• Tips for breaking in your shoes


    We all have them: a couple of pairs of shoes we absolutely love looking at but OMG they hurt like crazy! How do you break in your shoes so you can wear them as fast as possible? You probably know it: you’ve scored a new pair of shoes and you’ve fallen in love with them […]

  • Make up ideas for the holidays


    The holiday season is always full of plenty of things that need you to be on the lookout so that you are on point. Most family and friends’ get-togethers or holiday parties, vacations, and professional appearances as well call for fantastic make up looks. It’s always a great idea to have numerous ideas for party […]

  • About me

    Thirty-something former fashionista turned minimalista. Or something quirky like that… Hi, I’m Kat! A catloving wannabe-minimalist, but one that caves at the mere sight of some shiny eyeshadows. But hey.. I’m trying! I live in Europe with my boyfriend and love to write. Hence the blog thingie, you see. Want to know more about me? […]

  • How to prolong your smartphone’s battery life


    How do your smartphone and battery last as long as possible? Smartphones are not cheap: how can you ensure that your expensive purchase lasts as long as possible? Until about six years ago I still had my old iPhone 3G. Admittedly, I couldn’t do much with it anymore and in the long run I couldn’t […]