How to create the perfect messy bun + hair styling tips

How to create the perfect messy bun + hair styling tips

Take your knot to the next level with this step-by-step plan for the perfect messy bun! Are you having trouble making a good messy bun? Follow our tips and learn how to style a perfect messy bun!

No more bad hair days How to create a messy bun? As long as you have good hair!

Many women will swear by this quote: Our hair is one of the most important parts of our appearance.

A person’s hair is immediately noticeable, it is an essential part of his or her appearance. You can also play enormously with your hair, you have different types of hairstyles and you have endless ways you can wear your hair.

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Many women see it as a kind of sport to experiment with this. They love to figure out which hairstyle and which hairstyle suits their face and to decorate their hair with different kinds of colors.

However, most women find it difficult to be able to create a new look every time without coloring their hair or having it cut in a certain style.

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One way to give your hair a playful look is to twist your hair up with a messy bun.

Unfortunately, for many women, it is unclear how to make such a bun. It might look very easy to make a messy bun, but there’s a certain art to it!

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create such a messy bun and some styling tips on how to keep it in place for hours.

So are you ready for a new kind of hair style and are you curious about all the benefits of the messy bun? Then read on!

Creating a messy bun

A messy bun seems like a pretty simple hairstyle, you just put a messy bun on top of your head and you’re ready to go.

Unfortunately the reality is a little more complex because a good messy bun does need a special tutorial.

A messy bun often has the perfect amount of sloppiness. This sloppiness creates a casual feel, as if you didn’t spend a lot of time twisting this gorgeous messy bun together.

If you follow the steps below, you’ll have a gorgeous messy bun in your hair in no time!

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Step 1: Stay away from all the extra styling tools!

First of all, it is crucial that you stay away from extra styling products. So don’t touch that straightener or gel: chances are you’ll just bring the bun down.

Step 2: Part your hair and keep the front strands separate from the rest

It is helpful to divide your hair into different sections. Keeping your front tufts loose and not incorporated into the messy bun will definitely benefit your bun. If you have bangs you will probably do this automatically, but even if you don’t have bangs it is a wise idea not to include the front pieces in your bun. This will give you a more playful effect. (Hairstyles with bangs)

Step 3: Create a semi-high ponytail

Once you have separated your front tufts from the rest of your hair, make a half-high ponytail. Your tail should not come too high up on your crown, but right in the middle of the back of your head. It is wise to just make this tail with your bare hands, this will create an extra indifferent look. So just leave that brush at home.



Step 4: Put some salt spray in your hair

Salt spray in your hair works wonders. It gives your hair a finer structure and the texture fits well with the messy bun’s nonchalant vibe. Put this spray in your hair as you make the ponytail, it will give you so much more volume!

Step 5: Tie a knot in your hair

Now you need to tie a knot in your hair. It’s a good idea to divide your hair into two sections, and tie a knot with these two strands. Secure everything with pins, so you can be sure that your bun will stay in place throughout the day. long-hair-messy-bun

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Step 6: Get the front pieces and add them to the top

Now it’s time to add the front plucks back to the rest of your hair. Bring the strands back and use sliding pins to connect the strands to the rest of your bun.

This doesn’t have to be neat, in fact it’s fun if this gets a little messy.

Step 7: Make things just a little messier by pulling strands loose

The ultimate messy bun is of course messy with loose strands. So in this step, go loose and pull some strands left or right for a messy effect.

Think of the front, but you can also loosen some strands at your ears.

Step 8: boost your bun with some hairspray

Last but not least, put some hairspray in your hair to fix your bun. That way you know your messy bun will stay perfect all day long.

Extra styling tips for your messy bun

Your messy bun will hold extra well with a spray of hairspray on top. So if you want to make sure your messy bun stays in place all day and you still look amazing in the evening, then apply some hairspray.

Spray the hairspray all over your bun, and don’t forget the loose strands.


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This is because they can become fluffy over time, which doesn’t do the look much good. It is also wise not to wear such a big thing in your hair every day.

Give your hair a break. If you let your hair hang loose a few days a week, your hair can rest from the days when you wear a spectacular hair look. Healthy hair is going to taste great with a healthy mind!

Goodbye bad hairdays!

A good hairstyle enhances your beauty and can give your entire outfit an extra boost. A hairstyle that suits you gives you self-confidence, you feel great with a personal and unique hairstyle. If your hair shines and looks neat, you will radiate this also: you sparkle like never before!

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