Bag Trends for 2023: must-have bags for the season

Bag trends for 2023 – Are you looking for the bag trends for 2023? Then you’ve come to the right place! Women (and men) spend more than almost any other fashion item on luxury handbags.

I must admit am absolutely crazy about handbags, backpacks…. everything! That’s why I’m very curious to know what the bag trends will be in the coming year.


Partly because, unlike other clothing items, they retain their value and even grow over the years. (Photo: Icons8 Team / Unsplash)

So it’s time to list the bag trends for 2023. These will be the biggest trends:

  1. Thick chains and belts
  2. Big shoppers
  3. Micro bags
  4. Crocodile leather
  5. Saddle bags
  6. Bucket bags
  7. Messenger bags
  8. Round bags and bucket bags
  9. White bags
  10. Vintage bags
  11. Big clutches

Bag trends 2023

Bag trend: Thick chains and belts

Chains were a big trend for bag trends in 2020, as for shoes and other accessories. They add a rugged and industrial touch to high-fashion bags. Also in 2023, these thick belts and eye-catching necklaces will remain a trend. Consider, for example, Hvisk’s beloved Cayman.

We see this trend coming back to couture brands and high end brands such as Bottega Veneta (Bottega Veneta Casette bag), Dior,… but also the ‘smaller’ brands are along with this trend. So you can definitely shop this trend without your wallet having to suffer!





The great shopper: the all-rounder!

I’m absolutely crazy about shoppers myself and already have several in my collection. A few weeks ago I also wrote an article about them (the cutest leather shoppers) because I especially love leather shoppers/ leather shoppers.

They are just so easy to carry around, go with a lot of outfits and a nice shopper – at least in my opinion – really completes your look.

Although shoppers have a rather ‘bleh’ reputation, there are actually shoppers for sale that have that extra something. I bought this shopper, for example, with a partially braided front:


Micro bags: the comeback of the mini bag

A little over a year ago, small bags and mini purses suddenly popped up. And three guesses… We are far from finished with this fashion trend!

This year too, the small bags and micro bags are still a hit. And yes, we know, you can’t put much in these bags: at most your car key and a bank card, that’s about it. The bag trend of 2023: minimalism!

This trend is also returning to couture brands, but high street and cheaper brands have also jumped on the bandwagon.

Crocodile look

Crocodile leather: you’re either for it or you’re against it. That’s what crocodile leather often does: divide opinions.

Whether you think it’s a beautiful trend or not, it’s a big and important fashion trend for this year. We see many bags and micro bags in this leather: it still makes your bag stand out a bit more, even if the design is more simple.

Prefer not to wear real leather? You can also find fake crocodile leather, so even as a vegan you can easily wear this trend.

Hobo bags

We have not seen this bag trend for several years, but it is making a big comeback. A hobo bag is very nice because you can cram a lot of stuff in it!


Bamboo handles

One of the trends we spotted on the runways and a little later during Fashion weeks: bamboo handles!

Not ideal if you are always stuffing your bags like me – it weighs a bit and then the handles sometimes cut into your skin.

Saddle bags

Also undergoing a revival: saddle bags! These bags were hip several decades ago but we are now seeing them in abundance again. Often these saddle bags are combined with the thicker handles, logos or a chain.

Well-known saddle bags: the Dior

Hip bags and belt bags

We have seen the hip bag come back for several years now, especially the bum bags are already making a big comeback. The fanny packs we knew from the past do look a bit hipper now, although the “fanny packs” of yesteryear are on sale again.

Now we also have the belt bags that are totally popular again: these are little bags that you can attach – literally – to your belt. These are ideal if you still want to take some stuff with you, but don’t want to pack a separate bag.

So hip bags remain a big favorite this year as well, and most of them are designed to fit your body nicely.

They are ideal for taking to a festival or when you go shopping for the day. Especially if you like to have your hands completely free, a waist bag or belt bag is what you’re looking for.


Messenger bags

A little model lesson: turn a utility item into a fashion statement and it will sell like hotcakes AND become a trend. That is why we are now seeing big messenger bags from big brands and with big logos appearing on the catwalks.


Round bags and bucket bags

Round bags and circle bags are suddenly totally hip: we saw them from the big brands, but brands like Campomaggi have also created a circle bag. Not only the circle bags we see more and more often, the bucket bags are also back.

Did you know that the bucket bag was invented by Vuitton? And: the bag was originally created to carry a bottle of champagne – really!

And now, so many years later, these bags are a fashion trend hanging in many women’s closets.

White Bags

This bag from the 1970s is now totally modern again. White is the new black for bags (actually anyway in terms of fashion trends). Of course, you have to clean the bag a bit more often to get your white bag as nice and white again, so it is actually not an everyday bag.

The white bags we also see in the other trends: round, white bags, white bags with a coarse handle or with bamboo,…. Ideal to combine!

Vintage inspired bags

There were a few vintage details on the catwalk this season. These items are essentially small handbags with a snap or magnetic closure at the top. It looks like you’ve browsed straight into your grandmother’s wardrobe. Dull? Absolutely not! The vintage bag makes sure you can be seen, so it is also definitely in line with the bag trends for 2023.

As a final trend, one that I am personally very excited about: vintage revival! These bags have a vintage look or a vintage finish such as with a snap closure or a magnetic closure: just as if you found them in your grandmother’s closet.

Great clutch

The large clutch is also still wildly popular: preferably in as fluffy a variant as possible! Or, if we don’t wear the clutch in a fluffy variant, a quilted bag is also totally fine!

This totally follows the great matelassé trend (quilted bags à la Chanel), but I a slightly more compact variant. Honestly, I’m definitely a fan!

Bags in teddy fabric

One type of bag that we will see a lot of this year: a bag in teddy fabric! Ranging from nice big shoppers (also very popular among students at the moment) to a small teddy clutch: we are walking around with cuddly bags this season!

Baguette bags

Also very much back in fashion: baguette bags. I personally remember these cute ones from my childhood, but they are starting to become totally hip again thanks to the Y2K fashion trend. Super cool, but for me, there fit enough of all of my stuff in such a bag, haha!

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