50x Braid hairstyles: must-try cute braided hairstyles

Are you still looking for a fun braid hairstyle? Here we show you ten beautiful braided hairstyles with different types of braids: fishtail braids, small braids, plaits, …

Braided hairstyles are incredibly useful when you have a bad hairday, it’s nice and easy to hide everything! But now: to the hairstyles!

Not sure how to make all these braids? No problem, here on Miss Minimalista there are already a few handy tutorials (how to make a fishtail braid – how to get a thicker braidbraid / french braid)

Braided hairstyles :

braided-hairstyles braid-hair




Updo hairstyles with braids

braids-in-hair braids




braided-updo braided-updo-2



Strap braid hairstyles

how-to-make-a-fishtail-braid fishtail-braid-



Would you also like to learn how to make such a beautiful herringbone braid? You’ll learn in: how to make a herringbone braid. Here you’ll also find lots more hairstyle inspiration for once you’ve mastered braiding!

French braids







Bridal hairstyles with braids:

bridal-hairstyle-braids bridal-hair-braids





Side braids and tails with braids


Braid hairstyles: bridal hairstyles

braid hairstyles-bridal hairstyle

For bridal hairstyles you can also use braids, it always looks tremendously classy and chic! This braid hairstyle is pretty quick to make and looks insanely beautiful! ( chaletgirl via shutterstock)

braided hairstyle

With a braid, you can also create incredibly beautiful style and buns! What do you guys think of this beautiful braid hairstyle? ( scharfsinn via shutterstock)

bridal hairstyle-braid hairstyle

This beautiful braid hairstyle would look perfect in the 1920’s era of flappers! So beautiful! (Sofia Zhuravetc via shutterstock)

braid hairstyles

Even a simple braid, can be super beautiful! This is a dead normal braid, but one of the strands is a bit thinner than the rest… and that gives a very special effect! Very pretty paired with a pretty lace dress too! Would this be something for a wedding hairstyle?  (Dmitry Tsvetkov via shutterstock)

braid hairstyles

Blonde braid hairstyle (Miramishka via shutterstock)

Check out many more blonde hairstyles here!

braid hairstyle-2

This is a really fun variation of a flower crown: a braid crown! Very bohémienne and pretty…. I love it! For me, this is one of the cuts that I want to start doing back on myself when I have long hair again (right now it’s mostly short haircuts)  (Sofia Zhuravetc via shutterstock)

Tough braid hairstyle

braid hairstyle-top

This is a very cool braid hairstyle! A braid on top of your ponytail with waves. Very nicely done, and just goes to show that with crazy braid hairstyles you can thus create not only sweet hairstyles. (YuriyZhuravov via shutterstock)

Braided hairstyles as bridal hairstyles?

braid hairstyles-3

Blonde braid hairstyle with boho touches, perfect for bridal and wedding hairstyles! (Aprilante via shutterstock)

braid hairstyle-5

What an extraordinary braid hairstyle that looks like a skeleton! ( Malyuginvia shutterstock)


This waterfall braid (waterfall braid?) is also really incredibly beautiful! (Alter ego via shutterstock)





Gorgeous dark blonde hairstyle and an insanely beautiful structured braid ( Chaadeava via shutterstock)

braid hairstyle-8

Another beautiful bridal hairstyle, this braid hairstyle with embellishments! Braided hairstyles are really perfect for a wedding…. ( Malyugin via shutterstock ) Put in some flowers, or some beautiful pearls… and voilà, your bridal hairstyle is done!

Quick braid hairstyles

braid hairstyles-10

Surely this is also an insanely beautiful  and intricate braid hairstyle: perfect as a festive hairstyle I think! (alexandra dikaja for shutterstock)

braid hairstyles-12

Don’t have time to spend a long time on your hairstyle? Then just quickly make 2 normal braids and fasten them or make a bun out of them. Easy, yet you’ve quickly created a fun hairstyle with braids! (Pushann via Shutterstock)

braid hairstyles-20

This braid is beautiful! Now is this a regular braid made thicker, or is it a kind herringbone braid? Either way, I love it (also her blonde hair color, beautiful!). (Dari Ya via shutterstock)

Braiding as a hair band, your hair does need to be long enough for it to fit over your head. But once your hair is long enough for it, I would definitely try this look!



braid-hair braid

A fishtail braid between a side ponytail also looks really cute! (dimid_86 via shutterstock)


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