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  • how-to-tightline

    Tightlining: how to tightline & step by step tutorial

    An essential technique for applying eyeliner: tightlining. But, what is it, and how to tightline your eyes? I explain it all to you in this article and give you my most useful tips! Because tightlining takes some practice before you learn how to do it easily!   how-tightliningPhoto by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash What is […]

  • summer-nail-art-pink-2

    Summer nail art: designs, examples and step by step tutorials

    Yay, it’s summer again! In our garden the dahlias and other flowers are in full bloom again and I am in the mood to create summer nail art; In the summer I often wear brighter colors of nail polish than in other seasons, so bring on those bright colors! Curious about the nail polish trends […]

  • burnt-orange-nail-designs-1024x768-1

    Burnt orange nail polish and nail art (examples and designs)

    Orange nail polish is the nail polish of choice when we start thinking about autumn, and especially the burnt orange nail polish and dark orange nail polishes. Reminds you right away of a nice pumpkin spice latte, right? I am already creating my fall capsule wardrobe and rust-orange nail polish should definitely not be missing […]

  • how-to-make-ombre-nails

    Ombre nails: how to make ombre nail art? Tutorial & tips!

    How to make ombre nail art? Ombre nail art is one of the biggest nail polish trends 2022. I like to show you how to make ombre nail art. What do you need and how to make sure your ombre nail polish looks great? Do you know ombre mainly from the ombre hair colors? That’s […]

  • 4th-of-july-nails

    4th of July nail art (Independence day nail designs)

    4th of July is a special holiday for many Americans. The colors red, white, and blue are often used to decorate for this holiday. Nail art is a popular way to show holiday spirit. Fun fact: my birthday is on the 4th of July! So for me, this nail art also doubles as birthday nail […]

  • orange-eye-make-up

    Orange eyeshadow looks for all eye colors

    Orange eyeshadow looks are not just reserved for a World Cup, Olympics or to root for your favorite sports team during Superbowl. If, like me, you do love a colorful eye look, you should definitely check out all these eyeshadow inspiration below. This is definitely also great as eye shadow for beginners, even if it […]

  • how-to-apply-nail-stickers

    How to apply nail stickers to your nails: step by step tutorial

    Whew, I’m back into nail art lol! Funny how fast such trends can change, but I love it. For the last few months, I have discovered nail decals and nail stickers! In fact, I discovered how to make your own nail decals. I’m going to show you in this article how you can (very easily […]

  • bright-pink-gold-eyeshadow-look

    Pink eyeshadow looks

    How to wear pink eyeshadow? What looks can you create with pink eyeshadow? I created a whole bunch of pink eyeshadow looks for you, from subtle to super popping so you can see how much you can do with this color of eyeshadow. It is one of the biggest makeup trends in 2022, so definitely […]

  • Cute hairstyles with bangs: hair inspo

    For years now, the hairstyles with bangs have been back! The pony or blaze changes every few years, for example, in recent years some distinct hairstyles with bangs have surfaced: just think of the curtain bangs (Bardot bangs) that suddenly became popular again out of nowhere. Other types of bangs that we have seen a […]