Highlights in brown hair: cute highlights in your brown hairstyle (brunette)

Highlights brown hair: a brown hair color is super cute but can maybe be a little dull: highlights in brown hair will make your hairstyle more vibrant again.

Brown highlights (also called mèches/ coupe soleil) in brown hair bring some extra spice back to your hair and give it more dimension. Need some extra inspiration? Then take a look at these fun hairstyles and hair inspiration:

Highlights brown hair:


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Highlights or mèches in brown hair


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Dyeing your own highlights in your hair?

Would you like to try styling yourself highlights in your hair? Actually it is not so difficult, I’ve done it myself a few times. At Kruidvat I first bought the brown hair dye with which I first dyed my hair in the basic color.

Then I used blonde hair dye with hydrogen peroxide for the highlights and made sure I had lots of little highlights to avoid the streaky effect. On some pieces of hair I left the dye on a little longer (that’s when it got blonder), other tufts of hair barely got any dye, but then turned light brown.

Would you like to have highlights in your hair but don’t want obvious, noticeable streaks in your hair?

Then ask your hairdresser to put different shades of highlights in your hair, so you get very natural highlights. You can also ask your hairdresser for a balayage or to put the highlights in your hair freehand: that means that they do not work with a cap with holes in it, but freehand the highlights.

The result is a very natural hairstyle with highlights that is really beautiful and natural. It is best to have highlights done by a professional so you can be sure that the highlights will not bleed through to another layer of your hairstyle or make it look like you have a highlight in your hair every inch.

Also very nice are “face framing highlights” that make your face stand out a bit more.

Hairstyles with highlights: leave it to a professional!

Little tip from us here: always have your highlights dyed into your hair by a professional! If you don’t, we certainly won’t stand for the consequences 😉 It is already difficult to dye highlights in blonde hair, let alone to get beautiful highlights in brown hair colors.

Why? Well, when you lighten brown hair, pigment is released. Depending on the undertone of your hair color (which you’re not aware of at the time), a certain shade comes peeping out.

Very often this is an orange color, especially if you don’t leave the blonde mixture in your hair long enough. Your hairdresser can then also assess this much better and intervene in time.

Believe me, this is coming from someone who was allowed to walk around with bright orange highlights in her then brown dyed hair until a good hairdresser had time to straighten out my highlight fiasco 😉

Long story short: for all things hairstyles, go to your local barber! (But. it’s not a bad idea to stay away from the very big chains… Is it also the case with you that every time you go there they completely cut your hair, dye it ugly,… And that you’re actually outside again after half an hour? But then you are 100 euros poorer). Yikes!

Keep your highlights as beautiful as possible

A-ha! You just had gorgeous highlights, babylights or a balayage dyed and it looks beautiful. Woohoo! But now: how do you actually keep your balayage or highlights in your brown locks as beautiful as possible without making them look crazy?

    • Don’t wash your hair too often, say every 3-4 days if you can


    • If you do wash your hair, choose a very mild shampoo, preferably even without SLS in it


    • Protect your hair properly when you go out in the sun


  • Soak your hair regularly with a quality leave-in conditioner or a wonderful hair oil

They’re back: super chunky highlights

One of the hair trends of the season: super chunky highlights! You know: those highlights that we put in the damned pigeonhole a few years ago…. They are now back!

So walking around with highlighted streaks in your hair, it’s apparently possible again. So very sometimes I understand nothing of hair trends or hair styles, hear!

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