How to style short hair? (styling tips for a short hairdo)

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2019)

You had the hairdresser cut you a short hairstyle.. but how do you style short hair anyway? Styling short hair isn’t that easy. More than once I went outside with a nice short haircut (you know… you suddenly follow the hair trends of that season blindly) to find out one day and a wash later that you really don’t know how to style your new short hair. Oh, what now? Don’t worry, we’ve collected some of the very best styling tips for short hair, so you can learn to style your short hairstyle quickly!

Tips for styling short hair
Slick back / wetlook style

We see this style very often, but you have to have balls for it! Some of the celebrities who wear this style very often are Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway,… The most important thing about this look is that your short haircut looks really wet, not that it looks like a greasy mess on your head. That’s why good hair products are so important! Test some products and see which products will give you the wet look you want. A slick back hair style is easy to make, as long as you have the right tools for it!

Make a mini bun

Looking for a quick styling way for your short haircut? Then a mini bun is just the thing for you! Admittedly, this will be a difficult hairstyle if you wear a pixie cut, but if you have longer hair (longer shorter hair, is that how you say it? :p), you can definitely try this! This hairstyle is very nonchalant and fun and will be ready in no time at all – literally. It may not always be possible to get your elastic in your hair: try to spray some hairspray in your hair and secure your elastic with a few hairpins. Ah, bobby pins. Love!

Wear your hair tangled

And we’ll continue with the super-fast styling tips: get your hair tangled up! You know, the net-off-bed-looks-but-not-real-wall-what-will-my-rebelt-explode. I feel ya. This is the well-kept version of it, you know? A bit like a natural makeup look that mimics your bare bottom face, quoi. Some of our favourite styling products to make your short hair messy: a good dry shampoo, hair oil for your hair tips and some extra shine and a good wax.

Put a flat iron through it.

Don’t you want to spend too much time in your haircut, but do you want your short hair to look groomed? Then run a flat iron through your hair and that’s it, your look is ready! By the way, don’t forget to prep your hair thoroughly with a heat protection before you start using straighteners, curling irons or hairdryers? Your hair will thank you very much!

Use pins

short haircuts-styling-pinsA-ha! You can brighten up your short hair with pins. Put them in a certain shape in your hair (make a nice chevron shape, go for geometric shapes,…). Choose between inconspicuous or very conspicuous pins and let yourself go. So, another styling tip for short hair! (Photo)

Half updo

Did you know that you can also easily create an updo in short hair? Well, half up, then. Here too, you need some pins, but make sure they are firmly attached.

Make curls in your short hair

Short-cut styling curls It’s not because you have short hair that you can’t curl your hair. Admittedly, it’s a little harder than when you curl long hair, but if you practice for a while, you’ll have the technique fast! You can make all kinds of curls in your hair, but it also depends very much on the length of your hair. Fix your curls with a good hairspray, so they stay in your hair longer.

Wear a diadem

The diadem, the hair accessory of the eighties and nineties, is all back. Yes, we are going back to the hairband and the diadem en masse. If we cursed our parents for years when we saw old children’s photos again, we now buy them ourselves! But, today’s tiara’s are different! They don’t hurt your head so much anymore and just look much nicer. Have you found a faster way to make your short haircut look better?

The hip half-bun, also for short hair

The half-bun is extremely hip these days, and even if you have a short cup, you can make this haircut really easy! You’ll need: a hair elastic, sliding pins and a little hairspray and shine spray.

Middle parting

I’ve been talking for a while about hair trends from the eighties and nineties that are making a comeback, well… the middle parting is becoming hip again! If for years we went to great lengths to make our cursed middle part fall into a side parting, we can now just drop our hair just as they like it. By the way, you can also add a little glitter to your side parting (ideal as a Christmas haircut or as a haircut for the holidays).


The undercut is one of the toughest short haircuts we’re going to see this season! Tough chicks like Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johannson now wear an undercut with a longer haircut and it has become a much sought-after hairstyle for hairdressers. Now short haircuts need some extra maintenance anyway, with an undercut haircut that’s certainly the case. So if you don’t want to sit at the hairdresser’s every couple of weeks for a fresh short haircut, don’t let it cut or shave (photo).

Pixie cut with lots of texture

Do you want a short haircut that you don’t have to style? Then choose a pixie cut with a lot of texture cut into it! Of course, this depends entirely on your own type of hair … but a good hairdresser can certainly advise you on this. Our top seller to get a lot of texture in your hairstyle: dry shampoo!

Beachy waves in short hairstyles?

We’ve been talking about curls as styling for short hair for a while now, but the beach waves are also an option! You can make these with a curling wall (this is our favorite) or a curling iron (another big favorite at Glamourista), you just need a slightly different technique every time. Finish your waves with a little hairspray. Do you have very straight hair? Prep your hair with a beach waves spray (often a salt spray for in the hair).

Braiding your short hairstyle

Short-hair-braid-stylingStyle a way to style your short hairstyle: make a braid in your short hair! Even ladies with a short haircut can still braid their hair, although some more detail work is needed. Again: little pins are your best friend! Make a few small braids to get a bohemian look.

Dry shampoo

The secret to confusedly styled short hair? That’s dry shampoo! But huh, why would you use it? Well, it creates a lot of volume in your hair (make sure you brush your hair well afterwards so you don’t have any white shine in your hair). Nowadays there are also coloured dry shampoos that you can use as a brunette, so you won’t suffer from a white haze in your hair. And: you can also choose between different delicious scents (these are my favorite dry shampoos that are not tested on animals).


I already told you that diadem make a comeback, but also the hairbands are back! Hairbands will make your haircut look good very quickly. If you want your hairband to stay in place all day, attach it to the back of your head with a pin.

Faux bangs or a real pony

Short-cut-style ponyHad you heard of faux bangs? Faux bangs a.k.a. a fake pony is also a very nice way to style your short hairstyle completely different. With a pony your hairstyle gets a whole new look! You can still choose between an angled pony, an ultra-short pony, a straight pony, … there are so many options! You actually comb your hair in a certain way and fix it with – yes, here they are again – pins (photo).

Make a pompadour

Honestly, I love hairstyles with a pompadour. They literally and figuratively add a lot of ‘oomph’ to your hairstyle and I love the sixties vibe that gets your hair through. Tease your hair a little or use extra dry shampoo, you’re going to be able to use it! Then you fix your hair with a pin. Now you can choose whether you like to make a haircut of your short hairstyle, or whether you prefer to go for a half put on hairstyle. At least you already have the volume, this is a perfect way to get extra volume in your short hair.

Large braid from bottom to top

Didn’t we discuss the braids for short hairstyles? There is still one species that I would like to discuss separately: namely a large braid that starts at the bottom (so you already need longer neck hairs) and that ends at the top of your head. Not so difficult to make, but it has an impressive effect.

20’s Flapper style

Ah, I can’t make an article about short hairstyles and not mention the beautiful 20’s flapper hair trend, can I? Again it’s a hairstyle you can make with some bobby pins and a lot of hair mousse and hairspray, but it’s definitely worth a try!


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