Beard Styles for Your Face Shape (what beard suits your face?)

What beard suits your face?

Choosing the most appropriate facial hairstyle that works for a man’s face shape is so important and it will make sure that he looks his best all the time. Among the several ways available to switch up looks dramatically, growing a beard is among the best. After picking the right beard style, it will work wonders however, it is vital to tread carefully since a wrong pick will do the opposite.

The right beard enhances not only your features but also complements the bone structure and even gets some years off your appearance. It is very simple to find out the right beard style for a particular face shape without the trial and error method; have some quick measurements in the mirror at first and take up mental notes of the face shape. Stick to the following tips as mentioned in the article.

Find your face shape

Before growing any facial hair, it is advisable to first determine the shape category where your face can be categorized. Many will mention that there are as many face shapes as seven but only five can cover all the shapes.

Measure up

The first step is to measure up to find out the shape that works best for your face. Some measurements you will have to record include the cheekbone width, the forehead width, the face length, and the jawline length. When you have all the measurements at hand, you can look at the various shapes and find out which mostly describes your look.

Cheekbone width – this is the distance between your cheeks

Face length – this is the measured distance between your hairline and the bottom of your chin.

Forehead width – the measured distance between the outermost tips of every eyebrow.

Jawline length – the distance between the tip of the chin up to the end of your jawbone under each year then multiplied by two.

Round face

A round face is characterized by similar measurements of both the forehead and jawline, similar measurements of cheekbones and face length, and a soft angle with a curve of the jaw.

Oval face

Features of an oval face include the largest measurement of face length and similar measurements of the jawline and forehead. Both jawline and forehead measurements must be lesser than the cheekbones; besides, there is a gentle curve of the angle of the jaw.

Square face

For this particular face shape, all measurements are relatively similar. Additionally, there is a sharp and pronounced angle of the jawline.

Rectangle face

This face shape has a sharp and pronounced angle of the jaw. The cheekbones, forehead, and jawline measurements are somewhat the same while the largest measurement is the face length.

Heart face

The forehead measurement is bigger than both cheekbones and jawline measurements. You will notice it is at the chin where the face comes to a distinct point.

How to pick the appropriate beard for your face shape

Understand the end goal whenever you are thinking about the type of beard that will work the best for your face shape. The aim must be to strike a balance between the available facial hair and the face itself.

Additionally, it is also a good idea to soften parts of the bone structure that appear to be extremely angular and to sharpen up all weak lines for a look that stands out.

Beard styles for a long face

The most important goal when handling beards for a round face is to slim down, elongate, and sharpen your look.

This means that any beard style to settle for must be trim on both sides so that there is no additional width; besides, the beard to pick must also add some volume around the bottom area of the face and must be neatly maintained to give some shape to the chin and jawline.

Remember to keep off any beard style that appears to be bushy instead, choose a short beard style that will always stay close to the face on both sides and have additional length and shape to the area around the chin.

A style that would do the trick is a smoothly blended shirt and classic box beard. Alternatively, a goatee and a circle beard when worn with a heavy stubble can give a superb look.

Beard styles for an oval face

Anyone with an oval-shaped face has limitless options when it comes to growing a beard. You are lucky enough because as long as you keep it full snd well-groomed, it will always look good. Feel free to experiment with plenty of beard styles because your bone structure is the jackpot. Try out classic all-over-the-face styles including a five-day stubble as long as you keep it well-maintained; a full beard look is also great and timeless.

An oval face shape can blend well with a clean-shaven chevron mustache, stubble, Van Dyke beard, or a goatee including a beard of any length; take advantage of the facial hair if you got an oval face. However, stay away from several pointed beards like the stiletto since it can interfere with the balance of your face shape.

In case you want a beard, you want to have it square at the jaw, with some clean lines on the cheeks, a short length on both sides plus a cut beneath the chin. This look will balance out your oval face shape and combine the weight of having a full beard with a definition of a nicely-kept beard that most guys miss. You want to avoid making your face extra oval so don’t keep a rounded, not well-shaped beard.

What to prioritize

With this beard style is keeping the hair in tip-top condition. Therefore, make sure to keep the beard trimmed; to top up the look, invest in a good moisturizer and beard oil.

Beard styles for a square face

A square face means more reason to flaunt your jawline. However, you could do better by toning your jawline down a little bit. The priority here is not to remove all your angular lines but to slightly soften them up so that the look becomes less aggressive. The ideal beard cut will have some extra length at the bottom of the face as you maintain a low profile on both sides of your face.

Longer beard styles work so well with a square-shaped face on the condition that they remain well-groomed on both sides. Think of a full beard but one with sides that are smoothly blended and neatly tapered to prevent the addition of bulk to the width of the face. Another fantastic option that can work to shorten out harsh angles is the stubble especially when it remains natural and not so sculpted.

A circle beard can work wonders too and all you need to do is boost heavier growth of the beard around the chin and mouth.

Show off your square jaw with a clean shave or pick one of the more sculpted goatees including a soul patch, chin strap among others. Great beard styles for the square face shape are the stiletto beard, a stubble, a full beard, and a scruffy beard. Make sure to keep the beard jawline pointed or rounded.

Beard styles for a heart face shape

A heart-shaped face features a wide forehead with a narrow and pointed chin. This face will benefit the most from any beard style that will add bulk to the bottom area of the face. Get away from anything that will draw the chin to a point like a ducktail, or a goatee since it will make some features conspicuous instead of trying to balance it out.

Full heavier beard styles work best for a heart face shape. Consider for example a classic full beard or something longer like the Garibaldi only if you have sufficient beard length to pull it off. Alternatively, a mustache can also help to bring out an illusion of width right across the middle part of the face as well.

Combine a heavy stubble with a stache in case you don’t find the longer beard to be appealing for your look. A scruffy beard with a good layer can also work easily since it is low maintenance requiring less commitment.

Beard styles for a rectangle or oblong face shape

A rectangle face is a long face therefore the last thing you want on your face is the extra length. The first mission when it comes to a rectangle face shape is to create fuller cheeks; alternatively, anything to add the illusion of width across the face can work wonders for your look.

Another good option for a rectangle face is a fuller beard. Always keep in mind that you don’t need to exaggerate length therefore, whichever style that favors width can generally work so well. If the bushier beard styles don’t appeal to you, then switch things up by picking a well-maintained stubble and pair it up with a thick mustache.

Remember not to exaggerate your look with a beard style that is triangular, long, or pointy at the chin. Allow facial hair to grow higher up to the cheeks to prevent the face from looking very elongated. That being the case, steer clear of Van Dykes and goatees.

Beard styles for the diamond shape face

The main objective should be to create an illusion of having a more balanced bone structure by keeping hair on the chin to offset your cheekbones. What this means is that you can settle for stubble to give an appearance of adding more size to a narrower chin; also, pick a goatee that will fill in the narrow area below the nose. A mustache can enhance a pointy chin therefore it is not advisable but you can be able to get away with a beard stache but if it gets to that point, you should have a beard too.

And in case you are going to settle for a beard, grow the beard so that it becomes wider on the cheeks and along the jawline. Square it off on the chin to bring out an appearance of a full face.

Beard styles for a round face shape

For this face shape type, the best facial hairstyles are the ones that will balance out the shape of your face. An unkempt, large, and rounded beard or even a rounded edge goatee will have your head looking like a bowling ball so stay away from that. Rather, go for a Vandyke beard or pick a goatee with stubble on the cheek area; both can create an illusion of a more pronounced and longer chin. Also, a full stiletto beard with a pointed tip is great.

In case you want a beard, opt for a full and square beard be it a short or a long one as long as it’s longer towards the chin and shorter on your cheeks to give out an appearance of an elongated and chiseled jaw.

Beard styles for a triangle face shape

A triangle face shape has sharp features therefore, settle for a clean-shaven look since the jawline is prominent besides, several other facial hairstyles will only make your jawline appear wider. Avoid any beard style that is too thick and full on the cheeks however, your hairstyle will play a vital role in determining your overall look.

If you insist on getting some facial hair, choose a beard stache which is a hybrid between a stubble and a short beard. With the hybrid beard style, keep off an impression of a wider jawline and instead, square off edges of the stache appearing at the bottom. Since however, your hairstyle will play a vital role in determining your overall look.

If you insist on getting some facial hair, choose a beard stache which is a hybrid between a stubble and a short beard. With the hybrid beard style, keep off an impression of a wider jawline and instead, square off edges of the stache appearing at the bottom. Since you want to add as minimal weight to the jaw as possible, choose only closely-cropped styles.



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