How to get the perfect winter coat for your figure

During this time of the year, most people are probably looking for various types of winter coats to dress their body types. You should not be left behind even when you got a few coats in the closet since some may make you look bigger than you or they feel sloppy on your body. Look for a guide available online to help you pick the right winter coat that suits your figure. This article will mention the four general body types and how to choose the perfect winter coat.

The way winter coats fit will either boost or hide our assets. The main objective of getting a winter coat is to bring out the better sides of your body and hide the not so appealing parts. In addition, a good winter coat helps you find that good balance your body type needs.  Below are some suggestions about how to pick the right winter coat.

The hourglass figure

The hourglass body type is also known as the cinched waist features a curvy top and a curvy bottom as well.

No doubt this body type blends perfectly with a comfortable and flexible winter coat. The best winter coat for this body type is one with a tie waist because it flatters your figure with a flare and fit style. Another type of winter coat is a wrap coat; it accentuates the hourglass figure and makes things appear proportionate.

The triangle figure

Also known as the fit and flare body type, the triangle figure characterizes a wider hip and narrow shoulders. With a triangle figure, look for a winter coat that is fit and flare since they are more comfortable and flattering as well compared to the straight up winter coats or the puffer jackets or the down pea coats that usually restrict the hip area thereby making it challenging to freely move about.

Alternatively, a triangle figure looks great with a winter coat that has a voluminous neckline with fur or lapels; it brings out an hourglass illusion and balances out additional volume from the flare coat. Besides, other flattering styles feature winter coats that tie at the waist and those that flare out.

The inverted triangle body type

The inverted triangle figure or the non-bulky body type features wider shoulders and busts. The most appropriate winter coats for this figure are the non-bulky winter coats. Make sure to pick a winter coat with sleek lines and minimal or no details at the top. Another great choice is a classy button down coat; it should feature a large neckline or bulky pockets is stunning and so flattering since there is less volume on top. Remember that you don’t need to draw attention towards the top part of your winter coat.

The rectangular figure

A rectangular type is one with a straight up and down body figure. With this figure, you don’t have much of a waistline therefore, keep off from a cinched waist and focus on a winter coat with more patterns, lots of textures, and volume. Such details brings out an illusion of curves at just the right places. Choose a winter coat with more volume on the collar or any patterns that make your waist look flattering; also, try to draw attention to your waist.

Take your time to find the perfect fitting coat which will make you feel you best as you go about your day. Make sure to put your best foot forward it could be a long winter in the Midwest.

Whether you’re oval, pear, strawberry, square, or hourglass, you can find the style that suits you. Some types of winter coats that fit your body types are mentioned below:


The pear shape coat

Pear shaped women smaller up top with a bottom half that is shapelier; they also have distinct hips and narrow shoulders. With this type of body shape, a flattering look includes layered looks together with dipped hems. Sometimes, your instincts could tell you put more emphasis on your narrow upper body by donning tops that are slim fitting; however, doing this will only create unbalanced proportions on your body and make the lower part of your body look bigger than it really is.

A cowl neck tends to light volume at the top of the coat and freely falls over your hips making your upper body accentuated; it flatters your derriere as well. A sleeveless winter coat also emphasizes your slender arms.

A rectangle shape coat

When you have a rectangle shaped body type, the shoulders and hips are relatively the same width plus the waist isn’t pronounced; the difference between the shoulders and hips are approximately plus or minus 5cm in width. What it means is that you won’t need to balance out any proportions on your body; besides, you can chose asymmetric or clean cuts to accentuate your upright silhouette.

Androgynous silhouettes and several minimal cuts of your choice look striking on women with this rectangle shape body type.  Winter coats that feature this design bring out the line of your figure very well through its streamlined and simple cut.

An oval shape coat

An oval shaped figure means that you have slim ankles and slim legs plus narrow shoulders therefore, the widest area on your body lies at the center part. With this figure, don’t make a mistake of concealing your figure beneath wide coats. Your best coat features a style with an open cut, and a unique design that flows over the stomach area. Also, a winter coat with an open front visually stretches the upper body. Another fabulous alternative are short winter coats to place a bit of emphasis on the slender lower body.

A strawberry shaped coat

Women with strawberry shaped figures are notably athletic with curvy upper arms, broad shoulders, and a bigger bust. The biggest assets on this body type are the slender legs and narrow hips. The perfect winter coat has patterns or darker colours. Darker tones are advantageous with this body type since they merge into the background and result in making the upper body look visibly slimmer.

Other great options include open and tailored cuts; similar designs visually soften and stretch an athletic figure and they also draw attention onto your slender legs and slim hips. In addition, winter coats with loose sleeves give some freedom of movement for your fuller upper arms.

An hourglass shaped coat

A big bust, wide hips, and a slim waist are the main features of the hourglass body type. Look for winter coats that draw attention to the waist and lightweight as well so that they don’t add in unnecessary bulk. Get one with a somewhat flared bottom half to flatter the hips. A classic beige design will never be out of fashion but try out denim designs for a more contemporary look.

Almost straight coat

This type of winter coat skims your body as it flows straight down instead of nipping in at your waist. This doesn’t mean you can’t add some colour or detail or modify the shape of the coat collar. The style is the best of women of any figure and ideal for daytime. The shorter versions are more splendid since they are very chic and can be worn on special occasions too.

Dress coats

For more tailored winter coats, choose the dressy winter coats. They could range from straight ones to a-shaped silhouettes. For a more retro style, consider a swing coat that will nip in at the waist; it’s a perfect choice over a flared skirt too. Dress coats are suitable for women with an hourglass body type. Choose a fabric that won’t be too thick to maintain a clean sleek line. For more drama, a winter coat with a flared skirt is fantastic.

Menswear-inspired winter coats

Menswear-inspired winter coats are very stylish for several occasions. Suitable for women with any figure, you can choose to wear a more feminine dress to bring out a contrast or, wear it over a sweater and jeans with loafers or booties.

For more style points, you can match two trends in one like a menswear-inspired style with another on-trend print like plaid. Like any other classic and masculine cuts, be free to experiment with feminine pieces or settle with menswear-inspired pieces in brilliant shades and prints.

Women’s parka winter coats

As much as parka winter coats are awesome for weekends and great for keeping warm, be careful with the puffy thick parkas that add bulk. The best parka winter coats are mostly tailored at the waist area. You won’t go wrong with these coats especially if you don’t want to overthink your outerwear. Perfect for women with any body type or figure, try out leggings, eye catching shoes or fitting jeans to complement them.

Look for quality

Knowing your body type is essential; additionally, consider other factors too before you settle for the perfect winter coat. Make sure to carefully read every label; you will discover that most winter coats are made out of cheap acrylics whether they are designer wear with significant price points. At times, items advertised as ‘wool’ only consist of a small percentage of wool the rest being nylon and spandex. For example, during a snow storm, a winter coat made from polyester won’t keep you warm but instead, you will sweat a lot leaving behind a funky feet smell. Ensure that quality is a priority especially when you’re ready to spend a significant amount on pricey winter coats. Interestingly though, Zara and H&M have affordable woolen winter coats among the cheaper category.

As you conduct your search for the right winter coat that perfectly fits your body, be prepared for disappointment. Keep on trying until you find the right winter coat for you figure since you may get disappointed the first time you try to make it fit; never be discouraged when you fail. Optimism and persistence will help you in the end.

Currently, there are several coat retailers available. Patience is vital when trawling through all these stores; when you are after the perfect coat, you have to see all the coats not leaving any behind. It takes time and resolve because the right coat for you figure wont simply appear with the goods.

Have sufficient room for additional layers underneath

Having enough room for more layers underneath goes without saying. You should be able to fit some layers underneath your winter coat whenever you want to. You may find out that most winter coats you come across have room around the torso area but when it comes to the arms, this part could be ridiculously skinny. Not having sufficient space or room beneath your winter coat is the most uncomfortable and restricting thing to experience because all your layers will undoubtedly twist in all and different directions making you feel as though your arms are stuffed and smooshed.


Knowing your body type helps you know what will work for you. Check your height and body type first because plenty of styles may be overwhelming and make you appear like a pile of coats walking around rather than a human. Ensure you know what you are looking for and what will suit your figure best be it the calf-length, collared, hooded, knee-length, tie-waist, button-up, double breasted and many others. As a result, you eliminate a pile of winter coats that don’t suit you anymore.

Ensure your winter coats have pockets

Make sure your winter coat has pockets no matter how perfect the coat looks like. it is pointless buying a winter coat with no pockets when you are making your way through snow and storms and you got no place for tucking in your hands.

Warmth not trends

Your first priority should be warmth rather than trends when looking for the best winter coat to suit your figure. The whole idea is not only to look for something stylish but also that which is extremely warm. When push comes to shove, you shouldn’t sacrifice significant warmth for a style that will be out of trend in the next few months. An on-trend and classic winter coat will only take you through the month of December; you may try to convince yourself that your winter coat will take you through January but when it’s still sub-zero in February, there will be no fashion that will be worth the cold you feel each time you leave the house.


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