Hair colours 2020 – 2021 for women: the latest trends in hair colouring

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2020)

Haircolors 2020: discover here the most beautiful haircolors for women for 2020 and 2021. The previous years we saw some hair color trends coming up such as the balayage hair colors, ombre hair colors and sombre hair colors (that stands for soft ombre hair color) and just in that style the hair colors are now completely continued. The word for the coming seasons: of course. The hair colors look completely natural again, a hair trend that I can only applaud! Discover the best hair colour trends for winter, spring, summer and autumn below:

Hair colors 2020 – 2021

Last year we saw a lot of grey hair colors and brightly colored hair colors, this year we will spot much more natural hair colors in the streets. An exception that is a bit less natural, is the pink gold hair color. But we also go back to beautiful natural hairstyles with a natural balayage (preferably made of already free hand painted, so as not to get ugly stripes in your hair). Also, the ombre hairstyles become more sombre, which means that the ombre transition is also very natural and soft. The hairstyles also look great with this year’s hair colors! So you can definitely combine these beautiful hair colors with a beautiful lob haircut or a bob haircut. Haircuts with a pony will also come back again! A beautiful ash blonde hair color: ash blonde will be one of the hair colors that make a big comeback next year.

sombre-hair colors-2
Rosie Huntington Whiteley has a lob haircut in one of the hair colors of 2020: the balayage! (Joe Seer via

spring hairstyles

The beautiful blond hairstyle of Lauren Conrad (S_Bukley via one of the balayage hair colors 2019

Hair trends in 2020 – 2021: cappuccino and coffee hair colors

Gigi Hadids hairstyle is dyed in a beautiful bronze color with cappuccino shades in her hair (Kathy Hutchins via

Beautiful cappuccino color for your hair! This hair color is a very trendy hair color. And doesn’t the name immediately make you want a nice coffee?

A lighter version of the cappuccino hair color that is hip in 2021 or 2020.

Hair Trends 2020

cappuccino shark-colored coffee
Blonde hairstyles
hair colors-2018-blond
Blonde hair colors and beautiful checkered shirt (Svyatoslava Vladzimirska via

Beautiful haircut with blonde hair colors (frantic00 via and beautiful pied-de-poule blouse

Beautiful blonde locks in a multidimensional blonde hair colour for 2020 (Svyatoslava Vladzimirska via

It remains beautiful: a hair colour that is based on different shades: here you see a beautiful blonde hair colour with both cooler blonde shades and warmer blonde shades. An ombre hair colour in which the colours merge nicely into each other, is especially striking because of the beautiful braid!


Beautiful red-brown hair color and beautiful linen shirt (Zoom team via

Copper hair color: the hair color for 2020: beautifully finished with a beautiful red lace dress (Ekatarina Jurkova via

Another hair colour that we will see a lot: a beautiful, warm copper colour! (racorn via

winter shades
The hair color 2020: balayage hair colors with copper accents! Jessica Alba has the perfect hair color and cut! (Kathy Hutchins via

Hair Color-Herfry
The beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker has a beautiful hair color: balayage hair color and sombre hair color (Everett Collection via

sombre-hair colors
A beautiful ombre hair color from Khloe Kardashian: (DFree via

soft-embracing rake colours
Jessica Alba is wearing a balayage hair colour (still the hair colour of 2020) in a beautiful lob! (S_Bukley via

Maria Menounos has a very nice brown hair color (Featureflash Photo agency via

Jennifer Lawrence (Featureflash Photo agency via

Jennifer Lopez and her sombre hair color (Featureflash photo agency via

Sarah Hyland has a very nice hairstyle and we will see a lot of these highlights in hair colors (Kathy Hutchins via

This beautiful haircut from Rihanna is a classic example of a balayage hair color: how beautiful! She has here a brown hair color with balayage and highlights. (Dfree via

A beautiful darker blonde hair color from Taylor Swift (Photo Works via, a beautiful balayage hair color with umber hair color effect.

Brown hair color with beautiful balayage and red top (MillaF via

Beautiful blond hair colors 2019 and 2020: the balayage hair color with beautiful blond tones (VAndreas via

Hair colors 2020 – 2021: change hair colors

Jessica Biel’s beautiful lob haircut with a beautiful ombre hair color and balayage haircut is so beautiful! (S. Bukley via
Jessica Biel has a very nice brown hair color with highlights (Tinseltown via

The beautiful balayage haircut from Jessica Alba (Featureflash Photo agency via

blond-hair-highlights-hair colors
Rosie Huntington Whiteley with her beautiful blond haircut in a balayage hair color and sombre hair. (Dfree via

Balayage hair colors and ombre hair colors also remain hip in 2019 and 2020 (ladie_c via

Purple and pink hair colors
As I mentioned above, the balayage hair colors in 2019 are often combined with a pony! A beautiful and natural sombre hair color Ombre hair colors or sombre hair colors give a little more spice to a bob hairstyle or lob hairstyle!

We also still see beautiful pastel colors in our hair: they are either completely dyed in our hair, or they are just added as a spicy accent to our hair style.

hair colors-2017-2017-2018-rose-gold
Rosegold hair colour and wreath (Dasha_romanova via

hair colors-2017-lilac
Kelly Osbourne has a beautiful lilac hair color, one of the hair colors that are still superpopular! (S. Bukley via

If you want to dye your hairstyle in a more daring colour, choose a rose gold hair colour!

Grey hair colors and rose gold hair
Haircuts where the hair color tends to gray or white we still see next year, but remarkably less. A choppy lob, which is curled, looks even better thanks to the umber hair color, so beautiful! If you don’t really dare to go for the rose gold hair color, you can certainly also consider going for a rose gold ombre hair color Move over granny hair (gray hair colors), hello rose gold hair! The hairstyle trend of 2019 : pink gold ombre hair color

rose-gold-hair colours
rose-gold-hair colour
Bronze hair tones
bronze-hair colors-2017
Bronzed hair colours and beautiful trench coat (Svyatoslava Vladzimirska via

hair colors-2017-2017-2018
Beautiful blonde hair colors and a beautiful gala dress (Svyatoslava Vladzimirska via shutterstock)

autumn hairdressing 2011-2017-2018Beautiful bronze hair colour and mauve lipstick (Gromovataya via

copper-hair color-2017-2018-2018
The beautiful Sarah Drew has a beautiful copper-coloured hair colour, one of the hair colours that we have been spotting for years, and also in 2019 and 2020 this beautiful warm hair colour will remain a trend. (Kathy Hutchins via

autumn hairstyles-brown/hair colour
A beautiful long hairstyle by Lucy Hale with dark brown hair color (with some highlights hidden in it, beautiful! ) (Tinseltown via

ombre-hair colors-2017
Beautiful blond hair color with a beautiful balayage and highlights in blond hair by actress Rachel Keller (Kathy Hutchins via strobing-hair color
Another nice example of a strobing hair color as hair color. If you don’t want to go completely blond, make sure you dye some tufts near your face in a lighter hair colour. This way, you really get a lifting effect and your face will stand out much more. (OlScher via

strobing-hair colours
Do you know the latest hair trend and hair color yet? Strobing for your hair color! This means that you can dye a few strands of hair near your face in a lighter colour, in a highlight actually. It contrasts beautifully with her darker hair (Nina Buday via

winterhair colors-2017-2018-2018
Hair colours 2019: this is an example of a sombre hair colour. You can see that there is a light ombre hair colour in the hairstyle, but in the meantime there is also a free painted balayage. Everything to keep the colour as natural as possible… beautiful! (Anna Movchan via

So, what do you think of these hair trends, hair colors and hairstyles?

Dye your own hair in a new colour? 9 steps

Most of the time I advise you to just go to the hairdresser, they know much better what they’re doing. That being said… there are also a lot of cowboys and nitwits between them, which makes you a 100 euro lighter, and your hair is cut and dyed terribly.

So… I’m sure you might like to dye your own hair. I’ve dyed my own hair for years, so I can certainly give you some good tips on how to dye your hair at home. Colouring her hair is a strong chemical process, so be careful with it!

Don’t buy brands like L’Oréal, Garnier,… the big brands. They give your hair very ugly additional colors and weird shine. You’d much rather choose a more natural brand with far fewer chemicals. Yes, they are more expensive, but they are worth it. I am very sorry that I have dyed my hair for years with L’Oréal, Garnier, Belle Color,… At Holland & Barrett they sell my favourite brand of hair colour that I swore to for years. There was no other hair color in the house!
Open the packaging and read the instructions: do you need to apply the paint to dry – but washed – hair? Or do they ask for something else? Always try to pay attention to this!
Mix all the bottles, drape a towel over your shoulders and the washbasin (it can cause very ugly stains that barely come from porcelain or enamel) and apply extra day cream right along your hairline.
Once you have mixed all the bottles, apply the mixture as soon as possible, don’t let it rest too long. In the meantime, watch a Youtube movie or something, but don’t lose track of time!
Leave the mixture on as long as it is on the packaging. Don’t leave it on for too long, it’s incredibly damaging to your hair and you can’t predict your future hair colour.
With white or grey hair you can often leave it a bit longer, but that is clearly indicated on the packaging.
Is the time up? Then jump into the shower quickly, apply some water to your hair and let the hair dye lather. Then grab the shampoo that came in the package and wash your hair thoroughly. If there is a conditioner in it, I would advise you to use it too… your hair has really decided not to use the dye, time to start pampering it again!
Just let your hair dry in the air, that’s the healthiest thing.
Admire your new hair color!


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