Fashion trends 2022 (fall – winter trends)

Fashion trends for 2022

2021 has been a bit rocky for the fashion world; despite that, this season has created amazing bold and lavish designs.

Fashion trends in 2022 spot bold blue bags, large blazers, and several sleek face mask designs; over the past few weeks during fashion weeks, you won’t miss noticing such looks.

From Paris to Milan, you can get some serious style inspirations to adopt and you will love all of them. Notably, the past influential decades in the fashion domain have had a part in most looks this season. The article lists several fashion trends not to miss in 2022.

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    1. Face masks

Protecting yourself remains vital and the good news is you can do it beautifully. Get colorful and sleek face masks preferably black so that it matches with almost all the outfits that you will wear; the black face masks are designed to give sufficient coverage for your nose and mouth.

Get a mask with silky fabric to eliminate any breathing difficulties and settle for one with embellishments if you are after a fancy look. The beauty of face masks is they are available in numerous styling opportunities to choose from; the face-covering blends in with a trench coat of any color or a color-blocking suit for an exceptionally stylish look.

Available in a variety of shapes from the traditional one to the accordion-style, there are several choices to keep you and others safe.

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  1. Oversized boyfriend jackets

These shoulder pad jackets are great at bringing out a long line silhouette; the 80s inspired shoulder pad jackets work well with various shapes hence suitable for all.

Why the shoulder pads? The outerwear not only elongates your legs but also cinches in your waist. Get one of these blazers and pair it with leather shorts or straight-leg trousers for the ultimate ultra-modern look.

Colors that are fantastic for this look are neutrals, charcoals, and blue; besides, it’s easy to dress up or down as a chic aesthetic.

  • Head scarfs

The 50s and 60s inspire the headscarf look and it is coming back in a major way. Headscarves keep your hair well-protected and accessorize your outfits without overdoing it.

There are a variety of materials and designs to choose from the silky ones to intricate patterns or floral motifs; the key is to keep it simple and rock block letters and bold colors.

Experiment with various styles of putting on a headscarf; you can wrap it around your neck or allow it to dangle from your bag, alternatively, simply wrap the scarf in a loose knot under your chin or let it hang off the back of your head. The classic go-to item is a trend you don’t want to miss.

  • Folk coats

Another 2021 fashion trend is the folk-inspired coat. The beautiful and intricate pieces are a must-have to keep your outfit hot when temperatures start to drop; the trend looks great on all body types and is easy to style as well.

A folk-inspired coat is great with either a brown or a monochrome black ensemble; alternatively, you can settle for a series of brighter colors for an interesting look. Try out lace or layers of delicate embroidery with folk-inspired coats for a hot look.

  • Sorbet pastel tones

Another fashion trend for 2021 is pastel tones; the trend has been dominating this year as well. A wide variety of skin tones blend in with all sorbet-inspired shades and colors especially during summer; pick a boiler suit or an oversized trench coat in any of the colors like mint green or soft lavender; better yet, try the two colors simultaneously.

Buttery hues also bring out your overall aesthetic and they will still be among the chicest styles for all seasons in the future.

  • Pop blue

Colors are making it big in fashion trends for 2021. Another color is pop blue which makes you stand out; update your outfits with a dash of pop blue to any of your go-to monochrome outfits.

What is amazing about this trend is the countless options to choose from all through the season; it could be a marine color or a duck egg blue. Pop blue accessories match perfectly with grey or black outfits therefore, consider the two colors when styling your items.

Notably, a bright hue is easily noticed when paired with deeper shades. Experiment with your accessories and find out many ways to rock your pieces.

  • Yellow bags

Looking at the runways and the streets this season, yellow bags have taken over. This fashion trend is timeless and also very easy to replicate; pick a classic small clutch to complement any outfit or settle for a mustard tote for daily needs.

Yellow bags come in plenty of shades to choose from that will suit your taste; they look amazing when paired with a monochromatic ensemble or vibrant hues.

For a night out, you can choose either a classic canary baguette or an amber handbag.

  • White knee-high boots

The 60s look is back with white knee-high boots. Its inspiration dates back to the youth revolution prominent in the mid-century; the boots are a chic way of elevating your outfit.

Get one with a roll neck, a patterned mini skirt or mini dress, or a colorful pair of leggings. For the season, get a pair with a slouchy style for an effortless look or tight boots for a sexy and sleek touch.

  • Yellow and camel color

Another trend from the 70s that is back with a bang is the yellow and camel color styling. The style is best for a neutral look and you can mix and match the shades to highlight depth and dimension to ensembles; an advantage of this trend is the ability to blend with whichever clothes you pick to wear.

For cooler months, opt for either a mustard turtleneck plus a brown coat, or if you prefer a suit; flare pants with a camel shade and a sleek T-shirt go well together. Try out this hot look for a subtle and flattering combination.

  • Fringy bags

Your handbag should make a statement too. Fringing on the bags is one of the coolest looks for 2021 fashion trends; the tassels can take up any length as you please you can let them hit the floor or keep them short and let them dangle close to the bag.

This over-the-top design will surely turn heads and make you feel chic; you can pick a shearling or a leather fringe for any season and make it rock in almost every event.

An array of colors are available; black, brown, and other darker hues are most suitable for a classic feel while green, red and other bold shades are perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd. Shake up any of your go-to styles with this sleek pick.

  • Khakis

Cool khakis are back for 2021; mix up lighter shades of your khaki with denim for a perfect go-to look. Khakis are normally rocked by suburban dads and high school boys but currently, they are making inroads in modern high-fashion. You can rock the chinos or the tan cotton fabric in any size whether it is slouchy or oversized. Pair them with tailored jackets, feminine portrait tops, sequined, and sweater vests.

  • Wide jeans

Sweatpants have been the thing for almost forever; while we can’t deny they are appealing, a girl can never miss her denim. Big jeans are the best of both worlds; an oversized pair that is cool and louche gives a comfortable look. Big jeans are available in various colors ranging from darker blue shades to lighter shades; pair them with blazers or an oversized jacket to get a new uniform on the spot.

  • Florals

Flowers often stand for new beginnings; most designers have incorporated fantasy florals in their designs some of them mixing florals from the top-to-bottom.

  • Show some skin

Designers like Prada have featured creative ways to show off some skin in some of their designs; they use holes on bodysuits, turtlenecks, and jumpsuits to reveal flesh in ways you would never expect.

  • Feathers

Feathered pants, skirts, blouses, dresses, and jumpsuits have done the trick for the 2021 fashion trend. The trend has fully taken off with designers like Fendi creating feathered attire ranging from puffers and chunky knit sweaters.

  • White

Colour white is a 2021 fashion trend for sure; replace your little black dress for an ivory or cream ensemble. Throw in bolder or neutral shades for a perfect look.

  • Velvet

Velvet is an untouchable classic with a never-ending source of inspiration. This fashion trend is conquering catwalks and will continue to do so in 2021 with exceptional glamour; for example, check out style variations of the little black dress which is another fantastic classic.

  • Ruffles

Ruffles make any silhouette stand out. Frills are making an inevitable comeback be it on modern dress shirts or any aristocratic or refined forms. Check out unique designs from Prada, channel, and Celine.

  • Bras

Apart from its typical function as an undergarment which promotes function, the best of bras can make a midriff-baring fashion look. This fashion statement is what the 2021 trend is all about. Opt for a bra that matches your pants, skirt, or jacket, or pick a cheeky twist with a more business to casual looks like designs from Rosetta Getty and Tom Ford.

  • Sheer

After winter, you can shed off dense layers and pick up some light peek-a-boo garments for spring-like plain sheers or mixed shears that come with underpinnings. The sheer delight fashion trend and designers like Dior, Sportmax, and other designers also feature some transparent overlays paired with full coverage slip dresses.

  • Loose pants

Wide leg pants aren’t left behind in fashion trends for 2021. Balance out your loose pants with bralettes, lingerie camisoles, shrunken vests, or knit vests; Balenciaga, Channel, and Louis Vuitton have a classic collection of these loose wide-leg pants.

  • Strappy heels

Strappy heels have made a comeback in 2021; this fashion trend can make your heart skip a beat with its flattering details that include toe loops plus straps that twist across the foot. The floss heels are a standout style you can’t afford to miss because you can pair them with either socks or tights. Givenchy features Matthew Williams’s debut collection of the sleek three-toe loop sandals that are worth checking out.

  • Bubble gum pink

The unforgettable hue of bubble gum has a very special bright pink color that is one of the biggest color trends currently in fashion. The trend continues up to 2021 with the hues varying from lighter to darker shades for the spring and summer collections. Get a jersey shirt, strapped sandals, or a sleeved dress in this color for a chic look.

  • Microscopic minis

Microscopic minis are miniskirts that are barely there; they are everywhere right now in the spring and summer 2021 collections. The micro miniskirts take us back to the 90s when they were widely seen with the most famous supermodels of the decade during the Versace campaign of 1995. Back in our time, we have designers like LaQuan Smith and MiuMiu bringing them back in brilliantly bold colors and irresistible prints that we can’t stop talking about.

  • Built-in G-strings

A brand new and rather risqué 2021 fashion trend that quickly raises heart rates and your style in a matter of seconds is the built-in G-strings. They look like the actual thongs hidden beneath garments but they aren’t; it is the design that gives that illusion. Several designers have made dresses, pants, and skirts appear as if the wearer’s underwear has been pulled up from underneath the clothes to take center stage; amongst the designs in this trend, Givenchy is one of the favorites with a shockingly low-back dress with built-in G-strings. Other designers like Dion Lee and Sandy Liang have more approachable designs meant for those who aren’t as daring to bare it all.

  • House slippers

Interestingly, house shoes like the house slippers which were previously reserved for use only in the house are worn just about everywhere. According to several designers, this is a go-to trend not to miss in 2021. Plan on having at least a pair of these comfortable shoes as a permanent addition to your wardrobe.

They range in a variety from braided leather slides, fuzzy or furry slippers to chunky platforms. The good news is that you can always wear them with your favorite pair of sweatpants as well as flowy dresses or any slouchy tailoring; check out designs from Balenciaga and Molly Goddard.

  • Long necklaces

Every season, you can’t miss hot topics on the latest statement earring or the latest design of the chocker. For now, long necklaces are the latest and fresh jewelry trend for 2021 which almost every fashion insider will want for spring.

There are plenty of designs and how to wear them; for example, Jil sander features huge, sculptural pendants while at Bevza you will get suspended figurines. Chanel designs layers of pearls and chains. With several designs of this trend, one thing stands out – it is all about adopting the draped-jewelry look.

  • Sports theme

Another style making a comeback in fashion trends for 2021 is sporty pieces. There was a time when track pants were the most worn and talked-about trends; they are back with other sporty attire that dominated the runways.

Among the key players that stand out in the overall sports theme are the sporty sunnies, tracksuit, bike shorts, and hoodies. This trend will be with us more than we expect since it is a step in a new direction incorporating leggings and pajamas to loungewear.

  • Bareback

The fully exposing bareback fashion trend is a look to watch out for in 2021. Leave alone the humble dip or the subtle cut-outs; bare backs are among the prettiest trends among the bunch.

Check out Givenchy for more crystal-adorned styles and Nanushka for a more revealing pared-back style. Christopher Rogers has a cute collection too with stripped and comfortable ribbed knit material. The bareback is a new stunning detail for breezy spring dresses as well.

  • Casual business

There has been a major shift in the suiting and tailoring of office wear; instead of the typical structure and clean lines noted in office wear, the 2021 fashion trend has featured more casual, and relaxed silhouettes.

Notable fashion designers like Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton among others incorporate slouchy blazers, extremely relaxed trousers, and untucked everything. This is the latest model of suiting and is here to stay.

  • Second-skin

Most runways this year have featured second-skin tops. A second skin is a major layering trick which is available as tattoo prints, tie, and dye, and reinvented logos or prints. Opt for one of these fashionable items instead of the basic tees and turtlenecks; holey turtlenecks for instance are great layering pieces when worn beneath wrap coats and knits.

  • Utility

The popular utility trend has been around for numerous seasons now including the 2021 fashion trend. The obsession with safari jackets has reached its fever pitch during the spring and summer 2020 fashion shows.

However, you can update this look with a high-function vibe as you wish. Gucci, Zegna, and Dior have amazing jackets to choose from like the classic crocodile field jacket, military man jacket, and the all-safari jacket.

  • Bomber jacket

The bomber jacket returns as a fashionable piece in 2021. The 70s style is slowly cropping back since most runways have featured the aviator jacket at shows; they come in a variety of shapes and materials.

Gucci has cropped bomber jackets made from functional nylon while Phillip Plein has sleek high-shine flight jackets.

  • Bermuda shorts

Get big and bold looks with Bermuda shorts which of late, have started an appearance on most runways around the world. The shorts have a soft hue and a summer feel to them; they are available in a variety of shades like lilac, sea foam, and candy floss. Big time designers like Gucci and Dolce & Gabana feature patterned Bermuda shorts.

There are quite a number of ways to pull off this look; for a cool summer look, have a pair of Bermudas that finish just above the knee, and always remember to stand out with your footwear. Opt for dad sandals or a pair of running sneakers plus tube socks.

  • Statement shirts

One of the coolest and colorful trends for 2021 is playing around with creative shirting. Get your classy poplin styles tailored into voluminous trapezoidal shapes, twisted and tucked shirts, and origami-style shirts like those featured at Hermes and Dolce & Gabbana. The easiest way to own the style is by wearing a statement shirt alone or over a t-shirt and a vest.

  • 1970s redux

The past few years have seen a resurgence of the 70s style. And this season it hasn’t slowed down either especially for in menswear shows.

The redux features a colorful array of jeans from Gucci, bright-coloured flared corduroys, flocked safari suits from Casablanca, and designs from Tod with caramel cropped leather bomber jackets. Match all these with classic aviator shades.

  • Go neon

It is never easy to pull off a neon-colored look; surprisingly, you can get it right and make it work for you. This makes it different from other color trends; get some inspiration for 2021 trends from Paris.

Kim Jones has cool neon-flecked jackets plus romper suits that are fluorescent yellow. Get tips on how to wear such colors from Hermes who pair up neon and muted tailoring.

  • 1980s suiting

In case you have put on some extra weight during the lockdown, you don’t have to worry about the 1980s style of massively oversized double-breasted suits.

The design can go well when worn with casual separates or as part of a suit take note that the suit is better when it’s baggier; make sure the jacket fits at the shoulders and the lapels remain peaked. For inspiration, check out designs from Dolce 7 Gabana, Casablanca, Zegna, and Etro.

  • Acid colored pops

Apart from the pastel and neon, colored trends, acid pops featured on several runways in Paris, Milan, and London. Fendi had hemoglobin rich injections, Versace featured Chartreuse, Burberry featured traffic-cone-orange while Tom Ford went with magenta; the hardcore color stands out from the rest and is a look to consider for the 2021 fashion trend.


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