Which nail polish matches your zodiac sign?

Every constellation has its typical characteristics, among which also colors like nail polish perfectly fit your constellation. Every female constellation tells with its nail polish color how she looks at the world. Also a hint of character is revealed.


This nail polish perfectly matches your zodiac sign

Curious: See if the color of nail polish suits your sign? Below you will find the 12 constellations with their favorite nail polish color.

12 constellations – 12 different shades of nail polish

Aries: fiery red

Aries is known for its passion and energy. This star sign functions under the planet Mars which means that they dare to do almost anything, have the necessary fighting spirit to achieve something and above all are very direct.

What color suits a ram better than fiery red. The color of passion, courage, spontaneity. A ram shows with this color who she is. No other shades of red, just fiery red like passion, the fire that burns in them and the planet Mars.

Nail polish color: fire red

Taurus: natural colors

Taurus is truly a nature person and loves the earth in its entirety with all the animals and plants. She has great respect for Mother Earth and nature. As a bull is reliable and steadfast, she loves the earth and all it has to offer.

Many shades of brown like the earth and green like nature, she wears with great care and reverence. After all, the earth has always been there and they love it. Something steadfast and reliable without too many deviations to other colors.

Nail polish color: green tones

Gemini: sunny yellow

Geminis don’t have split personalities. They can just adapt so quickly to new situations or new things. They usually keep their contacts more lighthearted, so they can talk about anything.

Usually they are cheerful and very curious about news. Communication is their strongest trait. Yellow is the color of cheerfulness, of the sun and of enjoyment. Twins are automatically drawn to this color.

Nail polish color: yellow

Cancer: silver

Cancer loves silver colors and white tones. For Cancer, these colors are a sign of protection and give security. They are quite shy but once they know you they love you just like family.

Cancer is born under the sign of the moon therefore the attraction to white tones. The silver also appears when the moon is full. Lobsters always make things cozy and homey.

Nail polish color: silver-white

Leo: gold and glitter

The lion, the strongest sign of the zodiac, born under the sun with fire in his veins. Naturally, the lion loves gold. Gold is, after all, the color of the sun. Gold is also the color of the crown of the king of animals.

These generous , warm hearted people love real and no fake. They are fond of luxury but also have a big generous heart to support fellow human beings. Their nail polish is golden or with golden glitters.

Nail polish color: gold and glitter

Virgin: brown and skin color

The Virgo is a practical, down-to-earth person who is, above all, handy and business-minded. No detail is overlooked.

This mobile sign cannot sit still and always has something to do. As the earth is useful, they like to make themselves useful to others. Green and brown are the colors they love because these colors look sober and practical.

Nail polish color: shades of brown

Libra: fond of pastels

The light blue reminds them of the sky and the pink of softness. The Libra is pleasant to deal with, soft and indulgent.

Libra is the star sign that is both sensible and rational, trumpeting their objectivity. They can judge objectively without the involvement of feelings and are therefore diplomatic.

Nail polish color: baby blue and pink

Scorpio: black

The scorpion is determined, extremely thorough, fascinating and a touch mysterious. She is quite closed and prefers to keep in the background. She does not want people to get too personal without knowing each other.

Black like the color of the scorpion itself. Black for their personal expression, black like the color of the night with its many secrets.

Nail polish color: black

Sagittarius: purple tones

Sagittarius is a very intuitive sign, very spontaneous and sincere. They will also tell you when they experience something. Courage and adventure is what they are mostly born with. Every day is a new adventure.

Nail polish color: bordeaux and dark purple

Capricorn: dark

Capricorn performs best in the dark or in this case the best ideas come at night. They can come across as serious and above all a tad reserved.

Why dark blue colors because they show reliability, sober, dutiful and express caution. Bright colors is totally out of the question because they want to come across as steadfast and serious.

Nail polish color: dark blue

Aquarius: metallics

Aquarius is original, authentic and loves equality for all. This advocate of everyone being equal and the pursuit of freedom. Metal because it has depth, brings people together and it is strong and authentic. Therefore, metal colors are important to his pursuit of freedom.

Nail polish color: metallic tones

Pisces: blue

Pisces are empathetic, gentle and sacrifice for others. They feel at home in water and above all remain modest. The color tones of green and blue with a twist like mint green and sky blue. This is the piece of fantasy they want to show to the outside world.

Nail polish color: mint green and sky blue

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