How to prolong your smartphone’s battery life

How do your smartphone and battery last as long as possible? Smartphones are not cheap: how can you ensure that your expensive purchase lasts as long as possible? Until about six years ago I still had my old iPhone 3G. Admittedly, I couldn’t do much with it anymore and in the long run I couldn’t update the software at all, but I still liked it so much to use that smartphone for so long.

Tips for prolonging the life of your smartphone battery

Electronics: made to break

Unfortunately, a lot of electronics have something built in to make them break down very quickly, especially smartphones! If you don’t drop them and the screen is so cracked that you have to have your screen replaced anyway, the charging ports often break down or you can’t update the software after a few years. That makes your smartphone unsafe and so you are forced to make a new purchase. Too bad…

But what can you do to make your smartphone and battery last as long as possible?

1. Protect your smartphone with a case

Very important if you want to do it with your smartphone for years: use a case! I’m quite a clumsy person myself… that is to say: my smartphone is thundering very unevenly on the floor once a week. Thanks to her not-so-handy boss. For me, a smartphone case helps very well to at least absorb the first shock, I’ve never even had a broken screen in all my years of dropping a smartphone! Although I have to say that after my old iPhone 3G I didn’t buy an iPhone either and switched to Samsung and Huawei (Honor): that has something to do with it, I think. And since the screens of iPhones are much more sensitive to cracks, here are some sturdy and beautiful iPhone 11 cases (hey, the eye wants something too!).

2. Don’t let your battery charge all night long

Another mistake (which I often make myself… mea culpa, mea culpa): have your battery charged all night long. It’s such an easy habit, isn’t it? You crawl into bed, plug in your smartphone to charge and in the morning your smartphone is fully charged and juiced to help you through the day. Only: we let the battery charge for way too long. I only try to charge my smartphone after 10pm because this is a night rate for your electricity, so maybe I should try to plug in my phone at 10pm until we go to sleep, maybe that’s enough. Let me test that for once!

3. New-new-new isn’t vital

What if… you don’t even need that very latest shiny model anymore? After my iPhone 3G I decided not to buy an iPhone myself, how beautiful I thought those rose gold iPhones were. I couldn’t spend the money on it anymore. Meanwhile I lived on my own and no way that I was going to spend a month’s rent on a phone. Well, I can imagine that you were sold to iOS, but did you know that you can also ‘save’ phones and give them a second life?

4. Take a look at refurbished smartphones

I told you above: maybe the very latest model is way too expensive for your budget or you don’t want to spend that money on a brand-new phone. Understandable! I love refurbished electronics: I bought my Macbook Air almost 2,5 years ago and I’m still very satisfied with it. And all this while in electronics terms it’s really an old thing: originally my Air is from 2013! But it’s refurbished, so it’s completely upgraded and can last for a few more years. Very nice, because I love that laptop! Last summer I bought a Macbook retina in rose gold (originally from 2017). Not only do you pay a lot more for refurbished electronics (and therefore also refurbished smartphones), but you often get warranty (at a good company anyway), support and the parts and the laptop itself get a second life. Really, I can only recommend it!

So if you really need to replace your smartphone, this is really a very good option. Just watch where you get your refurbished stuff, not all companies are equally good. But more about that soon!

5. Be careful with all of the ports

It seems rather obvious: but beware of your ports! Don’t pull your charging plug out of the charging port and don’t fidget until the plug is finally in place. Again: mea culpa, mea culpa! Plus: Maya also tripped over it once so she yanked the charging plug out. Not so good…

So yeah: be careful with those ports: often they can’t even be restored 🙁

Tips for prolonging the life of your smartphone battery

So annoying: your smartphone battery is always empty just when you need it! Let’s suppose your battery is almost dead, but you really need your smartphone (you’re still on the road, at a party, at a festival, wanting to check the bus or train schedule,…): what now?


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