Blonde hair colors for 2023 (which blonde hair colour suits you?) + ideas and inspiration

With summer fast approaching, check out the list in this article for the most striking blonde hair colors perfect for blondes. Being a blonde, it’s vital for me as well to know which color to settle for. It’s quite interesting to note that there are a lot of honey blonde hair shades and dark blonde hair colors but for  2023, the trending colors lean towards natural blonde tones featuring highlights and lowlights.

Check out these stunning blonde hair colors for summer, fall, spring and winter! Need some blonde hair ideas and inspiration? We’ll give you all the hair inspo you’ll need!

Blonde hair colors for 2023


This is a stunning platinum blonde hair color (source) and it has kind of an ombre vibe.



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Here’s another lighter blonde hair color: a stunning bob with a balayage hair color. You can see a couple of blonde hair colors in here like sandy blonde, platinum blonde and a dark blonde at the roots. (source)


Sandy blonde is one of thé trend blonde hair colors for 2023 (source)


Dark blonde hair braided into two big braids (source)


A stunning blonde ombre hair color: this keeps on being a very on trend hairstyle in 2023 (source)

Blonde hair colors



A mixture of shades of blonde: warm blonde, golden blonde and some cool blonde hair colors for 2023 (source)


A stunning blonde hair color: this ombre effect is so gorgeous! There’s a golden blonde in there, some dark blonde, cool icy blonde but also some warm honey blonde (source)


A couple of blonde hair colors and shades of blonde hair (photo)


Icy cool blonde hair color for 2023 (source)

Trending blonde hair colors in 2023

Rose Gold Blonde Hair Color

It is easy to pull a soft pastel pink color for your hair; when it’s done just right, you won’t be looking like Frenchie from Grease. The secret lies in the blending so, ask your stylist to get you an old pinkwash or show them this photo.

To maintain your beautiful pink shade, it’s advisable to keep off from using sulfate shampoos and conditioners because they are very likely to strip off and fade your hair color.

A helpful tip that will make you stand out with Rose gold blonde hair color is getting a pixie cut or a shorter haircut.

Beige blonde

Do you want a warm hair color? Beige blonde is beautiful and we are so much in love with this color.

Dirty blonde

Dirty blonde is also known as dirty or washed-up water. What’s more, this mouse-like color looks a lot more ravishing than the name suggests. It is a cool, thunder-blonde shade that needs relatively less maintenance; its appearance is also somewhat similar to brown. If your natural hair has a warm color, your hairstylist must first remove or lift this pigment from your hair. Remember that only one visit to your stylist isn’t enough; for this color, you only require dry shampoo.

Honey blonde

Honey blonde or baby blonde as it is otherwise called is the most ideal sun kissed shade that gives you a wonderful, summerlike vacation feeling throughout the year; you will look like you have just returned from vacation.

You will achieve the ultimate look thanks to a combination of lowlights and highlights in different shades of golden blonde. Besides, honey blonde is suitable for almost every skin tone.

Platinum blonde

The lightest color blend in our row is platinum blond. To achieve this look, your hair needs to be bleached to get rid of any pigment; after treatment, choose Olaplex to help you have your hair back on top.

This hair color needs some extra effort to maintain, for instance, get used to purple shampoo to help you maintain your platinum blonde shade.

Strawberry blonde

Strawberry bend is another great blonde color. It is neither red nor blond. You’re lucky if this is your natural hair color but if it’s not, no worries since your stylist will apply a copper base mixed with a golden blonde color to elevate the color. The results are strawberry and whipped cream; if you are a natural redhead, ask for subtle blonde highlights to get the perfect peach shade.


Blonde plus brunette gives out this beautiful color bronde. Don’t attempt to get this color by yourself at home because it is a technical color; your stylist will first apply a dark blonde base followed by butter-colored balayage highlights.

Try bronze first if you have dark hair and you don’t want a blonde hair color; it will allow you to safely familiarize yourself with lighter hair color before you go full blonde.

Sandy blonde

If you want a new hair color this summer, sandy blonde is a great choice; it is a brilliant combination of sand-colored blonde over a dark base.

Opt for a soft ombre for a great shade of warm blond. Style up your coupe in coarse layers plus plenty of texture for an identical Marissa Cooper look.

Dark blonde hair

Cara Delevigne and Gigi Hadid rock dark blonde locks and have made this hair color fashionable ever since.

Blonde Balayage

Another lighter blonde hair color is the blonde balayage. Get a stunning bob with this hair color; you won’t miss noticing some blonde hair colors like platinum blonde, sandy blonde, and dark blonde at the roots.

Blonde hair colors

In addition to hair colors, there is the blond hair color. This hairstyle is fantastic thanks to the beautiful blond hair color which I adore, being a blonde.

In this section, we are going to look at various shades of blonde hair color in different haircuts because it’s been trending.

Blonde curls

The trendy soft blonde hair color will be back again and this time, the blonde and ombre hair colors will take a more natural look.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley rocks blonde hair colors and here she has the typical Victoria’s Secret Angel hairdo with long blonde hair and light curls; her dark blonde hair color looks great as well. 

Old-fashioned curly hair matches well in old-fashioned blonde hair color. What are your thoughts about this hair color? Light blonde with pastel shades. Hair colors are getting more natural but at times with a few exceptions: check out this blonde look with some strands of pastel hair. Dark blonde curly hair with a bit of ombre effect! Braided blonde hair with different colors. This look is good for the spring and summer. Platinum blond hair colors are becoming more common, check out this beautiful haircut too. Dark blonde hair or honey blonde hair color will be the new blonde soon. Julianne Hough knows how to pull a dark blonde look; I fancy dark blonde hair and that is why always prefer dyeing my hair darker blond. Platinum blond hair among other lighter shades of blond is going to be a common look in the spring and summer.  

Blonde hair colors – check out these short blonde haircuts with different shades and pick one that looks great for you.

A stunning blonde hair color: this ombre effect is so gorgeous! There’s a golden blonde in there, some dark blonde, cool icy blonde but also some warm honey blonde (source)

Icy cool blonde hair color for 2023 (source)

Which blonde hair color is ideal for you?

Would you like to get a look of blonde hair color but you don’t know which blonde hair color to settle on? To get the perfect blonde shade for your hair, check out some of these features

  • Original hair color
  • Eye color 
  • Complexion and undertone

Step 1: your original hair color

Were you a natural warm brunette? It is best if you don’t choose a cool hair shade when you are dying it yourself since you have a naturally warm and neutral shade. If you keep playing with your natural shade, you will end up looking so unnatural; if you have a chance to make a choice, it is recommendable to stick to your shade.

Step 2: your skin undertone

How do you determine your skin undertone? One of the best techniques is to examine the color of the veins in your wrist. If you see green, it means you have a warm tone and a cool hue if they are blue; however, that’s not all. You can have a neutral hue which can be quite challenging to determine.

An additional tip is to place any gold or silver accessory close to your skin and look at the color that makes you feel fresh and awake; if it is the warm color, then you got a warm tint and if it is the silver color, you have a cool shade. If you can do both you have a neutral hue.

Step 3: your eye color

The color of your eyes can greatly determine the best blond hair color for you. You are the cool type if you have grey or light blue eye color and the warm type if you have teal blue, warm green, hazel, or warm brown eye color.

How to choose between a warm blonde and a cool blonde

How do you determine which shades of blonde are warm or cool? The golden blond shades are notably warm tinted while the ash-blond shades have a cool tint.

Make sure to let the hairdresser know earlier enough which blonde hair color you pick and with a little luck, you will find a good hairdresser who will examine the hair color that will blend in with your colors.

Types of blonde hair colors

  • caramel blonde
  • sandy blond 
  • platinum blond
  • warm blonde
  • gold-blond
  • Scandinavian blonde
  • Venetian blonde
  • ash blond
  • honey blond
  • light blond
  • dark blond


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