Fall nail art: autumn nail designs for fall nails (nail art, stickers, nail decals,…)

Yay, it’s autumn! Time to put our nails in an autumn coat as well. It’s my favorite time of year because of the autumn fashion trends 2022 and winter fashion trends 2022, but also because you can wear nice darker colors again, even in your nail art.


Autumn nail art

Let’s first start with some nail art I made myself this summer (imagine, sitting in a scorching hot office over 30 degrees then making this autumn nail art, LOL) with different kinds of autumn leaves.

Step by step fall nail designs

I used regular nail decals (nail tattoos) and cool nail stickers I bought on Aliexpress for this nail art.

By the way, the quality was not really fantastic, but I often liked the result anyway.

Golden leaves


Old pink nail polish paired with gold leaves: these are my favorite fall colors! Whether they are fashion colors or not, I often wear old pink in autumn, preferably combined with a bit of gold or cream color.


By the way, be very careful when you take the nail stickers off the sheet: the quality was not fantastic and if you are not careful and just try to take them off with your fingers, the nail stickers often tear.

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Colored autumn leaves


This was also one of my big favorite nail arts I’ve already made for autumn: a white background with colored autumn leaves.


Ideal if you still want a colorful nail look that doesn’t feel too wintery or autumnal yet. Ideal during an Indian summer!

Khaki nail art with leaves


Khaki green or sage green are popular fashion colors this year, so I also recommend you to definitely wear them on your nails.




These colors combine very nicely with gold and other autumn colors.

Orange autumn leaves


This time I didn’t use nail stickers, but nail decals. These are a kind of nail decals that you put in a small bowl of water (take the plastic off first, though). Then the decal slides right off the paper and you can apply it to your nails.


Preferably, I apply the nail decals on a light background (like here, white) because that’s how you see the colors best. Finish with a coat of topcoat (I prefer to use Sèche Vite) and your autumn nail look is ready!


Brown nail art


In autumn we often revert to more typical autumn colors that we just barely wear in summer and spring.


So this autumn nail art look is one with brown nail polish (from the new Essence gel collection).

Dark red nail polish with gold



Another autumn nail art design with gold, this time on a dark red base. For this, start with a few coats of basecoat first: you’re really going to need this to protect your nails very well.

Specially the red shades of nail polish from cheaper brands, dare to leave some color on your nails. If you do not want stains on your nails or yellow nails, apply 3 coats of basecoat on your nails before you start coloring!

Also, always let your nail polish dry very well before you start working with stickers and nail decals: otherwise, you’ll make dents in your nail polish and you definitely don’t want that.


Apply the stickers and also finish with at least 1 coat of quick-drying topcoat, depends a bit on how many coats of nail polish you had to use.

Chocolate brown nail polish


Chocolate brown is another one of those colors we don’t often see in nail polish trends, but did you know that this color is actually one of the nail polish trends 2022 right now? Really!




We’re choosing plenty of yummy, coffee colors this year. Again, I worked with a fun gold nail sticker on the chocolate brown nails, really ideal to combine like this, I think!

Dark orange nail polish with gold nail stickers


One of the hippest nail polish colors every fall? That’s dark orange nail polish!

We often see a lot of orange colors in autumn (in spring too, but then they are often pastel colors chosen instead of the brighter or darker varieties of a color).


Immediately makes you think of pumpkins and Halloween nail art, right?

Ochre nail polish with gold


Ochre is another one of those typical fall colors that we not only see reflected in the clothes we wear now, but also a lot in nail art!

It is not such an easy color to wear (ochre yellow has to really suit you well or your hands will quickly look a bit sickly – so be sure to do a color analysis).


Be sure to pair this warm color with gold, I chose cool gold nail stickers here.

Mauve-purple nail art with gold


A beautiful purple nail-art should definitely not be missed here either! Choose a duller purple color (leaning more towards mauve) rather than a bright purple nail polish.

This really is a typical autumn shade.


Make sure to apply the gold nail stickers with tweezers and remove as many air bubbles as possible (which is not always so easy).

Fall nail polish design: white with leaves


White nail art can similarly have its charms, but is often a bit less popular than the typical fall colors.


Still, this is a very cute nail art with those colored leaves. I also made this one with nail decals on a white background.

Floral nail art


This nail art is a little more “drawn” in style: these are also nail decals.

White and gold: autumn nail art


A white nail art with gold nail stickers on top.


Cute nail art for fall


Another fun set of nail art design for autumn with autumn leaves.

Red autumn nail art


Black autumn nail art




Autumn nail art with initials



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