The best series on Netflix right now

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2019)

I can’t even remember when we didn’t watch Netflix… these last months, a couple of amazing series have aired on Netflix. I’ll tell you what series you should definately watch!


  1. Table of Contents

    The Bodyguard

This is an amaaaazing show! Really, it grasps you. I have binge watched this show in about 2 days time and absolutely loved it!


2. You

OMG, Gossip Girl is back. Well… at least Dan is, and in this series he’s named Joe. You really get drawn into this one, just like The Bodyguard did. I won’t give any spoilers but whew… things are about to go down! Also, you might want to check your privacy settings on all of your social media, I’m just saying 😉

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