Blonde hair colors for 2020 (which blonde hair colour suits you?)

(Last Updated On: February 29, 2020)

Blonde Hair Colors 2020- It’s almost summer already, so it’s time to list the most beautiful blonde hair colours for blondes! I’m a blonde myself too, so for me this is of course also very useful to know. We see a lot of dark blonde hair colors and honey blonde hair colors (yay!), but also much more natural blonde tones with highlights and lowlights in the hair for 2020.

Blonde hair colors for 2020


This is a stunning platinum blonde hair color (source) and it has kind of an ombre vibe.

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Here’s another lighter blonde hair color: a stunning bob with a balayage hair color. You can see a couple of blonde hair colors in here like sandy blonde, platinum blonde and a dark blonde at the roots. (source)


Sandy blonde is one of thé trend blonde hair colors for 2020 (source)


Dark blonde hair braided into two big braids (source)


A stunning blonde ombre hair color: this keeps on being a very on trend hairstyle in 2020 (source)

Blonde hair colors

Hair colors: Blond curly hair. I keep loving this hairstyle, and especially because of the beautiful blond hair color. This is a hair color that I would very much like (I am also blond)! We are going to see the different shades of blonde in a haircut very often because it’s all in again. Blonde curls: this soft blonde hair colour will also become trendy again: the blonde hair colours will be more natural and ombré hair colors will also look more natural. Blonde hair colours: as I said, I have a soft spot for the blonde hair colors of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley! Here she has a typical Victoria’s Secret Angel hairdo: long blonde hair with light curls. I love her dark blonde hair color so much! Old-fashioned curly hair looks best in ‘old-fashioned’ blonde hair colour! Blonde hair colour with highlights and beautiful curls. What do you think of this hair color? Light blonde hair colour with pastel shades. The hair colors are becoming more and more natural, but sometimes there are a few exceptions: just look at this blonde hair colour with a few strands in a pastel hair colour. Dark blonde hair colour with curls and a slightly ombré effect! Blonde hair color with different colors blond and finished with a nice braid. This looks like a perfect spring or summer hairstyle to me, doesn’t it? Platinum blonde hair colours are also very common, don’t you think this hairstyle is a beautiful cut too? Dark blonde hair (honey blonde hair color) is going to be the new blonde! Julianne Hough really has a beautiful hair color in my eyes! Personally I like dark blonde hair more (that’s why I always dye my own hair darker blonde). Very light blond hair (platinum blond hair, also often) we are going to see a lot in the summer and spring of. Caramelblond/Honeyblonde hair color

Caramel blonde / Honey blonde hair color with highlights and lowlights. Blonde hair colors – Short hair, dyed in blond with different shades. So you can see that the nicest blonde hair colors also look great with short hairstyles!


A mixture of shades of blonde: warm blonde, golden blonde and some cool blonde hair colors for 2020 (source)


A stunning blonde hair color: this ombre effect is so gorgeous! There’s a golden blonde in there, some dark blonde, cool icy blonde but also some warm honey blonde (source)


A couple of blonde hair colors and shades of blonde hair (photo)


Icy cool blonde hair color for 2020 (source)

Which blonde hair colour suits you?

Would you like to have a blonde hair colour but don’t know which blonde hair colour would suit you? To dye the perfect blonde shade in your hair, you need to look at a few things:

  • your original hair colour
    your eye colour
    your complexion and undertone

Step 1: What is your original hair colour?

Were you actually born a warm brunette? Then it’s better not to choose a cold hair shade if you dye it yourself, because you are often born with a cool, neutral or warm shade. If you play with that, the result can look very unnatural. That’s why we always recommend to stick to your own shade, as of course you are free to choose!

Step 2: what is the undertone of your skin tone?

Do you know how to determine your undertone? My favorite technique is to look at the colour of your veins in your wrist. If they are green, you have a warm tone. If they’re bluish, you have a cool hue. But… I’m afraid that’s not the end of it. You can also have a neutral hue, to make it a bit more difficult.

An extra tip: keep gold or silver with your skin (and that can be some silver paper, anything really) and see which colour makes you look fresh and awake. Is that with the gold colour? Then you have a warm tint. If it’s the silver colour, it’s a cool shade. Can you do both? You guessed it… that’s for the neutral hue.

Step 3: your eye color

Your eye color can also help you perfectly! Do you have a cool eye color like light blue, grey…? Then you’re usually the cool type. If you have a warm green colour, teal blue, hazel colour or a warm brown colour, then you are in the warm spectrum.

Warm blonde or cool blonde?

How do you know which shades of blonde are cool or warm? Well, the golden blond shades are warm tinted, the ash blond shades are cool tinted. Be sure to let your hairdresser know very clearly which blonde hair colour you’d like, with a little luck you’ll bump into a good hairdresser who’ll also look at how that hair colour will match the rest of your coloring.

What types of blonde hair colors are there?

platinum blond
warm blonde
honey blond
caramel blonde
sandy blond (sandy blonde)
light blond
Scandinavian blonde
Venetian blonde
dark blond



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