned above, with the neo-bourgeois trend. Do you want an edgy look? Combine them with a pair of tights with a busy print.
Cowgirl/ Cowboy (fringes, suede,…)
Another nice trend: the cowgirl and cowboy fashion trend is all the way back! Could Lil Nas X have something to do with that? How do you recognize this trend? Lots of fringes, suede fabrics, cowboy boots, cowboy hats,… You can go as far as you want!

(Dark) flower prints

We often see floral prints coming back, but this year it’s a dark floral print that we’re really going to see a lot. Think: winter flowers! So don’t use too cheerful colours this autumn and winter, but opt for darker shades, brightened up with flowers. Also very nice to combine with the cowboy trend or the long boots!

Shiny and glitter

I couldn’t be happier with this trend! My boyfriend starts laughing when I drag home another pair of glitter jerseys (King Louie didn’t have to make such cute glitter jerseys, hah!), so this trend is written on my body! Also because during autumn and winter everyone so often chooses standard, more uniform colors, this is a very nice way to give your wardrobe a little more pizzazz.

Leopard or other animal print

Speaking of giving spice to your wardrobe, one of my favorite fashion trends is all the way in this autumn in 2019 and winter 2020: leopard prints! Yesss! So I can be very happy about this! You can combine the leopard print trend with many other trends in this article such as the glitter trend, cowboy trend, eye-catching belts,… and much more. Also very hip this season: combine print with print! For the daredevils among us.

Velours, Corduroy, leather,…

Velours: you love this fabric or you loathe it. In my head this remains a bit of a fabric in which my pijamas used to be… but then again, that’s a trend hey, the pijama-trend. The longer, the more, the more I think this is a cool trend: it creates so much more colour depth in your outfit. Would I wear velour pants? Probably not… but as a top or sweater it seems great to me!

Punk influences (chains,…)

The 80s have been back in the streets for some years now, but although this trend is gradually being replaced by the 90s trend, the punk influences are still a little bit. And especially: black, skinny pants, necklaces,…

Backpacks & Back to the nineties

I remember the little backpacks from my childhood: then I got one and my little – ahum – bag addiction started. Very nice: those little backpacks are now all the way back, but in a slightly more modern jacket. Yet at the same time there is a revival of the nineties style: think of small backpacks, doc Martins, tattoo-chokers, spaghetti straps, scrunchies,….

Coloured tights and with a print

Also a very nice fashion trend this autumn: combine your dresses and skirts with brightly colored tights or tights with a nice print. We spot this trend at several fashion shows.

Striking belts

I’m beginning to think that Gucci is responsible for this trend: a striking belt. And then mainly the front of the belt, the belt buckle, may stand out very much this season. This trend can also be combined with the other trends you can read here: a floral print dress, with the cowboy trend,…

Pearls and mother of pearl

We also see a lot of pearls and mother-of-pearl: just think of the nice hairpins with pearls that we suddenly see in the last few months. We’ll also see a lot of mother-of-pearl shine, which we often saw on the catwalks. So you can certainly wear a pearl necklace, pins with pearls, makeup with a mother-of-pearl shine, … there is so much choice!


Of course there are also some evergreen trends that come back every year or so, maybe a little bit different from last year. Think of trenchcoats, leather jackets, large scarves or capes for women. These are trends that are timeless and you can often wear them for years, unlike probably some other fashion trends in this article.


Oh, I love a good trench coat so much! For this year (and the coming years) I’m still looking for a good trench coat, so I’ll be looking for it soon. I already have one in mind, so let me write about it as soon as I have my autumn and winter wardrobe completely in order! By the way, this year I’m trying to buy some more second hand items as well, I’m very curious how that will turn out. Read here: how do I style a trench coat?

Capes and coats

Capes and coats also appear every year in autumn as typical autumn coats. Just like the trenchcoats, but often slightly different from previous years. I always like the look of capes, but because I’m so small, I sometimes find it a bit difficult to find a good one.

Leather jackets

Another trend that we see appearing every autumn: leather jackets! I’ve written about nice leather jackets, (How to combine leather jackets) and I love to combine my leather jacket with my big scarves every autumn. Nice and cosy and I keep on grabbing it every year, that combination!

Large scarf

Oh, I still love big scarves! I still have a few that are several years old, but there are still a few that can be added… I live in big scarves! Also discover my styling tips for large scarves.


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What are the fashion colours for this autumn and winter season in 2019 and 2020?

Like every year in autumn and winter we suddenly see the jeweltones appear again. Think of luxurious colours such as warm purple, ruby red, amethyst green, ochre yellow, warm turquoise,…

Beige and brown shades

Terracotta and beige brownish tones are all the way back now! Think of warm brown colors that are against orange. The camel colour had been on the rise for years, but now also include chocolate colours, warm orange, cool brown, sandy beige,…

Fashion colours 2019/ 2020 inspiration:

What do you think of these trends for winter and autumn? Which of these trends are your favourites? I think I really like the Neo Bourgeois trend… I have a soft spot for diamonds and tweed anyway, so I think it’s totally a trend for me!



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