Organize the perfect unicorn party!

So you have a child who loves the idea of having their very own unicorn party, but are not sure if it’s been done before? Well fear not! It has and we can give you some tips to make your little one’s dream come true.

The first thing is that in order for this plan to work out right there needs to be an abundance of pink balloons or purple ones will just do fine too. This gives off a magical feeling because unicorns tend love bright colors so don’t forget those lights either- they must be glowing at all times!

All about that unicorn glam

It’s all about unicorns, right? And what is a unicorn party without the presence of these mythical beasts and their unmistakable attire? Everybody dresses up as a unicorn! A costume dress, wig or- why not put it all together. Totally over the top with your choice in outfit for such an occasion isn’t atypical.

Afterall, aren’t unicorns just one big spectacle to begin with? Don’t want to wear a mask on your face either but still don’t feel like you’re enough ‘unicorn-y’ yet – then add some pink glitter or even makeup that shimmers under any light. You’ll soon find yourself looking far more fabulous than ever before.

Unicorn decorations

You can’t have a unicorn party in a dull room. Unicorns are magical! So turn your location into a space where fantasy prevails, with lots of colors. Pink and gold or purple seem like good choices as they are every unicorns favorite colors after all.

You can put up balloons, decorations-whatever you want really-in those colors for some flair (or flags with cute unicorns on them!), even if it’s just an accent piece here and there.

If not that then make sure to get comfy so everyone has ample space for cuddles: A place full of magic will surely fill the air when we do this right!

Packages with one cone

Maybe your son or daughter will ask for money as a gift, so why not give them something they can play with? There’s nothing more boring than giving cash in an envelope. Let the kids have some fun and create their own memories!


Unicorn cake or cupcakes

A birthday party is not complete without a cake. If you’re looking for something particularly special, we have just the thing- a beautiful and delicious Unicorn Birthday Cake!

You can also try baking some cupcakes if that’s more your thing. Not into baking? Buy readymade cupcakes or a cake and decorate them!

Unicorn snacks

The little unicorn party-goers are already having a blast, and the snacks provide no shortage of magical delight (and some needed extra fuel). How about wafers with fruity colored candies? Or cupcakes topped with a miniature ice cream cone – just like a horn! Gold candles will give you that sparkling effect without any risk to your guests’ safety. Just make sure they don’t get into anything too dangerous…

Check out these unicorn cakes, unicorn icecream

Unicorn slime

Well, they’re just animals. And animals, they feed them. Do you hear them laughing, the kids, when there’s unicorn poop slime all over the party? Not really dirty turd of course, but poop that only a unicorn can leave behind: purple and pink! With glitter clay you can make all kinds of little turd’s and put them everywhere on the floor, or maybe think of crazier places. Hilarity all around!

One-horned activities

There’s something to be experienced, too, at such a unicorn party. With Creatiki’s unicorn package, children can paint their own unicorn. What kind of crazy creations will come out of that? Or let the children colour in unicorn drawings together. Or, to give the fantasy free rein or rather the free flight: let the kids take rides on the flying unicorn cuddly toys! Make sure they don’t fly too far away…

Enjoy it even more afterwards: goodiebags

Friends of the unicorn don’t send you home empty-handed. Ah no! It’s always fun to provide gift bags with a nice surprise so they’ll never forget the party. Fill the bag for example with colourful sweets, or even more fun: with unicorns! Hm. I’m sure there will be little unicorns…

As you can see, with a few minor interventions and a few nice ideas you can organise the unicorn party of the year. Unforgettable for your child and for all his or her friends. Bet they’ll walk around in that unicorn suit for days afterwards, crawl into bed with the unicorns and dream that they can fly?

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