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  • keep-white-shoes-white

    How to keep white shoes looking white?

    How do you get white shoes looking white again? Do you also have a pair of white shoes in your collection? So, how white are they still? White sneakers and shoes are very trendy at the moment, but unfortunately they quickly turn grey, yellow or downright dirty. Sad, of course, but luckily not the end […]

  • drink-enough-water

    Are you dehydrated? 6 signs that you don’t drink enough water

    Do you actually drink enough water? I clearly don’t… the last few weeks I had constant headaches, my lips were always dry and cracked and my skin looked awful. I first noticed the bad winter weather, but especially when I noticed how badly my body reacted after a cup of coffee (it suddenly gave me […]

  • expired-makeup

    How much of your make-up and skincare is expired?

    How much of your skincare and makeup has actually expired, but are you still using it? I don’t dare think about how much makeup and skincare I used to have that actually expired a long time ago… and I still use it. Ew. I bumped into this movie and decided to take a closer look […]

  • ingrown-hairs-hair-shaving-tips

    Ingrown hairs: what to do (+my solution)

    What can you do about ingrowing hairs? It had been driving me crazy for years: as soon as I shaved my legs, I got a lot of ingrowing hairs on my legs. So annoying, because for me that meant that as soon as I started wearing maxi dresses and maxidresses again in the summer. But… […]

  • break-in-shoes

    Tips for breaking in your shoes

    We all have them: a couple of pairs of shoes we absolutely love looking at but OMG they hurt like crazy! How do you break in your shoes so you can wear them as fast as possible? You probably know it: you’ve scored a new pair of shoes and you’ve fallen in love with them […]

  • wintercoats

    How to get the perfect winter coat for your figure

    During this time of the year, most people are probably looking for various types of winter coats to dress their body types. You should not be left behind even when you got a few coats in the closet since some may make you look bigger than you or they feel sloppy on your body. Look […]

  • make-up-trends-christmas

    Make up ideas for the holidays

    The holiday season is always full of plenty of things that need you to be on the lookout so that you are on point. Most family and friends’ get-togethers or holiday parties, vacations, and professional appearances as well call for fantastic make up looks. It’s always a great idea to have numerous ideas for party […]

  • smartphone-tips

    How to prolong your smartphone’s battery life

    How do your smartphone and battery last as long as possible? Smartphones are not cheap: how can you ensure that your expensive purchase lasts as long as possible? Until about six years ago I still had my old iPhone 3G. Admittedly, I couldn’t do much with it anymore and in the long run I couldn’t […]

  • short-hair-hairstyles

    How to style short hair? (styling tips for a short hairdo)

    You just had a short haircut from your hairdresser and you are wondering how to style it. Well, styling short hair isn’t as easy as it may appear to be. I have gone out sometimes with a nice short haircut; at that time, I kept a short haircut because it was trending during the season […]

  • fashion-trends

    Fashion trends 2021 (fall – autumn – winter trends)

    Fashion trends for 2021 2020 has been a bit rocky for the fashion world; despite that, this season has created amazing bold and lavish designs. Fashion trends in 2021 spot bold blue bags, large blazers, and several sleek face mask designs; over the past few weeks during fashion weeks, you won’t miss noticing such looks. […]

  • winter-coats-styles

    Winter coat trends for women

    A perfect winter coat is a must-have in any girl’s cold weather closet. The stylish coat can lift your outfits, smarten you up, and give you some warmth during the cold season. When going for coat shopping, you want to focus not only on a trendy look, but also for a piece that will still […]