8x Short hairstyles for women (the best short hair trends for 2022)

Trendy short hairstyles for 2022


Aren’t we all done with what a fateful year 2021 was? The haunting memories and heartbreaks that we all went through in this year are still affecting our emotions.

Now that we are entering the New Year, it is about time to bring a change in our life in whatever small way possible. What else better than a brand new hair cut can make it up for the entire trauma that we have gone through?


When it comes to trends, celebrities and their stylists are all ready to rock short hair styles in 2022. It is about time you also jump the bandwagon of short hair and bring your hair a life by cutting those long locks short. 

Wondering what short hair styles are trending in 2022? Let us solve this riddle with some suggestions on the best short hair fashion statements that are going to make you look like an ultimate chic in 2022: 


Pixie cuts

Remember when Emma Watson pulled off a look to die for with her pixie hair and you also wanted to take the risk of getting a cut like her?


Many of us have dreamt of ourselves rocking a pixie hair cut but did not have the courage to get it because we were unsure of how we would look.

With many, getting a pixie is a hard decision because we are always made to feel like there is only one perfect face shape that can rock a pixie haircut.


It is about time we shatter such limitations and try this haircut out. Not only a pixie haircut is perfect for women on the go, it is easy to manage, adds the element of modern in your persona instantly, and fits a range of face shapes. Also, you can get this cut and rock it easy no matter what type of hair you have. 

For hair that is thin, you can get an amazing pixie to add volume and fluff to your hair. The best thing about pixies in 2022 is that they are no more restricted to just boyish kind of rough styles that would change your entire look.

You may opt of a more subtle and yet modern kind of a pixie cut that will not make you look like a tomboy.


With this style the variety is all at your hand. You can either go with a sleek or back tousled pixie or a spiked one with front bangs. If you have curled up hair, a short pixie would do best for you.

Moreover, you can go for an Ombre hair dye on a longer pixie, get a metallic shaded fashion dye, or simply go blonde with your pixie cut in 2022.



Aren’t we all sick of our how the hair fall issues made us all feel really down all through the 2020? Why not do something that can stop our hair fall while giving us the perk of looking an absolute fashion dive in 2022?

Bald hairstyles are not too common despite being really stylish because many women are really afraid to pull them off. 

2022 is a good time to overcome such fears (because if we have overcome the fear of COVID-19, we can do anything). It is about time to get a little brave and try out a hot bald cut. No one is asking you to go fully bald, just leave some streaks of hair here and there or just shorten your hair to such an extent that they look like they are growing fresh.

Military hairstyles: Buzz cuts for women


Agree or not but we all have at one point admired military hairstyles on people. Whether it is the actual military members or the women playing such a role in movies, we all adore their grace that is endowed to them through their cool hairstyles.

If you are all up for experimenting with your hair then 2022 is the year to rock an amazing short and buzz kind of military hairstyle. Also, you can go for a cool dye to make everything look more chic and hip.


Blunt Bob with Bangs


Bobs hair cutes have evolved over time and we are thankful for such an evolution that led us to a blunt bob. Whether it is about rocking a look at college or exuding that absolute boss-babe-ness in an office meeting, blunt bob is never going to let you down.

The bluntness of a sleek bob cut is something that helps it transcend all face shapes and hair types in terms of its style-element.

2021 is going to be all about sleek and blunt bobs with some rocking it in their natural hair color while other adding more of a fashion statement to their persona with colored blunt bobs. You can also get this cut on sheer low or highlights, making everything look ten times cooler.


Short bob hairstyles


Some things can never go out of fashion no matter what. When we talk about hair and fashion, a short bob is undoubtedly the best example of such timelessness.

What started off just as a simple cut below ears and above shoulders has now so many types that it can get a little tricky for you to choose between the different bob hairstyles in 2022.

No matter which one you like the most, there can never be a better time to rock any short bob haircut than it is right now.


Shaved hairstyles


French short styles à la Amélie Poulain

Have you ever looked at your childhood pictures when you hair was all sleek with middle parting and the length was somewhere near your earlobes?

Well believe it or not, but the famous French fictional character Amélie has made such a haircut the trend many are ready to embrace in 2022.


It is about time you take over that Amélie Poulain look and live your Paris dreams right now with this amazing hairstyle that might look like a bold move to make but is worth all the courage. 

Undercut hairstyles for short hair

Short hairstyles and glasses

Extra short hairspo


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