Winter coat trends for women

A perfect winter coat is a must-have in any girl’s cold weather closet. The stylish coat can lift your outfits, smarten you up, and give you some warmth during the cold season. When going for coat shopping, you want to focus not only on a trendy look, but also for a piece that will still be relevant for more than a year. It doesn’t need to be too pricey to bankrupt you, but it can look expensive and classy enough to add an amazing finishing touch to other outfits without outshining what you put on beneath.

However, it is never an easy endeavor looking for the perfect winter coat. When you know where to look for one, be assured to settle for one that you can wear all through the winter season and for years to come. The advantage of shopping during this cold season is that most high street stores as well as numerous designers have improved their outerwear game by giving out a variety of standout winter coats that offer the perfect balance ranging from timely to timeless.

If you are looking to fill your wardrobe with a heavy dose of drama, there are several trends from 2019 to 2020 including some old-school silhouettes like the ankle-skimming maxi coat trend. The article mentions a few winter coat trends for women.

Shearling winter coats

The winner when it comes to freezing-weather dressing is the shearling coat. Its your best choice if you want to spend the cold season cocooned in their winter coat. If you’re after an extra touch of old school glamour to your look, consider the cape which makes a perfect combination with after-dark ensembles. Shearling coats come around each year and most women fall for them without question.

The fluffy and warm jackets are an excellent pick for protection against winter chills and during this season, they are available in a variety of styles. For instance, the shearling coats returned to most runways especially during AW19 with a more sporty and energetic feel featuring some chunky aviator versions and other styles suitable for urban explorers.

What is interesting though, is the new phenomenon known as the faux sheepskin that continues to be leading in the high street and stores like H&M, Zara, and Topshop. All the mentioned stores deliver fresh and animal friendly options according to popular choice.

If you’re looking for styles like the Teddy Bear styles that don’t flatter your frame, a great suggestion is adopting a style cue from some 1970s inspired versions that mainly feature shearling trimmed collars and cuffs.

Chocolate brown winter coats

The summer was preoccupied with beige, and some shades of rich brown. The same shades are still big news this season. Most autumnal colours dominated the catwalks for AW19 powered by brands like Fendi, and Rejina Pyo that create coats in such often-overlooked shades.

As far as outerwear is concerned, the dark and tempting chocolate is the new black officially; when you check out on social media, you can’t fail to spot most influencers donning several variations of the trends ranging from oversized coats, tailored rain jackets, to the croc-effect vinyl trenches.

The best feature of this trend is that, contrary to what most people think, it perfectly blends with a variety of colours like khaki green, burgundy, all-black ensembles, bright blue, and many other colours.

Classic cape winter coats

The classic cape style is commonly associated with street-style stars and superheroes but it has officially returned to the fashion world making its way to the leading must-have wardrobe showpieces this season. Apart from the usual sweet schoolgirl vibe, designers are currently working towards a more considered take on the style; for example, there are rock ‘n’ roll cape-trench hybrids and other styles that feature asymmetric shapes and canary yellow styles.

The cape style winter coat made headlines as the most-talked about winter coat designs this season therefore, it could be just what you need for your outerwear. To accessorize your look, you can pair your coat with fitted jeans, a cashmere knit, and some knee highs.

Regardless of whether you choose a cape winter coat that looks sharp or tailored or one with cosy and blanket-like iteration, wear it with a slim fitting roll neck knit together with tailored trousers to smooth out the proportions for more style points.

Maxi winter coats

This season, several brands have designed winter coats that feature new lengths with floor skimming details that bring out some drama; watch out because they are undoubtedly a potential trip hazard. Such brands include Balenciaga, Max Mara, and Kristina Fidelskaya.

Back in the 1970s, maxi coats were the common style especially the ones fabricated with suede and a classy finish of shearling cuffs and collars. Currently, this XXL style is looking to make a comeback. The trendy 2019-2020 look could be all about length but in order to perfectly execute this look in real life, make sure that you keep the silhouette long and lean.

The versatility of the maxi winter coat trend enables it to be included with plenty of styles like the puffer; however, the wearer must make sure the line of the coat stays flat to the body with most material to fit beneath.

Of course this style won’t be suitable for many on the short side; It’s not a practical style since your coat will end up dragging on the floor the entire time or worse still, it may appear like you’re dressing up in an adult’s clothes. To counter this shortcoming, pair your maxi winter coat with some chunky boots or heels and it will be the ultimate winter night out look.

Over-the-top trench coats

In most cases, the trench coat leads in every fashion fan’s list especially during trans-seasonal dressing however, of late this simple design has gone through some notable transformation. The trench coats made their debut in the late 19th century; designed for the soldiers, the coats mainly consist of twill, waterproof cotton, or gabardine.

Lately, most designers deliver this traditional style in numerous sizes, shapes, and shades. You can find supersized trench coats characterized by a navy gingham trim, with balloon sleeves. Alternatively, you can go for hi-shine or leather versions that look cool and also give you an extra touch of warmth.

Over the years, a host of stylish women have adopted the trench coat style as their signature look but now, numerous versions of this classic style prove to be a hit with other fashion influencers as well. In addition, some most stylish women in social media especially in Instagram always give out lessons on how to keep stylish all through the cold months.

In case you choose any style like a classic crème brulee colour or settle for a trench coat with swashbuckling straps plus a vinyl finish, rest assured your investment will never be out of style irrespective of the weather.

Glossy lacquered winter coats

If you really love vinyl, you might want to invest in a winter coat that has a glossy statement. If you want to tone down the shine a little bit, look for a glossy leather coat. Undoubtedly, this lacquer trend is here to stay since it’s going to be around for a while.

The plaid, checkered, or houndstooth winter coats

The three patterns always go together. Its good to know that the three are all in this year especially during the cold season. You can choose the pattern that works for you from the available size, shapes, and colours.

Strong padded-shoulders winter coats

The strong padded-shoulder coats are old-school and date way back in the 1980s. welcome them back and pick one for yourself; they are fantastic owing to the strength and structure they add to your look. For more drama, get the big oversized winter coats too; the incredibly chic ensemble has a touch of nostalgia.

Long teddy winter coats

Get yourself a long fashionable teddy coat and you won’t be disappointed at all. It is a perfect winter coat for you especially if you are into the total black glam look. Besides, you can try it out if your style is more edgy.

In case you are want to match your teddy winter coat with other outfits in your closet, get a pair of ripped jeans; they blend well with this coat. Alternatively, it also blends well with a black hoodie, blank ankle boots, or combat boots. Get a teddy winter coat today and upgrade your closet during this cold season.

Short teddy winter coats

Another fantastic option for winter coats this cold season is the short teddy winter coat. If you want to try out some 2019-2020 coat trends, but you want to go for something a little more brilliant and everyday wearable, look for a shorter jacket.

A great thing about the shorter teddy winter coats is they are available in fun designs and various colours like soft pink, jungle green, navy, black, different shades of brown and many more.

If you’re thinking of pulling an amazing look, pair a short teddy winter coat with a printed shirt, jeans, and fashionable sneakers or, you can choose to wear the coat over tights, a dress, and ankle boots for any dressy event.


Checked winter coats

For all fashionistas out there including you, get a check winter coat. One of the biggest 2019-2020 trends in the winter coats category during this cold season is the tailored plaid coat. Tailored plaid are the most versatile pieces you can own in your closet.

When you want to dress for a formal occasion, or for internship, or maybe your graduation during the fall, the checked winter coat looks amazing over a dress or any coloured top. In addition, you can as well break the formal style of the coat by pairing it with soft colours like orange, yellow, pink, and many other colours. You can also pair it with sneakers like Stan Smiths and the Air Force Ones.


Dramatic furry or faux fur winter coats

It’s a no brainer that the faux fur is a leading trend this year. Just like some other affordable pieces of clothing, the fur winter coat has the ability to make you look and feel like a million bucks. The coat is available in many colours ranging from cream, baby pink, sky blue, soft lavender.

There are other few options like adopting an edgy look featuring combat boots, leather pants, as well as heels or a dress for a feminine look.

If faux fur winter coats are your thing, then get a faux fur coat. An improved version of this coat is the oversized aviator jacket that features faux fur lining along the neck area; it’s a trendy look. The winter coat is so trendy this cold season and you will look great with black jeans, knit sweaters together with any warm winter boots.

Faux fur bomber coats

This winter season, there is a new approach with the bomber jackets which is loved in all seasons. However, for the cold and snowy weather, the fur bomber jacket is actually versatile and with this piece, you can look to dress up or down to match the look you want.

For a casual look, wear this piece with sneakers or joggers; moreover, you can also pair it with a nice top and jeans for an elegant look. It could be with heels and a satin shirt.

Wrap winter coats

If you want to put together a classy look, the trendy, classy coat is perfect. It is advisable to pair this coat with simple pieces and neutral tones; for instance, pair the winter coat with any thick winter sweater, black jeans, or a turtleneck. For your feet, go for heeled ankle booties and thigh-high boots.


Cropped puffer winter coats

Another leading trend this season when it comes to winter coats are the colourful puffer coats. Currently, they are still going strong this season notably in pastel colours plus cropped lengths that go slightly above the waist.

If your fashion sense leans more towards the athletic side, a cropped puffer winter coat is the ultimate choice for you; pair the winter coat with joggers, leggings, and sneakers.


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