Beard Styles for Your Face Shape (what beard suits your face?)

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2019)

There are many different beard styles for your face shape that you need to know about. What type of beard suits your face? Depending upon the shape of your face you will want to go with a certain beard style because it will highlight the various facial features that you have. Not every style is going to look the same on everyone. You have to choose the beard style that suits your face the best.

No worries, we’ll help you determine your face shape and the beard that goes best with it!

Beard styles for your face shape

Square Face


Here are the best beard styles for your face shape if you happen to have a square style face. You want to keep the beard shorter on the sides and a bit longer in the goatee area to take advantage of the square style beard.


Circle Beard


This beard style features a chin patch and a mustache in a circle.


The Royal Beard


This one features the chin strip and it has the mustache anchored to it.




One of the most popular styles for square face is the This is a small beard that takes the chin and elongates it. There is no mustache with this type of beard.


Petite Goatee


This type of beard elongates the chin and is quite small.  It is a lot smaller than a regular goatee.


Round face


This type of beard is rounder than the square style. You want to have full hair on the chin area and along the cheekbones you want things to be angled.


Van Dyke Beard


Type of beard features a detached mustache and a full goatee. The goatee on this beard looks like a point.


Short Boxed Beard


This beard has thin sides that are neatly trimmed and the beard is quite short but it covers the full face.


Balbo Beard


This beard has a mustache that floats and the mustache is trimmed. The beard itself does not have any sideburns.


Anchor Beard


This Spirit has a mustache and the beard itself is pointed and traces the jawline. The beard itself is quite small and just covers the bottom portion of the chin.


Oval Beard Style


There are also beard styles for your face shape if the face is oval. These beards feature the oval style.




This is a mustache that covers the entire portion of your top lip but there is no beard present under it as the rest of the face is clean.


3-Day Stubble Beard


This is a beard that is nicely trimmed and it stimulates three days worth of stubble on the face. This is usually more suited to men that have darker hair as the beard will stand out more.


Horseshoe Mustache


This is a mustache on the face that is angled downwards with the long bars on the mustache itself.


Original Mustache


This is a neatly trimmed mustache that is above the top lip but it is shorter than the Chevron version.


Rectangle Beards


Here are some beards in the rectangle style.


Mutton Chop beard


These are long sideburns which will connect to your mustache. The chin area on this beard is shaved.




This one is similar to the mutton-chop beard but the mustache itself is thinner. The chin is shaved and the beard areas are not as pronounced as with the mutton-chop beard.


Chin Strip


This beard features a very small portion of hair underneath the lip. This beard is angled it down words and there is no other hair present except for this small strip.


Chin Strap


This is a thin strip of beard that goes along the bottom portion of the chin and up the sides. The beard itself looks like you are wearing some sort of chinstrap.



Now you know some beard styles for your face shape. It can be fun to try different beard styles but try to wear a beard that suits your face shape as the beard will look better this way.



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