• Orange eyeshadow looks for all eye colors


    Orange eyeshadow looks are not just reserved for a World Cup, Olympics or to root for your favorite sports team during Superbowl. If, like me, you do love a colorful eye look, you should definitely check out all these eyeshadow inspiration below. This is definitely also great as eye shadow for beginners, even if it […]

  • Pink eyeshadow looks


    How to wear pink eyeshadow? What looks can you create with pink eyeshadow? I created a whole bunch of pink eyeshadow looks for you, from subtle to super popping so you can see how much you can do with this color of eyeshadow. It is one of the biggest makeup trends in 2022, so definitely […]

  • Cute hairstyles with bangs: hair inspo

    For years now, the hairstyles with bangs have been back! The pony or blaze changes every few years, for example, in recent years some distinct hairstyles with bangs have surfaced: just think of the curtain bangs (Bardot bangs) that suddenly became popular again out of nowhere. Other types of bangs that we have seen a […]

  • Balayage hairstyles and hair colors

    Time for autumn hairstyles! This fall we see a lot of balayage hairstyles and a lot of hairstyles with highlights: usually, they give a very natural touch to your hairstyle. So: balayage hairstyles. But what is a balayage exactly? Can you distinguish balayage from ombre hair colors, √©caille hair colors (also called tortoiseshell hair colors), […]