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  • unicorn-party

    Organize the perfect unicorn party!

    So you have a child who loves the idea of having their very own unicorn party, but are not sure if it’s been done before? Well fear not! It has and we can give you some tips to make your little one’s dream come true. The first thing is that in order for this plan […]

  • smartphone-tips

    How to prolong your smartphone’s battery life

    How do your smartphone and battery last as long as possible? Smartphones are not cheap: how can you ensure that your expensive purchase lasts as long as possible? Until about six years ago I still had my old iPhone 3G. Admittedly, I couldn’t do much with it anymore and in the long run I couldn’t […]

  • netlfix

    The best series on Netflix right now

    I can’t even remember when we didn’t watch Netflix… these last months, a couple of amazing series have aired on Netflix. I’ll tell you what series you should definately watch!   The Bodyguard This is an amaaaazing show! Really, it grasps you. I have binge watched this show in about 2 days time and absolutely […]