What color type are you? (Define your season type – winter, autumn, spring, summer) for men and women

What color type are you? Discover our best tips to determine your season type (winter, autumn, summer or spring). Are those 4 seasons not enough for you? Then in this article you will also learn how to determine the subseasons! These tips are the same for men and women.

TIP: Are you going to take this test and discover which colours look good on you? Then you shouldn’t wear a splash of make-up!

1. Do you have a warm hue or cool hue (undertone)?

First we start by finding out if you have a cool or warm hue. Or, let’s make it a bit more difficult, have a neutral undertone when it comes to skin tone. How can you know what undertone you have? This is a more difficult step in the process of finding your colour type and there are several ways to find out what your undertone is.

Cool colours are colours that have more shades of blue in them, a warm colour has more shades of yellow in them. Does that mean that blue is automatically a cool tone, and yellow is warm? No, unfortunately! You can have warm and cool variants of any colour. So don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to delete certain colours from your wardrobe completely, just look for the right one! Do you find it difficult to find out whether the colour is warm or cool? Keep it next to other shades of the same colour and it will become clear more quickly. Always look at the colours in daylight.

Look at your veins: are they green or blue? If your veins are green, you have a warm undertone. Are your veins blue? Then you have a cool undertone. Do you find it difficult to discover whether your veins have a green or blue undertone? Then you can have a neutral undertone.
An extra way to discover which undertone you have is to compare your skin with gold and silver. Which of the two metals looks best when you wear it?
I find it very difficult to determine whether I have blue or green veins, what I do: I take a cool blue piece of fabric and a warm green shade and keep it right next to my veins in my wrist. This makes it clear to me that I have a blue vein colour.

2. Do you have light or deep colour shades?

Now that you know if you have a cool, warm or neutral shade, it is time to find out if your colours are light or dark (deep). Do you have a natural blonde hair colour and light-coloured eyes? Then you are light coloured. Do you have dark brown or black hair and dark eyes? Then you are in the deep spectrum. Very important: you have to look at your natural hair colour and assume that.

The 4 colour types : seasons (winter, autumn, spring and summer)

Is it your first time to learn to determine your color? Then it’s best to start learning to recognize the 4 seasons.

Colour passport-Summer colour passport-Summer spring

colour passport-winter colour passport-fall

(source: Shutterstock)

Let’s first start with the cool seasons: winter and summer (think of the colours of the seasons themselves, not of the heat in summer but rather faded colours by the sun).

Cool seasons: summer and winter

Winter type

cool undertone + deep hue

colour passport-winter

As a winter type you have a pale (sometimes slightly tinted) skin with a cool undertone. Your hair colour is dark and has a cool undertone (so black, assig dark brown,…). Your eyes are cool brown, grey, blue or almost black. The big difference with the summer type: with you there is a lot of contrast between your hair colour and your skin. That’s why your primary colours are very good to wear.

light skin tone to slightly tinted
cool undertone in skin tone
burn quickly in the sun, only turning very slightly brown
Hair color: black or ashy dark brown hair colors (never the golden blond colors,…)
eye colour: grey, blue grey, brown (cool), black
These colors don’t suit you at all and make you look sick: gold and natural colors (autumn colors), pastel colors

Your top colors: white, royal blue, cobalt blue, bright cool red,

Jewelry: choose silver jewelry or in the colors of your color card

Summer type

cool undertone + light hue

color passport summer

color passport summer

Often summer types have a very light skin tone with a cool (rosy) undertone. They burn quickly, tan but very slightly in the sun and sometimes get freckles. Their hair colors are blond and brown, but then the ash brown and ash blond hair colors, or fuzzy colors. The eye colours are between grey, blue-grey and light brown (without a warm tint or without ochre). Do you recognize your colours in this summer type? Then the colours that look good on you are the ones you find above. Here you can see all the colours, but they all have a cool tint.

light skin tone
cool undertone in skin tone
burn quickly in the sun, only turning very slightly brown
Hair color: ashy blond or brown hair colors (never the golden blond colors,…)
eye colour: grey, blue grey, light brown (cool)
These colors don’t suit you at all and make you look sick: black, gold.

Your top colours: white, cool taupe, old pink, cool blue, sand colour, cool grey,…

Jewelry: choose silver jewelry or in the colors of your color card

The warm seasons: autumn and spring

Autumn type

warm undertone + deep hue

colour passport autumn

Autumn Palette (Sidhe via Shutterstock.com)

Spring type

warm undertone + light hue

colour passport spring

I can’t find my color type and season!

Ugh, is it hard to find your color type during your color analysis? There can be several reasons for that:

you might be neutral and find it hard to know if you have a cool or warm undertone
your hair is colored so you don’t know what your natural hair color is now.
this theory is not very inclusive: if you have a dark skin color, it is difficult to use this color theory

3. From 4 seasons to 12: chroma

What’s chroma? It’s how bright or intense a color is. There are 3 chroma’s: from bright to soft (this is the brightness) (also bright to muted).

You go thanks to the chroma of 4 seasons to 12.

How do you determine your chroma?

Look at yourself in the mirror and look if there’s a lot of difference between your haircolour and your

Is the season theory obsolete? For whom doesn’t the season type work?

Do you have a gray hair color? You’re supposed to be a winter type
Is your skin dark? Then this method is not convenient

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