130x Couples Halloween costumes for 2022 (cute, funny, based on tv-shows and movies)

Are you still looking for a fun costume to wear as a couple during Halloween? I rounded up some of the cutest Halloween costumes for couples: sexy costumes, funny costumes, and the cutest costumes for Disney fans or fun series or movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

I’ve also added a bunch of costumes that you can just easily buy online. These costumes are really great to wear as a couple on Halloween, but can also be re-used for Carnival, if you want!

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Halloween costumes for couples


Halloween costumes for couples (to buy)

Don’t feel like making your own Halloween costume? These are some super cute costumes I found on Etsy, which you can easily buy. Of course, you have to order them in time!

Sushi and chopsticks costume

This is such a cute couple’s costume for any sushi lovers out there!


Super Comfy Halloween sweaters

These sweaters are perfect if you’re a couple who doesn’t really want to dress up in a costume but still would like to participate in Halloween festivities. Nice and warm, so perfect for a colder fall evening!


Pirates of the Caribbean

Ah, such a cool costume for couples! Reenact Pirates of the Caribbean together with this amazing couple’s costume.


Cute Trick or treat sweaters


Return to…


Horror… low battery and no wifi

The ultimate horror costume for us modern folks! No wifi and low battery… argh!


Sweet potato and yams

Oh come on… who can resist these puns? I love them!


Mustard and ketchup

Seriously… name a better couple! I’ll wait!


Split Jack’O Lantern


Peter peter and the pumpkin


Skeletons and baby announcement


Karen and the manager

Hehehe, this picture made me laugh a lot. You also have some variations of this theme on Etsy, so be sure to take a look there.


Amish couple costume for Halloween

Dreaming of a more simple life? Then this Couple’s Halloween costume might just be right for you: go as an Amish couple.


Comfy Halloween sweaters for couples

Some Halloweens, you just want to dress casually and comfy. This is the outfit for you!


Glow-in-the-dark t-shirts

Prefer not to put on a full costume for a Halloween party? Then these fun glow-in-the-dark t-shirts are a great option.


Bonnie and Clyde couples costume

Are you guys a ride-or-die-couple? If yes, this is THE best couple’s costume to wear this Halloween: Bonnie and Clyde!


Peanut butter Jelly t-shirts

Okay, these are so, so cute!


Wayne’s world costume


Gladiator costume (Romans)


Bacon and eggs t-shirts for couples


Hot sauce and tacos t-shirts


Outlet and plug


Farao and Cleopatra costume


Whiskey coke costume


Priest and sexy nun costume


Dadcula and Momster sweaters

Super comfy and very cute: for the dadster and momster-couple!


Avocado toast couple’s costume for Halloween

I don’t know about you, but this is my favorite breakfast. Might try and convince my boyfriend to wear this, this Halloween!


Get back, witch!


Boxer costume


Sexy Halloween costumes for couples

Doctor and nurse costume

Feel like dressing up as a sexy doctor and nurse? These fun costumes are perfect for you guys!

Little Red Riding Hood and the Lumberjack Costume

Cute couples costume: Little Red Riding Hood and the lumberjack! Isn’t this an über cute costume to go to a Halloween party together?

Agent and criminal

Superman and Wonder Woman

Mermaid and Marine

Cute couples Halloween costumes

Oreo cookie

Seriously… this is waaay to cute!

Gardener and sunflower


Sportsman and trophy

Gum ball machine

Hunter and deer

The Simpsons

Get your Homer and Marge on, people!

Astronaut and alien

Cowboy and cowgirl

Plastic surgeon and patient

Famous movies and series Halloween costumes for couples

Harry Potter

This Harry Potter costume is so much fun! Avada Keda… no, wait!

The Grinch

Monsters Inc

The Office: Pam and Jim

Okay, how cute is this costume? I really love The Office, this costume is something my boyfriend and I would wear if we went to a Halloween party. The cutest couple from The Office, check!

Orange is the New Black

Another hit show that is definitely not to be missed at your Halloween party: Orange is the New Black! Also ideal if you need a last-minute Halloween costume.


Of course, Grease can’t be missing from this list of delightful couples costumes!

This is another fun Halloween costume that you can easily wear if you don’t have much time left to pick out your costume. You will especially need to spend some time on your hairstyle 😉

The Shining

Pulp Fiction

Dirty Dancing

Yes, of course, Dirty Dancing has to be on this list after all! It’s one of my favorite movies and not only mine!

Dress up as Baby and Johnny and have the time of your life! Like the outfit from Grease, you will have to put a lot more time into your hairstyle than your outfit.

Friends: Ross & Rachel

There have been so many iconic moments during Friends, that it’s hard to choose which one to go to a Halloween party together.

The pre-eminent moment you can use? The moment Ross and Rachel get married drunk!

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen: idiot sandwich

One of the most entertaining series ever (we’re currently rewatching it): Hell’s Kitchen!

Gordon Ramsay has given veeeeery many onliners there, but one of his best is really the ‘idiot sandwich’.

This couple’s costume is really hilarious!

Stranger Things

Now if there’s one series that really shouldn’t be missing from this list, it’s definitely Stranger Things! Since the newest seasons only came out recently, you’ll see these costumes everywhere this year!

Bob’s Burgers

Are you a fan of Bob’s burgers? Then this costume is perfect!

Friends Ross and Rachel

I already showed that the scene of Ross and Rachel getting married drunk in Friends is often used as a costume, but you can also choose to go as “regular” Ross and Rachel!

PS: the little monkey to bring to your Halloween party as Marcel, completes it!

Clip: Pretty fly for a white guy

Shrek and Fiona

One of my favorite animated couples: Shrek and Fiona!


Okay, okay, this costume is really going to get you comments (So yes, there really was room to leave Jack on that door with you, Rose! And yes, you’re 25 or older LOL) but oh, what a delightful costume this is!

Finish it off with a sketchbook for Jack!

Star Wars

Are you both Star Wars fans? Then you must have dressed up together as characters from the franchise at least once!

Star Wars

Blue’s Clues: Blue and Steve

One for the millennials among us: Blue’s Clues! Dress up as Blue and Steve and bet the whole evening is about you guys?


Game of Thrones

Ah, Game of Thrones can’t be forgotten. Or what about the prequel, House of the Dragon?

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon and Amy

Superman and Lois Lane

Back to the Future

Pokémon: Ash and Pickachu

Mr. and Mrs Smith

Are you still looking for a sexy costume for Halloween? How about this Mr. and Mrs. Smith costume? Delightful, right?

The Addams Family

Oh, this is one of those costumes that I would love to wear myself one day with my boyfriend!

I’m an incredibly big fan of the Addams Family myself and isn’t the love affair between Morticia and her husband Gomez the best relationship ever?

Complete your look with a little Cousin Itt or Hand!

There’s a new release of Wednesday on Netflix, so you can use that as your inspiration as well.

Disney Couples costumes

Mary Poppins and the Chimney Sweep

Aladdin and Jasmine

Belle and Gaston

The young couple from  ‘Up’

Surely my all-time favorite movie has to be ‘UP’!

I find myself bawling like a little kid every time in the first few minutes, but just because of that, this is really such a cute costume as a couple!

Beauty and the beast

Rapunzel and Flynn

Toy Story dog

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Toy Story


Mr and Mrs Potato Head

Alice in Wonderland

101 Dalmatians: Cruella de Vil and a dalmatian

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Lilo and Stitch

Cookie monster and cookies

Famous Duos

Barbie and Ken

Red Riding Hood and the wolf

Zombie couple

Care Bears

The older couple from ‘Up’

Fairly odd parents

Mario and Princess Peach

Toy Story Woody


How I met your mother

Austin Powers

Popeye and Olive

Jurassic Park


Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Married with Children

Casa de Papel

The Joker and Harley Quinn


Bugs and Lola Bunny

Mario and Luigi

Edward Scissorhands

Saved by the Bell

The Matrix

Scooby Doo

The Flintstones

Crazy Halloween Costumes for Halloween

Friday night and Saturday morning, LOL!

Football player and cheerleader

Curt Cobain and Kourtney Love

Funny inflatables

Propaganda posters


Lego couple

Cheech and Chong

Bob Ross and a painting

Ok, how genius is this?

Batman and Batgirl or Catwoman

Steve Irwin and an alligator

Whatever you do, don’t go as Steve Irwin and a stingray!

Kermit and Miss Piggy

Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein

s’Mores and a campfire

Peter Pan and Wendy

KFC: the Colonel and a chicken

Cleopatra and a pharaoh


The Statue of Liberty and a tourist

An ice cream man and ice cream

My boyfriend loves ice cream. I’m not saying this is our ideal costume, but yeah…. this is our ideal costume 😉

Bonnie and Clyde

Hugh Hefner and a Bunny

I think this costume is really hilarious! Swith the roles!

Hashtag Filter

Hugh Hefner and a Bunny (part 2)

What do you think of these costumes? There are definitely some great costumes in here that you can use when you go to a fun Halloween party as a couple! Have fun!


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