28 Hair colours 2024 for women: the latest trends in hair colouring (fall, winter, spring and summer)

I’m sure everyone will be very happy to say goodbye to 2023 and welcome 2024. So, what will your style be like in 2024? Do you want a very low-maintenance hair colour that you can maintain easily at home? Or would you like to go all out and go for a stunning haircolor?

We’ll show you the best hair trends and hair colours that will be on trend in 2024:


Hair color trends for 2024

#1. Bronde

Bronde has been popular all through 2020 and its popularity will continue in 2022. This style was a trend during the summer and it hasn’t gone away.

The color is popular thanks to its low maintenance routine; you don’t have to go to the salon frequently to get it touched up and if you want to maintain the color from your home, it won’t be necessary to give yourself additional highlights since it is often risky.

Just like any other color, it is vital to be specific and let your stylist know the tones and placement you would prefer.

Remember that at-home care is important therefore, once you get bronde on your hair, it is crucial to use products that will maintain and prolong the vibrancy of the color.

Get a sulfate-free shampoo that won’t strip away the color from your hair and one that is gentle for daily use.

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#2. Single shades

Single colors will be dominant in 2022, just like bronde, because they are low maintenance. As people are coming out of the pandemic with some salons sporadically opening, most people want to make their hair appear as healthy as possible.

Even after maintaining their hair care for themselves at home; single colors are so much more easy to maintain especially when you want to take back hair care into your own hands.

A pointer for the best color recommendations would be checking out your undertone. Choose warm hair colors for warmer undertones and stick to cool hair colors for cool undertones; consult your stylist to help you pick the most appropriate hair color for the ultimate look.

Let your stylist know you want shiny and healthy hair with semi-permanent or temporary hair color since it is easy to maintain and you can touch it up every 6 to 8 weeks yourself.

#3. Dark roots

The dark roots is another color trend that is making its way to 2022 hair color trends. This look is an example of color blocking with the root being dark while the rest of the hair maintains a lighter tone of (mostly) blonde; this look has been spotted with many celebrities like Dua Lipa.

The dark roots are a striking contrast. At the start of the year, before the pandemic, the cool and icy platinum blonde was a very big trend.

Now, it’s time to embrace the really cool, high-contrast color trend now that the pre-pandemic roots have all grown out.

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#4. Copper hair colour

Copper is a trending option in the red hair category and it is a color that most of us can pick this winter. For those with paler skin, the copper hue is a great recommendation; many girls with fair skin are more blonde or light-haired therefore, coloring the hair copper red is very easy to lift when the season is done compared to a darker red tone which will deeply penetrate the cortex of your hair shaft.

A vital tip is to talk to your hairstylist for the exact tone and shade that will match your skin; with darker hair, a cool suggestion would be getting darker red tones and not coppers.

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#5. Auburn hair colour

Red has been the dominant hair color trend in 2022. Auburn is another shade of red and an it-shade this winter. More than a decade ago, auburn wasn’t fancy or a sought-after color because no one would relish the idea of coloring their dark hair red; it wasn’t a hot color during that period but currently, most are embracing several reddish tones.

For brunettes, auburn is the trend to look out for to add shade on the hair via highlights; auburn color is a big move towards the warmer tones.

#6. Chocolate brown

As much as more red tones will be trending in 2022 for darker brunettes, pops of brown like chocolate brown is another hair color to try.

The colors look amazing on everyone and not only do brown colors make the eyes stand out but also bring out the warmth in people’s skin making the cheeks look rosier; the good news is that maintenance is easy especially with the busy holiday seasons when it is tough to fit in salon visits.

#7. Creamy highlights

Highlights with creamy tones on darker bases will be a trend in 2022. The great news is this trend like with most other colors is low maintenance – this seems to be the common theme for almost each 2022 hair color trend.

There are numerous dimensional highlights, creamy colored to be specific that enhance depth and dimension as they still maintain some lighter shades; this style looks good on almost everyone.

The vital point to remember is that creamy highlights are long-lasting so when choosing this style make sure to take care of it between your sessions; for hair care, it’s recommendable to combine bond-building hair treatment and a hair perfector.

#8. Face framing highlights

Face framing highlights are making a comeback from the 90s era. Celebrities like Bella Hadid and most people from TikTok have already ushered in brilliant front-facing colors; the trend has been popular and it continues to get more popular into 2022.

There are several color stories noticed on hair right now but the biggest trend is that which focuses on where the color is and that is around the face. Color-blocked roots and face-framing highlights are now extremely trendy.

 The popularity of these bold and chunky highlights is a result of virtual meetings and being on camera most of the time in 2020; since it is the front of the head which is visible on camera, it makes sense to style and color hair accordingly while focusing on certain face-framing parts of the hair.

If you are considering getting this look, let your colorist keep the boldest shade at the area surrounding the face while maintaining the rest of the hair color subtle.

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#9. Warm blondes

Warmer blondes are now adopting a subtle shift to darker colors. Coloring blonde hair is not always easy because you don’t want to go further away from the blonde color you have worked so hard to get.

Instead of getting all of your hair to darken, get a simple toner for your hair to make it more vibrant by adding some lowlights to bring out an illusion of a darker shade.

Another trick for blondes that works for their hair is to give it a simple warm and neutral toner instead of an icy one; it will create a big effect which is reversible.

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#10. Scarlet hair

This season, the shades that are having their moment are coppers; take this red trend a notch higher by adding some crimson and scarlet hues. There is a direct inspiration from the fashion world to hair color and the color palettes bring out an uplifting effect that most people want right now.

This unique color is somewhat different from others that require low maintenance. scarlet is for those with more freedom and who want to take this time to be more daring and express themselves since they did not have the opportunity to do so previously or they have been putting off.

To get the right scarlet color for your hair, work together with your stylist for the best shade. Be cautious not to hop on this color simply because it is trending; take inspiration from the trend but it is vital to make it work with your own twists and tweaks. Don’t be afraid to have a color that makes you feel good and be yourself.

#11. Vanilla ice cream

A new hair color trend for 2022 is vanilla ice cream which is somewhat similar to platinum blond. If you stuck with platinum blond color all through the year and you aren’t ready to drop your signature look just yet, choose this shade.

Color the roots of your hair a darker shade or a wheaten tone or a natural light shade; for the ends, pick vanilla-white, platinum, or any other lightening color. Similar shades of color will give the face a brighter and more youthful appearance; the hair will also look more natural. This idea aims at creating a similar effect to the ones natural blondes get when they burn out their hair in the sun.

#12. Milk chocolate with cinnamon

With the New Year in 2022, opt for multifaceted shades or warmer tones for transitions and pay more attention to copper-chocolate overflows. Milk chocolate with cinnamon is fantastic for blondes, redheads, and brunettes.

In case the basis of getting a new color is having a chocolate or a natural dark brown tone, warm highlights of cinnamon shade add texture and give the color texture; the face is also visually rejuvenated. Trying out similar staining colors appear as natural as possible.

#13. Ash color

Ash color is one popular hair color trend among numerous celebrities; with ordinary people, you will rarely see anyone painting that tone on their hair. Well, this is the chance to take a look at this color, try it, and stand out from the crowd.

Ash color is great for both young girls and women of advanced age; this tone can hide gray hair which is more common with women in their 50s. Darkening the roots is relevant for an ashy look and a pink toner can make a perfect hairstyle; a major disadvantage, if you choose this color, is the difficulty in applying it; an experienced stylist will give you the desired shade.

#14. Shadow roots or lived in roots

The shadow roots coloring technique is not a new trend and we shall still see it in 2022. It is another two-tone hair coloring technique consisting of darker and lighter shades.

Dye the roots of your hair darker than the rest of your hair to bring out a shadow contrast; the color black is mostly chosen to dye the roots since it is great at giving out the ideal shadow to the rest of the hair and also you can have whichever combination that will suit you. Try out this hot color and you will look stunning; you will fall in love with your hair.

#15. Caramel balayage and rose gold

Get on a fancy hair color that is more individualistic. For dark hair, settle for rose gold with caramel highlights. When it touches the light, the rose gold hue is just something else, it is distinctive and very stunning.

For your styling needs, simply use a little sea salt spray to add texture or scrunch your hair into beachy waves to get a mermaid hair look; alternatively, you can try out some loose curls with a bit of straightener to achieve a smoother look. This hair color trend for 2022 is here to stay.

#16. Golden highlights for brown hair

You can never go wrong with highlights on brown hair. There are plenty of various options to play around with, for instance, there are the subtle honey highlights, caramel balayage as mentioned before, and sun-kissed color for brow hair; all these shades and many others give your locks a special natural-looking glow.

How to get this look is by starting with the natural base color then get some highlights particularly the golden brunette.

#17. Silver-blonde

Ashy tones are not left behind in hair color trends for 2022. A prime example is that of silver-blonde hair which has an extremely pale blonde that reflects an ashy or a silvery tone; note that this color is different from that of platinum since the latter has a pure white tone.

Silver-blonde has a cool tone to it with a slightly darker appearance and it is the go-to color for a cool girl who wants to go lighter during the summer. Silver-blonde has been widely trending since it is visually striking as well; everyone can pull off a good blonde look plus it is appealing if you can pull off a cool blonde.

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#18. Chestnut

Chestnut hair color is a mixture of natural brown tones with warm and brilliant shades of red. The rich mixture of such bold colors produces a shade that won’t be extremely dark and heavy and it livens up your look.

The unique feature of this chocolate hue is its shine which instantly transforms any type of hair be it straight or textured, into a multidimensional hairdo, making it very easy to style.

Check your undertone to guide you when looking for the most flattering chestnut hue for your hair. A helpful tip to remember is opposites always complement each other; cool red-brown shades blend perfectly with warm undertones and vice versa. For a shiny result that is natural-looking, look for solid chestnut brown hair or try out an ombre or highlights which add more definition to your look.

#19. Coffee

Coffee hair color is a warm brunette shade that provides life and shine to dull brown strands. This color sprang up recently on Instagram when most people started a series that featured a mixture of warm highlights with dimensional dark; caffeine-crazed minds picked up the trend thereafter and it’s a cool loo for 2022.

Another way that best describes coffee-colored hair is deep brunette plus chocolate red-golden shades. A great thing about this color trend is the way it is easily customizable just like a cup of coffee some would prefer it with extra ice or a splash of milk. For brunettes that want to make their tired locks more vibrant, try out the coffee hair color.

#20. Black and green

The black and green hair color is great for young adults that prefer a style statement close to Mother Nature. Color green blends in well with natural black hair to create a striking contrast. Billie Eillish and Jonah Hill are among the celebrities who have stepped out with green colored hair and have nailed it.

#21. Turquoise and blue

Another unique hair color trend for 2022 is turquoise and blue inspired by some anime and video game characters. This is an edgy look that will make you stand out from the crowd; and it is a flexible hair color style with a blend that allows you to switch in between several hairstyles if you want to. This revolutionary hair color trend is fantastic.

#22. Multicolor

Multicolor is the hair color trend to rock for party folks. This is the best hair color for those daring to be different. Therefore, create a bold statement by choosing this trendy hair color in 2022. For a perfect makeover, have medium-hair length on top with a 

mixture of several bright colors including lines on both sides of your head. The colors to use are green, violet, and cyan.

#23. Natural hair colours

The quarantine period has sparked experimentation with different and imaginative hues to give out natural shades that have dominated this year’s fashion week. We are going to see plenty of cinnamon browns and sandy shades as well as more naturals with low-maintenance shades.

For many people, natural colors are a positive reset as they try to embrace natural hair color by staying so close to their natural color as they possibly can.

#24. Foilayage and balayages

Traditional highlights don’t need low maintenance; you won’t go for a while without touchups before the demarcation line goes out of control. To counter this, opt for foilayage which combines balayage and foil highlights to give a look that will not require you to get frequent touch ups to your roots.

The mixture of foils and balayage maintains fine bright pieces all around the hairline but you will still need to touch up after every three months. In case you have a blonde or golden foilayage use purple shampoo to wash your hair once every week to prevent your hair from getting brassy.

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#25. One-dimensional color

One of the 90s hair color trend making its way back to 2022 is the use of one-dimensional colors; this influence remains alive and could stay for a while. Those who aren’t huge fans of balayage, dimension, or rooted looks can opt for single-process color; this look entails using one color that will reflect richly from the roots to the ends.

 A uniform color appears more fresh and modern; choose shades like blonde, red, or deep chocolate brown. It is recommendable to settle for a shade that is not too far from your natural color so that you space out the time between salon visits; in case you have darker roots but you want one color or single process look, maintain the shade closer to your natural hair color so that the new growth won’t be distinct besides, it will give you three to almost four months between services.

#26. Candy floss pink

The most unexpected beauty trend to come out of quarantine this year is pastel pink hair. Several months have passed with the salons closed so most people including celebrities have had to try out shades of semi-permanent hair dye.

Even with the salons open currently, pink hair is still trending and we shall see it trending in 2022; at the beginning of the year, there were lots of pastel pink and it seems like no one is going to get bored with this color soon. The color gives your hair a dramatic change but it is only necessary therefore to maintain the color, shampoo less, and make sure to rinse with cold water just like other unnatural dyes.

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#27. Burgundy

A blend of purple and brown gives burgundy hair color. There are several hues of burgundy that shimmer with the touch of light just like fine wine, deep merlot, oxblood, Bordeaux, and cabernet; brilliant tones of beautiful burgundy will provide contrast and great framing for every skin tone.

The versatile shade is great for a carefree spirit who wants attention or a shy girl who wants striking change.

#28. Griolet: grey and violet

A mixture of grey and black purple gives griolet hair color. This look is among the several shades of violet color; the color prevalent at the roots is black-purple while the ends take on a silvery tinge; maintain your regal vibe by choosing accessories to stand out. Get a griolet hair color for a royal look.



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