Sneaker trends 2023 – sneakers 2023

Sneaker trends 2023 – sneakers 2023: As with all fashion items, sneakers also have to deal with trends. Every season, influencers are photographed wearing a different pair.

Some are unsightly, but others are copied unthinkingly by the whole country.

But what exactly are the sneaker trends for 2023? Below you can see an overview of our favorite sneakers 2023.

Sneakers 2023


Sneaker trends 2023

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Retro and vintage

A classic among the sneaker trends for 2023 once again remains the retro sneaker. Major brands continue to reissue sneakers from 20 years ago. What used to be hip is returning in its time.

Brands like Reebok, Vans and Adidas are responding perfectly to this trend and have linked much of their collection to the retro look. For example, think of the Vans Old Skool in red or the Fila Disruptor.




Platform for height

Looking taller without wearing heels has never been easier! Sneakers with an extra thick sole are something everyone has at home these days.

Not only do they look trendy, but they also give you extra height. So for the smaller ladies among us, this seems like the perfect solution. But not to worry, even if you are taller, these sneakers look great.

For example, check out these Nike Air Force 1 Shadow sneakers.




All the colors of the rainbow

Bright colors are seen more often in sneakers lately, therefore this trend cannot be missed among the sneaker trends for 2023. Usually these shoes are real eye-catchers.

Last year we already saw that sneakers with bright colors were very popular.

Compared to 2020, this year’s sneakers feature more color combinations.

Both striking combinations of various (bright) colors, as well as white sneakers with subtle colorful details will be seen a lot, especially in spring. You can also wear them easier than you might think right now.

They look nice with quiet and minimalist outfits, but also bold with a print or other color.

See below the Adidas Falcon sneakers for women.




White and minimalist: white sneakers

If you don’t like all those colors at all, there is also the option of going for an all-white sneaker.

This trend has been around for a while now but remains popular. Easy to combine with all your outfits, suitable for any occasion, and both sporty and trendy.

That characterizes the white sneakers. Buy whatever you like – you really can’t go wrong with a pair of simple white sneakers.

Take a look at these Cali Sport sneakers from PUMA California.


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Thick, big sneakers

It was the emergence of the Balenciaga Triple S in late 2016 that got things going. Although the world was initially hesitant, fashion insiders and fashion industry influencers have now fully embraced the look, so much so that every brand, from high street to high-end, is now making big, bulky sneakers.

Consequently, among the sneaker trends for 2023, this one is still highly rated. To me, these sneakers mainly remind me of the sneakers we wore in the 90s!




‘Cheap’ sneakers

When you were younger, it was impossible – according to yourself – to walk out the door with unbranded sneakers.

Nowadays, that’s no longer true, thank goodness! More and more fashion chains are releasing their own sneakers.

And they look nice too! So don’t feel encumbered anymore to go for a cheaper one. Stores like Guts & Gusto and Only have nice acquisitions for a low price in their webshops.





Pastel colors

In addition to a minimalist or just hugely busy shoe, you’ll also look great with a sneaker with pastel colors. They look really girly. Especially go for this kind of sneaker if you normally hardly wear sneakers. Bet you’ll like them anyway.







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