Wedding hairstyles for short and long hair (2022)

Wedding hairstyles for short and long hair 2022

A wedding hairstyle comes in second after the wedding dress when it comes to choosing an important feature for a bride. On the D-day, the bride wants to be stylish, beautiful, and look stunning in the wedding photos. The common stereotype looks at an ideal wedding hairstyle as something that should be lacquered, voluminous, and adorned with a wedding veil.


Brides always have limitless options when it comes to picking the right hairstyle before the wedding. For brides with a short haircut, it may seem that the options are just but a few.

Additionally, it may be quite challenging to find the right hairstyle with a short cut; if you have hair with a length that stops at the shoulders and not at the waist, it doesn’t mean you won’t have an amazing hairstyle when you walk down the aisle.

Also, it doesn’t mean you will miss fitting into the standard image of a typical bride since wedding fashion tendencies always change every year to a greater or lesser degree.

Stunning short wedding hairstyles

A long-haired bride contemplating a big chop will also not run out of ideas since several short hairstyles can give a fresh look that you have been craving. A cropped cut is a fantastic way to give your features and face an exquisite frame. Contemporary short and long hairstyles amaze many because of the plenty of interesting styling ideas. In case you are after a pixie cut or a longer hairstyle, the article lists several wedding-day hairstyles at shoulder-grazing length upwards.

How can you show off your short hair in the best light? In general, modern wedding hairstyles are very simple without the need for any unnecessary excesses. When the hairdresser uses lesser styling products, it will create a more fashionable look and this works for all seasons. In case your hair length needs an updo, it should look natural-looking and loose.

Short bridal hairstyles

A short haircut allows the use of stately hair accessories like combs, tiaras, hair clips, wedding headbands, bobby pins, and many others. They can as well match your wedding gown color or be a contrasting addition to your look.


Imitate long hairstyles if you have short hair. For instance, you can have your front tresses and bangs styled backward with a wedding veil covering the back of your head, or choose a compact floral composition instead. Additionally, short bob haircuts can provide a great opportunity to create breathtaking wedding updos that normally unimaginable because of their critically short length.

Bridal hairstyles with floral headpieces

Consider adding a floral headpiece to give your hair strands something extra to top up. For an appealing look, choose your favorite flowers to boost your own style; switch things up with a bright lip or choose neutral shades. It all depends on your favorite flowers!

In the picture, you can see this style of hair is combined with a half braided updo…. we love this style!


Side-swept bridal hair

The bride can pair a deep side part with a romantically side-swept bang. The style is favorable for both short and long hairstyles and is very easy to combine with a lot of wedding dresses.

The braided updo:

A braided half-updo is a great way to use as a wedding hairstyle. You can adorn your hair with extra flowers, beads, jewels,…


Spiral curls:

Both short and long hair will look great with romantic curls. How can you attain the curls on your hair? Allows your coils to be longer at the top while the sides should be cut extra short.

The results of this hairdo include tons of appealing volume and height which can contribute to a simple or effortless stylish look.


Wetlook bridal hairstyle for short hair


Green leaves crown: wedding hair

Instead of the common flowers used for weddings, opt for a crown made of lots of green leaves or ferns to serve as the best finishing touch. The earthly topper allows for a rich and organic aesthetic addition which is a step up from the traditional coastal and pale color palette.


Bohemian wedding hairstyles

Be a Boho goddess with a stylish bohemian hairdo that is suitable for both short and long hair length. Be a lovely bride by adding some structured spirals to an asymmetrical and flirtatious cut then choose a desert wedding venue like Palm Springs, California. The outcome will be bouncy and super playful hair.


Minimalist bridal hairstyles

The minimalist moment is perfect for minimal brides. Swoon over the sleek crop with sexy bangs styled in gradient lengths together with a deep side part for an additional oomph to the look.

Jeweled hairstyles

Jeweled headpieces have always been a classic to all bridal hairstyles be it with short or long hair lengths. The timeless accessories can be a bit wilder and also reflect an outgoing personality. A bride can choose a delicate accent to bring out just the perfect amount of sparkle and shine to dark looks without necessarily overpowering the entire ensemble.


Finger waves bridal hairstyle

The finger waves wedding hairstyle is another hairstyle amazing for both short and long hair lengths. The waves are ideal for all modern brides with glamorous, old souls; brushed-out finger waves give a chic look.

To finish up the look, the bride should be experimental and choose a hair color that perfectly harmonizes with the skin tone and an incredible veil. Keep turning heads at the wedding with this wedding hairstyle.


Glossy Glam bridal hair

This wedding hairstyle is perfect for a short-haired bride. A fashionista bride can perfectly juxtapose a blunt and glossy bob with full bangs coupled with an ultra-feminine wedding gown for a floral-filled event.


Rock chic wedding hair

A cool girl bride can take note of a statement updo like the rocker chic look which is only perfect for shorter hair lengths with bigger personalities. To get this look, get a crocheted faux hawk; combine this beautiful look with some bit of an edgy glamorous look for a perfect bridal look.


Audrey Hepburn bridal look

Add a fun accessory to play up with your hair and bridal look. The wedding style works for shorter hair lengths since it features mini bangs on a full pixie cut; the look gives out major Audrey Hepburn vibes. For a perfect finishing touch, top it up with a gold floral headband.


Modern hairstyles

A modern bride needs a modern mixed look. Simply rock a slick hardly-noticed crimped texture in your blonde tresses for the nuptials; pair the look with some classic earrings to match the flow perfectly.


French bridal hairstyles

You don’t have to skip the veil even when you got short hair. Pair up a full eye-brow skimming fringe with a chin-length bob. For a serious chic French girl look, add a birdcage veil that is set askew.


Edgy asymmetrical look

A bride cannot run out of shorter wedding hairstyles like this one. Get an asymmetrical pixie for some edginess to the bridal look. Alternatively, add some longer lengths of structures spirals to perfectly frame your face.


Hair combs

Top your ultra-short hair with a rich crop of a feminine floral hair comb. A beautiful floral hair comb adds warmth to the bride’s look and gets a pair of earrings that match the prevailing tone perfectly.


Wavy hairstyles for your wedding

Worry less if you have short hair since this wedding hairstyle will suit you well. Add some layers to your shag hairdo for extra movement and definition so that your gorgeous strands can flow with the wind. Additionally, be ready for some fantastic, windswept bridal photos and portraits.

Flowers in your hair

Another amazing wedding hairdo for short hair is adding blooms. Worry not since no bloom is ever big for a shorter hairdo. The trick a bride can use to pull this look effortlessly is to have the blooms placed like a headband on the forehead instead of using them as a crown topper. This arrangement will balance out the height of a natural hairdo without the need of adding any extra inches.


Curly wedding hairstyles

Get a natural look full of bouncy curls and leave the relaxers. Get the perfect look like a radiant bride by adding or tucking in some blossoms to the tight coils for a vivacious and feminine look.


Romantic wedding hairstyles

Epitomize a dreamy bride with curly and rich tendrils that fall gently around your stunning features as you walk down the aisle at your intimate destination nuptials.


Layers: ideal for a wedding look

A great wedding hairstyle for short hair is a layered bob. A short layered bob will give the illusion of length as it adds definition. Check out actress Jazmyn Simon who added some sense of vintage femininity to the entire bridal look with some glossy waves plus a deep side part adorned with a barrette.


Go with a very sleek bob

In case the bride is in the mood for a classy and sleek crop, or something more voluminous in mind, go ahead and get a voluminous crop.


Short hairstyles for your wedding with earrings

Make a statement with your looks by incorporating a short crop. This cool wedding hairstyle for short hair goes well with statement earrings therefore, make sure to get a pair and a pop of a bright color like orange to complete the look. Don’t forget a red vixen lip.


Short wedding hairstyles with a veil

A perfect wedding hairstyle for short hair is adding beach waves to a long bob. A minimalist birdcage veil for the lob makes it stand out.


Minimalist and simple look

Simplicity is everything. Make sure to include more intricate stylings to create much of a visual impact especially when the major aesthetic is minimalist and more paired back. The bride can get a short crop with natural texture and that is all that is needed to complement a breezy wedding ceremony.

Long hair bridal hairstyles

Big bold braid as a wedding hairstyle

In case you have a very long Rapunzel-like hair, plait it into a fairytale-worthy braid which is a gorgeous look for both night time and day time weddings. For a textured and relaxed look, ensure you pull some pieces out of the braid.


Faux bob? Ideal hairstyle for your wedding

Stay away from drastic moves like cutting your long hair short or into a bob just before your wedding. If you want to settle for chin-length hair but still want to maintain your hair long, try out the romantic faux bob inspired by Gatsby.


Side-parted curls

Any beautiful bride can choose side-swept bangs for a beautiful wedding hairstyle. Brighten up this look by adding waves to highlight the natural makeup and a lace veil. To lock in this look, make sure to add some hold hairspray.


Low ballerina bun: wedding hairstyle

The traditional ballerina bun is a great wedding hairstyle for long hair. Wear the bun a bit lower on the crown of the head to effortlessly support a flowing veil. Buy several pins like the 100 pack eBoot pins that are U shaped. The pins will keep your hair in place during your big day.


The natural curls look

One outstanding celebrity that was able to pull out a bold look like natural curls on her wedding day is Solange in 2014 when she married Alan Ferguson. To ensure that your hair is light on frizz and well-moisturized, don’t forget to apply a hair mask beforehand. Choose a suitable deep conditioner for that purpose.


The old Hollywood waves look

Get a look similar to the duchess of Cambridge during her wedding day with some old Hollywood waves for your wedding hairstyle. Finish the look with a veil and glittering crown combo. You can also use a soft curl iron to add elegant waves or a big voluminous hair that is perfectly curled at the ends.


The retro half-up bouffant look

In case the bride has short hair, an ideal wedding hairstyle would be the bouffant which is very easy to achieve with temporary extensions.


The twisted updo look

Getting an elegant braid may seem complex but it takes up to ten minutes to pull it off. Not only is the twisted updo perfect for a wedding hairstyle but it is also an excellent pick for a regular hairdo too.


The Gatsby finger wave look

A timeless wedding hairstyle we can’t get tired of is the great Gatsby finger waves. For a more vintage feel and extra flair, place a simple jeweled pin in your hair.



The retro half-up bouffant look

In case the bride has short hair, an ideal wedding hairstyle would be the bouffant which is very easy to achieve with temporary extensions.


The twisted updo look

Getting an elegant braid may seem complex but it takes up to ten minutes to pull it off. Not only is the twisted updo perfect for a wedding hairstyle but it is also an excellent pick for a regular hairdo too.



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