Fishtail braid (step by step guide)

How to make a herringbone braid on yourself? Would you like to learn how to make a herringbone braid? We are happy to give you all the tips to be able to braid a herringbone braid: on yourself or on someone else. It is still one of the most beautiful braids you can make.

It looks quite complicated, such a herringbone braid, but I’ll tell you something: it’s not at all! Practice a few times and you’ll have this braid under your fingers! Do you know what makes this braid so special? You make this braid with 4 strands instead of 3.

I taught myself to braid my own hair a few years ago, and mainly to make a nice herringbone braid.

Then all of a sudden they came back into fashion and mainly thanks to Lauren Conrad who regularly wore a messy herringbone braid. Or Blake Lively’s famous braid!

I saw these beautiful braid hairstyles and of course I really wanted to learn them. So, in turn, I teach you with a lot of how to make these braids!

How to make a herringbone braid on yourself

How do you start such a herringbone braid? First, divide your hair into 4 different strands. The continuation depends on how you like to make the braids:

Do you want to make a coarse herringbone braid or a very fine herringbone braid on yourself? That’s what you need to decide first. Would you like to make a French herringbone braid?

Then you also start braiding differently than when you want to make a regular braid. Thanks to this beautiful braid, you can create beautiful hairstyles (one of the hair trends 2022 are hairstyles with braids) and vary a lot with your hairstyles that you wear.

Step 1: prep your hair

How do you start prepping your hair?  I personally always apply a little mousse in my hair first, or I spray some salt spray or a good dry shampoo in my hair.

I don’t have a lot of volume in my hair myself, so I make sure I get a little more oomph in my hair that way. Is your hair a bit wilder already and have you got more volume in your locks? Perfect, then we can move on to the next step!

Step 2: divide your hair into 4 strands

You’ve got volume in your hair, then it’s time to start dividing your strands into 4 strands.

If you want to get a really smooth braid, this is the time to start applying a little bit of hair serum or hair oil (my favorites you can find here). Divide your hair into 4 equal strands.

Step 3: Choose your braid

Now all you have to do is choose your type of herringbone braid and get started.

Step 4: The finishing touch

So, your braid is all done! Now you can finish your braid with some hairspray, serum and maybe a cute pin or a flower!

Types of herringbone braids

There are many different types of herringbone braids.

Tutorials: making a herringbone braid

This tutorial will teach you how to make a standard herringbone braid.

This tutorial teaches you how to braid in a herringbone braid:

This tutorial teaches you how to make a super thick herringbone braid:

And this tutorial will teach you how to combine smaller herringbone braids in your hairstyle:

Some hairstyle examples:

These beautiful braid hairstyles are often braided-in French braid hairstyles:



Semi-styled hairstyles with herringbone braids



Highlighting hairstyles with a herringbone braid



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