Galentine’s Day Gifts: the best gifts for your gal pals!

Did you know that February 13th is Galentine Day? It’s a day where you celebrate your best girlfriends, and give them the best gifts. Whether it be flowers, jewelry, or something more personal like a handwritten card – there are so many great options for this special holiday! Check out these fifty great gift ideas to get started with this year’s Galentine celebrations.

What is Galentine Day? And where does this day come from? Galentine’s Day was invented by the famous Leslie Knope, on Parks and Recreation. The day is meant to celebrate female friendships – especially between women who are best friends!

What are some popular Galentines gifts?



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Flowers: Flowers are one of the first gifts to come to mind when thinking about Galentine’s Day. Flowers are a great gift that everyone will enjoy!

Cards: Create a handmade card for your best friend, or go the extra mile and create several cards for them as well as their other friends – what a sweet gesture!

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Jewelry is a great Galentine’s Day gift idea. You can create your own, or find something that you know is their favorite!


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Homemade Food: Bake them a delicious treat for Galentine’s day – they’ll love it and appreciate the effort you put into making these goodies from scratch!

Gift Cards: A simple but always welcome Galentine’s Day gift idea is the humble gift card. You can choose a restaurant, museum, or any other place that your friend may enjoy!

Clothes: Clothing makes for another great Galentine’s Day gift idea. This way you have time to find something they’ll love – and who doesn’t appreciate getting new clothes?

Lingerie: Why not give your best gal a sexy gift for Galentine’s Day – nothing says love like lacy lingerie, just be sure they’re as excited as you are!

Flowers + Cards: This is the perfect way to combine two popular ideas into one great gift. You can create a gorgeous flower arrangement and include a handmade card with your gift.

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Galentine gifts

Galentine gifts come in all shapes and sizes.

They can be anything from jewelry to a unique piece of artwork that reminds you of your best friend!

And the great thing about Galentine gifts is they don’t have to cost much at all, either! Here are some fantastic gift ideas for under $50:

-A beautiful piece of jewelry, like a necklace or bracelet

-Tickets to a show or concert your friends would love

-A basket filled with all of their favorite snacks and drinks

-Gift certificates to their favorite restaurant or store

-Personalized stationery or a nice bookmark

-A cozy blanket or pajamas set

-A basket filled with their favorite beauty products

-Tickets to a museum or art gallery

-A day at the spa, including a massage, facial and mani/pedi

-Home decor items like a new pillow or framed picture

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What are some Galentine’s Day traditions?

Breakfast in Bed: Start their day off right by bringing breakfast to bed for Galentine’s Day! This will give them the boost they need to spend time celebrating all of their friends, and having fun.

Girls’ Night In: Galentine’s Day is a time to make all of your friends feel like the stars they are – and nothing says this better than throwing them an epic girls’ night in.

What kind of gifts do celebrities give on Galentine’s day?

Celebrities love giving each other luxurious, high-quality products for special occasions such as Galentine’s Day. Here are some examples:

– Flowers: Celebrities often send beautiful arrangements of flowers to their best friends on this holiday.

– Gifts from Tiffany & Co.: The iconic jewelry store is a go-to for celebrities when it comes to gifting their loved ones on special occasions. You can’t go wrong with a gift from Tiffany’s!

– Spa Day: What could be better than spending the day relaxing at a spa with your best friends? This is definitely a celebrity-approved way to celebrate Galentine’s Day.


What are some other fun ideas for celebrating Galentine’s day?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to celebrating Galentine’s Day! Here are some other ideas that you can incorporate into your Galentine’s festivities:

– Go on a hike or spend the day at the beach.

– Make DIY decorations and home accessories to show off proudly all year long.

– Throw an epic sleepover with board games, snacks, and plenty of wine!

– Create a Galentine’s Day Spotify playlist. Everyone loves being able to listen to the songs that are most special for their friends!

– Throw your own Galentine’s day party with themed food, drinks, and decor. This way you can share in the fun of celebrating all year long!

Add some humor: Be sure to include this bonus present for your Galentine’s day!

Get creative with it! People love spending the holiday coming up with their own unique traditions and gifts – be as original or traditional as you want. You can’t go wrong on Galentine’s Day! 🙂

No matter what you choose to give your best girlfriends this Galentine’s Day, they’re sure to love it! So get shopping and spread the love. Thanks for reading!


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