Make-up ideas for the holidays (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Hanukkah): festive make-up

To get in the holiday spirit, check out these fabulous make-up looks that you can do for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Whether you are looking to look like a sexy snow princess or want to go for an elegant winter wonderland goddess, here are some of our favorite tips and tricks when it comes to creating the perfect holiday makeup!

If you are struggling to find the perfect make-up look for this holiday season, then don’t worry! This article is filled with great tips and tricks that will help you feel confident in your own skin.

Whether it’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve, there are plenty of looks to choose from so let us help you find one that fits your style.

Party makeup is always magic because you can go a bit further extra for a festive feel.

In this article, we’ll show you some amazing party looks, as well as very simple festive make-up for beginners. 

Holiday make-up looks

The Smokey eyes with lush lashes

Lush lashes give you a dramatic look. The lashes are very thick to an extent that you can barely see a shadow; even with every blink, you can almost ‘feel’ a light breeze.

This makeup look features some smudge around your eyes and it enhances the smolder of the look. Complete the look with a natural pink matte lip.

soft-smokey-eyes png


The light Smokey eye makeup look

A good thing about most makeup tutorials is how often they feature variations of the smokey eye; a perfect example is the softer smokey eye.

You can get this beautiful makeup look for a sultry or lightheaded look. The light smokey eyes smolder and match your skin.

Enhance your look with an incredible lip color; this look is undoubtedly made to be seen.

smokey-eyes png


Rose, red, and Gold


Another soft and sweet makeup look features a matte of rose or light pink, bright red, or a golden lip. Improve the look with a thick fan of lashes.

Mix and match red tones of lipstick with a rosy blush for your eyelashes; the subtle colors go well together since they don’t overshadow each other.


Iridescent pink makeup look

As expected, this holiday season will feature plenty of makeup looks that have a touch of shine, glimmer, and shine.

This look is different from the rest since you can boost the shine on the lips by the highlights on the face and any shimmers you may have on the corners of your eyes.

Red lip makeup look

Rich red lips never disappoint; they steal the show. Precision highlighting and serious contouring give out a warm look that is subtle but neat.

Make sure to look for a matte red colour that remains moisturized after application; it will appear freshly applied even some few hours after application.

Golden glitter makeup

The golden glitter makeup may not be a favorite for everyone; however, a touch of a creamy gold color on your eyelids enhanced with a thick liner to soften the shouting color can make a significant difference without necessarily being over the top.

Go for a soft shade when choosing a color for your lips preferably a matte gloss for an easy going and comfortable makeup look for the annual holiday parties or for an evening out with your family.


The modern mermaid

In case you are a fan of dramatic flair, you may want to consider this look. Regardless of whether the event you’re going to attend is themed or not, this look definitely rocks.

Every angle of your eyes reflects the somewhat peacock shaded shimmer; this makeup look beautifully blends with any of your outfit and it’s a feature that steals the looks.

Get well placed blush and a nude shimmering lip and any highlighter that works well with the contour; the treat of the makeup design are your shimmering eyes.

Rose toned makeup

This make up look needs a clean finish to it but it makes perfect use of a deeply coloured set of several rosy shades.

What stands out with this makeup look is adding highlights on your face to accent the glow from the rose coloured pigments.

Rose Gold makeup

You will discover that only a few makeup looks for the holiday have shades of red shadow. However, this look is fantastic and hopefully in the future, it can be the start of a new trend.

Accentuate the shades of red with shades of gold together with a coral matte to give out a fierce but soft look. It’s not just a simple look; it is dramatic and statement making.

Bold gold makeup

Put some gold eyeliner on your lids and create the perfect example of bold lined eyes. Match the gold eyeliner with some soft lip gloss.; the two work together.

With every glance or every look, show off the golden glimmer on your eyelids in a subtle way.

Ensure that the lip gloss doesn’t have an overshadowing shade; for instance, look for a look for a tinted velvet lip gloss.


The classic cat eye and red lip makeup look

This makeup look is a great choice for parties. Update the classic cat-eye look by matching it with a bold red look. Another great option is a red matte lip with a brown base and silvery-white eyelids having a detailed cat-eye.

This look works all the time especially when going out to a party since you won’t have to worry about the outfit to wear; it can also match any other setting as well.


Cotton candy smokey eyes makeup look

This particular holiday makeup look features an amazing lighthearted look that goes well with high-shine pink lipstick and cotton candy-colored hair.

Ensure that the contouring is very light but effective and as a result, it leaves the full focus on the eyes. Try out this hypnotizing holiday makeup look.


Metallic Smokey eyes makeup look

Although the way to style this makeup look is not exactly the same as the peacock feather, the look is perfect for the holiday season during parties.

It features visible shades of glitter which give out a multifaceted appearance.

For an eye-catching party makeup look, go for a nude lipstick and ultra-long lashes; they perfectly match and give out a bold attention look.


The holiday sparkle makeup look

Compared to other makeup looks mentioned above, this look is different because it features more sparkle than all of them.

The holiday sparkle look looks amazing with a soft pink lip; in addition, for an adorable and fresh appearance, use a glitter gel on the hair.

It is advisable to apply some glitter gel for an undercut hairstyle for more volume to the waves. This makeup look get a thumbs up for originality.


The silver lining makeup look

Most of the holiday makeup looks either have an astonishing feature or an element of surprise.

For the silver lining makeup look, it’s no different; the sparkling silver line brings out darker shadows and the deep black defining line plus fully lush lashes.

Add some silver sheen, taupe or brown tones along with some highlights to create a contrast of color which is beautifully reflected with a matte taupe shade of lipstick.


The metallic lip makeup look

The metallic category has several holiday makeup looks including the metallic lip.  This fantastic holiday makeup look consists of any number of elements; there is something special that always happens when you mix by yourself a metallic lipstick to form a custom shade.

You get to have a variety of results when you blend several colors to make the right lipstick that suits you.

For example, lipstick that can come out so well is a mixture of a gold metallic color, a berry, and purple.

Nude and smokey eyes

For a perfect holiday makeup look, always have a nude lip accompanied by a smokey eye.

You can as well add some shimmer as expected.

A nude lip with some shine and a shimmering smokey eye works very well on almost every person.

Molten metal glow makeup look

Get a glow for the holidays with this makeup look. Make sure to correctly apply and perfectly blend your eye shadow so that it looks like some molten metal dream.

To complete the look, pair the look with some silver hair.

For instance, a brown matte lipstick is a stunning addition to complete the look; it keeps to the established colour spectrum giving out a rich detail.

Smokey and glowing makeup look

Create a smokey effect for your makeup look this holiday with a glowing, fresh and clean skin.

Get a smokey effect with specific colours like a perfect blend of taupes and browns, or any other shades to match and accentuate your natural skin tone.

The look is among the best go-to-party makeup looks for any event; besides, you can have it flexibly worn with a dramatic or a glamorous outfit for a day look.

The pink shimmery makeup look

Pink is the favorite go-to colour for a smooth makeup look. The colour is vibrant without being too much at the same time.

Choose the soft makeup look for the holiday and you won’t be disappointed. This shade of pink contains a touch of shimmer plus a fabulous shine on the lips.

An advantage of the smokey pink eye is that it works well for various skin tones and it also looks amazing on camera.

Classic makeup look

The signature look for the classic makeup features a cat eye and a bold red lip; during the holidays, you can include an element of glitter.

For instance, try out smokey shades of gunmetal and silver with some touch of blue; you can apply the blue glitter generously only make sure that that the combination blends well.

Alternatively, thick lashes can replace the cat eye liner but keep the bold red lip using an on trend matte lipstick.


Bold metallic maroon makeup look

A soft eye and soft makeup combination looks ravishing; get the spotlight by adding metallic maroon lips.

Maroon colour is vibrant and it shows the right amount of metallic shimmer to it.

To pull this look perfectly, the eye makeup should be light but one which complements your eyes. You don’t have to contour meaning you can also consider a light makeup look for the holiday.


Subtle glimmer makeup look

Subtle glimmer aims at giving you a soft makeup look.

Try out glitter and shimmer during the holiday and enhance your look at the inner corners of your eyes and some gleam over the eyelids. Winged eye liner is gorgeous and it gives the entire look some bit of boost.

To complement the party makeup look, incorporate a nude, matte lip perfect for making you stand out without being overpowering.


Shimmery winged eye liner makeup look

Try out a winged liner for the holiday and get a beautifully bold look; top it off with some shimmer on the shadows.

For your lips, choose a soft colour rather than overpowering lipstick as long as it has a hint of colour to it and a great shine.

Bronze makeup look

Keep it light this holiday by adding gold and bronze for your makeup look. This fantastic makeup look is flattering and fascinating.

Additionally, you can wear any dress and outfit with it since it has a neutral shade for your lips and it’s approachable and easy-going as well.

The shadow is long-wear and it blends beautifully.

Berry makeup look

When done incorrectly, most rich berry colours appear overwhelming, however, they are used to create a perfect party makeup look.

The look can be sultry and soft; it can also show off the fullness of your lips irrespective of the colour you choose. Accent your eyes perfectly and make them look wider by adding long lashes.


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