First Holy Communion hairstyles in 2022 (for girls)

Are you looking for a fun first holy communion hairstyle in 2022 for girls? Or maybe you’re rather looking for a hairstyle for another party? You can easily create a fun first communion hairstyle yourself without having to go to the hairdresser specifically for it.

Or, of course, you can use one of these fun haircuts as inspiration to take to the barber.

There is a lot to choose from: you can go for style hair, loose hair with curls, braid hair, a fun hairband, a tiara, a flower in the hair, a fun diadem, or with fun hairpins.

Well before the communion, choose the hairstyle yourself, so you can play with it a lot and learn to style it properly!

First communion hairstyles 2022: flowers in the hair



What a lovely communion hairstyle: a hairstyle with flowers and a floral wreath with a white dress (Worytko Pawel via



Cute communion hairstyle for 2022 with a sweet flower wreath, and an open-back white dress (AS photo studio via





Cute communion hairstyles with a flower to finish it off! What a cute girl hairstyle this is! Curl your hair first, make a braid ): one of the cutest communion hairstyles in 2022.



A first communion hairstyle is very important, it determines a big part of the whole look. The sun is often shining when the first communicants make their communion: so why not go for a cute pixie look with flowers and a nice dress? Girls often really enjoy wearing flowers or ribbons in their hair, or have you thought about pearls?

Communion hairstyles: curls



Long hairstyle: long communion hairstyle with pretty pins (freya photographer via



What a fun communion hairstyle, and very cool finish with her conspicuous glasses!  (MarcinK3333 via



One trend you always see with communion hairstyles, are the curls. (MarcinK3333 via





You often see pleasant communicants and first communicants who have been to the barber to get curls in their hair, but actually, you can do that very easily yourself!

First Holy Communion hairstyle: updos and loose hair



What a beautiful communion dress she has on! Her communion hairstyle is very simple: long, straight hair with a diaphragm. (Alena Romanovskaya via

Communion hairstyle: braids and big braids




A very sweet shorter communion hairstyle and cute striped outfit with bolero (Max Topchii)















Braids are another really fun alternative to create a fun communion hairstyle: it doesn’t take much time and is still fun to do! Braids make for a very fresh look, if your girl loves braids this is definitely a fun idea! Braid hairstyles also stay on well all day long, which is definitely a plus!

Communion hairstyle with a tiara



Very pretty communion hairstyle with a diadem and coarse curls, supercute white dress (MarcinK3333 via



communion hairstyle with tiara and white dress (MarcinK3333 via

Make a princess hairstyle for your communion!

Princesses sometimes have a bad reputation these days: ladies who always have to be saved by princes on white horses.

Nah, we’re all done with that, right? Fortunately, there are some really kick-ass princesses out there who can serve as role models! Always wanted a princess haircut?

Your communion is the perfect opportunity to put this hairstyle to the test! Whether you like flowers in your hair, or a nice braid wreath, maybe even jewels in your hair!

Cute hairstyles for your communicant

Have you already decided what hairstyle the communicant will get? If you know in advance what hairstyle you want to try, you can go to the hairdresser in advance and already try out some hairstyle ideas.

That way you will quickly know what the ideal communicant hairstyle will be. Do you want a hairstyle that can be put together quickly on the day itself, or can it take a little longer? With curls, a diadem, flowers, … There are so many options in all those cool hairstyles for girls!

Community hairstyles for short hair

But don’t get discouraged by all the long communion hairstyles above! You can also create beautiful communion hairstyles with short hair.

As with the communion hairstyles for long hair, you can also play with a nice diadem, small curls in your hair, cool pins and maybe a nice braid?

Communion hairstyles yourself

Would you like to go all the way and get your little girl to roll up her sleeves and make the first communion hairstyle herself? That’s absolutely perfect yourself! On Youtube there are numerous step-by-step communion hairstyles that you can make all by yourself.

Separent communion hairstyles for your confirmation

You can also create beautiful hairstyles for your confirmation!


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