20x Wedding hairstyles for short and long hair (2020)

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2020)

A dream day for so many girls since their childhood is their wedding day. It is her day, and everything has to be on spot. No loop holes. The day brings happiness, anxiety and many memorable moments. With the décor, dress, makeup and every little accessory being as desired, the hairstyle can never be taken casually.

The perfect wedding hairstyles are the cherry on the cake!

Her beauty is blossomed by her unique dress, her gorgeous makeup and finally the hairstyle that gives an aura of her personality. This makes her the queen on her big day. The hairstyle is what complements the entire look of the wedding day. However, there are key factors that must be analyzed before deciding a hairstyle.

Match your wedding hairstyle with your wedding dress

Before you choose your hairstyle, you must keep in mind what sort of dress are you wearing. If the dress is heavy with beads, embellishments, too much embroidery or stone work one could go with a rather subtle hair look. Additionally, if the dress is considerably simple and elegant, a gaudy hairdo would look great. Furthermore, your dress and hair style must reflect you.

What’s your hair type?

Hair texture, their length and weather conditions play a vital role in the choice of hair styles. Wedding taking place in a cooler weather or indoors with cooling, would be an indication that curling hair isn’t is a bad idea. However, if the weather is hot and humid, its advisable to get hair tied up in order to avoid them from becoming frizzy or limp with oil. The styles you choose, regardless they are intricate or not must compensate your hair length. Short hair could be set up using extensions for instance or hair that is too long could be tied up in a loose bun.

To wear a veil, or not to wear a veil

It depends whether you choose to wear a veil or not. Wearing a veil can sometimes, smash your hair or its weight might lead to your tied-up hair to go in a bad shape. If your veil is lighter, you could choose to have dramatic hair styles. If you choose not to wear a veil at all, that gives you a couple of possibilities for choosing out of the many options available. Without a veil you could go with hairstyles including tiaras or more intricate and elegant styles with hair ornaments.

Trendy hairstyles or classy ones?

Make sure your hair style is trendy, so you have no regrets. Trendy bridal hair styles include long and big braids, loose buns, French buns, big buns with flowers and hairdos with halos or tiaras. One can always use different sources for picking the best hair styles, be it the internet, your friends advising you or your hair stylist. Additionally, you could have your chosen hair do done before the actual day to see how well it fits with your dress, the look you want and your face cut.

Since, your wedding is your special day, choose what you feel most comfortable with. This leads to brides being confident and content with what they have chosen. And, nothing can beat a beautiful confident bride! Cheers!




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