Long hairstyles with layers: the most beautiful layer hairstyles (+ how to style)

Would you like to hairstyles with layers? Then check out all these great examples of beautiful hairstyles with layers in the hair: this hair trend is coming right back into fashion!

Long live the layer hairstyles! By the way, these layered hairstyles are totally suitable for short hair, long hair or medium hair…. as long as there are layers to cut into your hairstyle.

Long hairstyles with layers

Short layers and long hair

Sometimes the barber will cut your layers a little too short – I’ve experienced it myself all too often – while I had really long hair, sometimes I was left with layers of four or five inches on my head… and that made my hair very difficult to style: I had to style those little hairs every day, and I got way too much volume on top of my head because of those short hairs, which doesn’t fit my oval face shape.

(Also read: What face shape do I have?)

If you have long hair, and you regularly create curls with a curling iron in your hair, layers are also a real godsend: thanks to the layers in your hair, your style with curls will stay in place much better and it also looks more natural.

Layer hairstyles:



Let’s start with this beautiful layered hairstyle in a beautiful dark brown hair color with highlights: the highlights bring out the subtle layers  even more! ( Nick starichenko via shutterstock)

More layered hairstyles:



Gorgeous straight blonde hair with layers ( Nick Starichenko via shutterstock)

Gorgeous blonde layered hairstyle ( freya_photographer via shutterstock)



blonde hair color with layers (Nick Starichenko via shutterstock)



Dark blonde hair color with layers ( Maksim Toome via shutterstock)



Brown hair layered hairstyle ( Dmitry_Tsvetkov via shutterstock)



Bound hair color with layers (Ann Haritonenko via shutterstock): this beautiful hair color really looks even much better with the layers cut into it

Layered hairstyles: angled bangs

Would you like to get some extra schwung in your hair? Now that you already have layers or will have them cut, you can also go for a slanted fringe (will a slanted fringe fit my face?).

Cut layers in your hair yourself?

Oh dear, would you definitely do that? If you really, really don’t feel like going to the hairdresser, you can try cutting layers in your hair yourself. But: we are not at all responsible for what happens to your hairstyle 😉

Below you will find some super handy Youtube tutorials that will teach you how to cut layers in your hair all by yourself. But beware, this takes guts! I wouldn’t dare to do it, I’m too scared to cut my hair all over again.

But if you know something about cutting hair and have already practiced a few times, it is perhaps something that you could try.

Hairstyles with long hair in layers

Long hair in layers has long been a good and especially stylish way to get your hair cut. Layers add volume to the hair and make thin locks look fuller.

Whether you have short hair or long hair, layers are always a good idea. In addition, a layered hairstyle requires very little maintenance.

That is why I have listed 5 beautiful hairstyles with layers here as an extra. These hairstyles work for almost every hair type. Ask your hairdresser which hairstyle would look best on you.

Long hair with bangs

Layers make long hair more beautiful and manageable. They ensure that your hair has more volume and generally also looks healthier.

Of course, there are many different hairstyles for long hair with layers – including a hairstyle with bangs. Not sure what to do with your bangs, or how to integrate them into your hairstyle? Find inspiration here!

Long side-parted bangs

A pony doesn’t have to fall over your eyebrows. If you’re getting bangs cut for the first time, it may be a good idea to go with a side-parted fringe.

Layered bangs at chin length are the best choice if you’re not quite sure you want bangs yet.

Long straight hair with blunt bangs

Blunt straight bangs are more prominent than side bangs.  In addition, a straight pony is also not going to look good for everyone because it will frame the face. Before you get the scissors put in, ask the hairdresser if it would suit you.

Short side fringe

Side-swept bangs can be very beautiful because they make a bigger statement than the long side-swept bangs while hiding a larger part of the forehead. These types of bangs are especially popular with people who have a large forehead.


Long hair with layers

A long layered hairstyle is the way to style long hair that makes the top hair layers shorter than the layers at the bottom.

By adding layers to long hair, you add movement and vitality to your hair and bring volume to it – especially if you have fine hair.

Adding long layers makes your hair more manageable and less of a maintenance chore. Here are the best ideas for long hair with layers.

Long hair layered with highlights

One of the cutest summer hairstyles with layers is the long hair with layers and highlights.

Because your hair is cut in layers and the highlights play through your locks, the highlights look a lot more natural.

In addition, long hair with highlights can be brushed out or even curled so that your highlights shine even more thanks to the layers.


Rough, long layers (shabby chic)

This cut offers choppy long layers for optimal texture and vitality. Add long bangs to finish it off. Use a diffuser to dry your hair to create a cool beach look.

If desired, you can even add body waves to achieve a nonchalant look.

Irregular layers

Irregular layering can be a very big step for many – yet this bold hairstyle is very popular and fashionable. The hairdresser can unleash his or her creativity to create a bold and especially modern look.

You can have the hair on top of your head cut shorter to create more volume around your face or have irregular layers cut that you can then curl more easily.


Layered hairstyles for people with thin hair

There’s no doubt that thin hair looks lifeless and unattractive if it’s not cut correctly.

However, the key to an effortlessly stylish look is choosing the right hairstyle – and when you have thin hair, layers are always a good idea.

Even with thin or thinning hair, you can have some absolutely breathtaking layered styles cut into your hair.

Although a lot of hairstylists recommend getting a short hairstyle, this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Good hairstylists know the tricks to make thin hair look thicker, even in a long hairstyle. Here I have listed some styles that will suit your thin hair.

Layered hair with a light curl

Have you ever thought about having a light curl or body wave put in your hair? These light curls can give your thin hair a lot more volume.

If you combine these curls with nice layers, you will never suffer from lifeless hair again!


Long bob with layers

A long bob with layers is also a very good and cool way to create more volume in your hair.

In addition, you can also possibly opt for an asymmetrical bob to adopt a bold and modern look.

Layered hairstyles for people with thick hair

Thick hair is considered the most difficult hair type when it comes to hairstyling and cutting. From long hours of drying to hours of detangling your locks. Thick hair can be a real curse.

If you are a woman with long hair and you want to layer your hair, there is of course the fear that you will not be able to control your hair and especially the volume.

However, there are some great hairstyles that will fit your thick hair perfectly.

Bob to the collarbone with soft layers

A bob is very trendy. If you have thick hair, you can choose to have a bob cut down to your collarbone and have some – not too many, layers inserted here.

Long hair in layers with electric perm

The electric perm came over from Korea. This perm is not harmful to your hair and is ideal for people with thick hair.

Have your long hair cut into locks and put a permanent curl in the bottom of the hair.

That way you’ll look like you spent an hour in front of the mirror every morning – without any effort!


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