Graduation Nails and nail art Inspiration for Graduation Day 2024

Graduation season is upon us, and that means it’s time to get ready for a celebration! Whether you are throwing the graduation party or attending one, here are some inspirational nails to wear.


There are many different designs that can be created with this versatile theme – from patriotic stripes to elegant grad caps.

Whether you’ve been on top of things recently and have breezed through this semester or if you’ve just barely survived 2021/2022, the senior year is finally coming to an end. CONGRATS!

To appropriately celebrate your graduation, give yourself a manicure with proper nails to reflect the occasion. But why stop at your mani for the day?



Graduation means saying goodbye to the teenage life and beginning as an adult. While there are lots of ways you can get ready for this important milestone, one way is by getting a manicure that complements your outfit.

I’ve curated 20 cute manicures from different styles which will hopefully give you some ideas when it comes to picking something that suits you best—whether that’s going with plaids or polka dots!

Graduation nails: nail art

Nail art with a grad cap

This nail art is pretty easy to make: use your favorite cool red nail polish (this is our fav) and paint all of your nails, except for 1 on each hand. You use white nailpolish on those. Apply 2 coats each.


Don’t forget to use a good nail polish base (again, our fav) and let your nails dry in between layers. Next, use your nail art tool and black nail polish (or a Sharpie) to draw the cap and your grad year!

Finish this graduation nail art with a good layer of quick-drying topcoat to seal the deal!


This cute white and black mani is super easy to make! Buy some cute graduation nail decals (these are especially great if you’re not amazing at making nail art… I feel ya!) and a white nail polish with great coverage.

First, apply a base coat. Then about 2- 3 coats of your white nail polish (depends on how pigmented your nail polish is). Put on the nail decals and finish with a good top coat!

First, you paint your nails with French tips (this is a great set for French manicures) and let it dry thorougly. Next up: applying some nail decals (or paint those caps yourself, if you’re good at it). Finish this graduation nail art with a good top coat.

Want those cute graduation caps on your nails? But in no mood for black? This nail art is mostly blue and white, with a great holographic accent nail. Cause you deserve to sparkle, baby!

This nail art is a little more understated: tiny cute black little graduation caps on a white background and some confetti. Super cute!

Glitter nails


Graduation nails: striped graduation nails

Graduation nail art: elegant white and gold

French tips nail art

Flower nail art

Bejeweled nails

Check nail art

Dream catcher and mandala nail art


Gold nail art

Colored french tips

3D nail art

Summer colors

Map nail art

Skittle or ombre nail art (graduation)

Classy graduation nail art

Easy graduation nails

Pastel graduation nails

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