Organize the perfect unicorn party!

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2020)

Theme parties, great. But they don’t always have to be the same. Could it be a little more magical? With lots of fantasy? Then go for a unicorn party! Because although they may not really exist, unicorns can make a children’s party unforgettable. And it can be quite simple: with a few tips and tricks you can organize the perfect unicorn party for son or daughter. And all friends and girlfriends of course.

It’s all about unicorns

Which, of course, is a must at a unicorn party? Everybody dresses up as a unicorn! A unicorn suit, a wig or – why not – just everything together.

Completely over the top is totally okay. So are unicorns, aren’t they? Don’t want to wear a mask on your face? With some pink glitter or glitter makeup on your face, you’ll soon find yourself in higher unicorns. Wondering if you recognize your own child in that heap of mischievous unicorns together.

A magical place

Not a unicorn party in a boring, undressed place. Unicorns are magic! So turn your location into a magical space where fantasy prevails. Work with lots of colors. Pink, gold and purple are recommended. They are the favourites of every unicorn. You can put up balloons and decorations in those colours, or flag lines with unicorns on them and add accents with golden glitter. Or make a cosy cuddle corner. A unicorn paradise full of unicorn hugs. Magic will be in the air there!

Packages with one cone

Maybe your son or daughter will ask for money for the party to buy something beautiful later on? That’s possible, but give it an original touch. There’s nothing so boring as all these envelopes with money in them. No, just put a penny in a unicorn money box! Asked yourself at a unicorn party? Give a gift that fits the theme. How about a unicorn coach from Playmobil, or a unicorn that you can paint all by yourself? Or cuddly toys that can go to bed with you and provide you with the most imaginative dreams?

Unicorn snacks

Even at a unicorn party little hungry people are already performing. And those little snacks – it’s all in the details, right? – may radiate some magic. How about wafers and fruity colored Mentos candies? Or cupcakes with ice cream cones on them, so they look just like unicorn? Gold coloured candles will give you the same effect. As long as it’s a little crazy. Just make sure the kids don’t get any magical powers…

Check out these unicorn cakes, unicorn icecream

Unicorn poop

Well, they’re just animals. And animals, they feed them. Do you hear them laughing, the kids, when there’s unicorn poop all over the party? Not really dirty turd of course, but poop that only a unicorn can leave behind: purple and pink! With glitter clay you can make all kinds of little turd’s and put them everywhere on the floor, or maybe think of crazier places. Hilarity all around!

One-horned activities

There’s something to be experienced, too, at such a unicorn party. With Creatiki’s unicorn package, children can paint their own unicorn. What kind of crazy creations will come out of that? Or let the children colour in unicorn drawings together. Or, to give the fantasy free rein or rather the free flight: let the kids take rides on the flying unicorn cuddly toys! Make sure they don’t fly too far away…

Enjoy it even more afterwards: goodiebags

Friends of the unicorn don’t send you home empty-handed. Ah no! It’s always fun to provide gift bags with a nice surprise so they’ll never forget the party. Fill the bag for example with colourful sweets, or even more fun: with unicorns! Hm. I’m sure there will be little unicorns…

As you can see, with a few minor interventions and a few nice ideas you can organise the unicorn party of the year. Unforgettable for your child and for all his or her friends. Bet they’ll walk around in that unicorn suit for days afterwards, crawl into bed with the unicorns and dream that they can fly?

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