How to style a winter coat: styling tips & inspiration

How should you style or combine that new winter coat with the rest of your outfits? We are happy to help you with many winter coat outfits for 2022. How do you combine a trench coat or a camel coat? And what about a teddy coat? We are happy to tell you in this article!

How to style a winter coat?

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Styling winter coats

Styling a brown or camel coat

Styling a winter coat is not that easy: you have to take your body shape into account (what is my body shape – what is my figure), with the right colors that suit you (which colors suit me),…

Have you read these articles in the meantime and do you know what suits you? Ideal! Then we can get started!


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I think this look is beautiful! I am a big fan of the combination of a nice warm wool coat with nice sneakers. Also discover the sneakers 2022!

This is an ideal winter look because you can combine a wonderfully warm turtleneck with a beautiful wool coat. The bag in the same color as the turtleneck completes this look. I really like it! (photo)


Another winter look where the camel winter coat is combined with a black bag and black boots: this time it’s ankle boots with a stiletto heel. The combination of black and camel remains a winner! (photo)

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How to combine a winter coat


Don’t like the combination of black and camel? You can also go for a monochrome camel look, as in the photo above: all shades are very close together.

It looks very chic and classy, ​​but you have to make sure that these colors suit you well. It would all look too pale for me, unfortunately! (photo)


Look, I’d wear this look every day if I could still walk as well in stilettos as I could a few years ago – hello, arch support-life.

The color combinations are really beautiful and go very well together. Here’s a camel coat paired with leopard stilettos, black ripped skinny jeans, a black turtleneck sweater, and a gorgeous textured black bag. (photo)

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How to style a shearling winter coat?


The shearling jacket also deserves its own styling tip! Here in the picture, the jacket is worn with a nice thick cable knit sweater in the same color as the shearling itself.

Combine it nicely with a beautiful cognac-colored shoulder bag and dark gray mom jeans and your look is complete! (photo)

Styling parkas


Ha, styling a parka… not so easy! In a parka, you get the Marshmallow man effect very quickly. (photo)

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Styling quilted jackets



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Styling wool winter coats


Wool winter coats are a big favorite, every winter. Here they are styled with white sneakers, black skinny jeans and a wonderfully warm sweater. I would wear this look right away!



Styling faux fur coat


We will also be seeing a lot of faux-fur coats or teddy coats this winter, but how can you best combine them? As above, go for a smart casual look with cropped jeans, sneakers, a lovely warm turtleneck sweater together with your eye-catcher: the teddy coat.






Do you prefer a pastel color? Then the outfit above is really nice: all colors remain more pastel, but provide a beautifully soft color palette.




Isn’t this a gorgeous outfit? This lady has combined her cape with tight skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots. Finish your look with black gloves and a black bag.


how-to-wear-a-cape how-to-wear-a-cape-2 cape-how-to-style


Combine checkered coat


Here you can see a super cute look, with a checkered winter coat. This look is very simple, but just so fun. Finish this look with a black bag and a pair of black ankle boots, done!


Animal print winter jackets


Do you have a winter coat with an animal print in your closet? You have to make that striking jacket the eye-catcher of your outfit, right?

Here, the jacket is combined with bright pink accessories, but you can also choose to dress completely monochrome – apart from the jacket. This way, your winter coat with animal print will stand out even more.


Combining a blue winter coat



shop-a-blue-winter-coat blue-winter-coat



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